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  1. StrokerBoy

    European van bodies

    I've not been on here for 3 months or so, too many other things going on. Not given RC any thought at all lately. I might still be interested in a T5 shell if there's a good one out there. Only because that's what I drive every day.
  2. StrokerBoy

    RC and wild animals

    Mr Tweetles always seems interested.
  3. StrokerBoy

    CW-01 Unimog completed

    Love it, not enough 'mogs on here. I really ought to finish mine.
  4. The blue one stands out, those white wheels are the key. Lovely. Not a single body post trimmer between the 3 of you though ?
  5. I bought the same kit but couldn't work it all out, even from all the photos and videos on here and elsewhere. Might revisit it if you get a helpful response.
  6. StrokerBoy

    Kyosho ford sierra rs 500

    I'd quite like the box... Mine was bought as a ZX-Sport kit plus a full RS500 bodyset and wheels.
  7. StrokerBoy

    Ford RS500

    You're a patient man if you've been waiting since 1986 and are only just getting annoyed about it now... I assume you mean the proper one, not the confusingly-named hot Focus from a couple of years ago. I bought the Kyosho one back in the day, it looks slightly off from certain angles but it's a lot better than some of the upturned-margarine-pots that the aftermarket have turned out.
  8. That's a relief, saved me some money. Wouldn't want that for free.
  9. StrokerBoy


    Doh ! It's happened again. Electrics and pneumatics this time.
  10. StrokerBoy

    How is MCI decals?

    99% sure it'll be down to the source artwork, not the printer or some mid-stream process. Once the quality's gone, you can't get it back.
  11. I don't come on here every day, sometimes it can be a couple of weeks between visits. All of the bold 'unread' posts nag at me, even though there are several sections on here that I have no interest in at all. My OCD insists that I still have to open each one, click the 'mark forum as read' link and then acknowledge the pop-up though. Just discovered that you can click the button on the left of each section to do it in a single click. You have no idea how happy that makes me.
  12. StrokerBoy


    Gah ! It's sucked me back in. I'm so weak. I've restrained myself to a secondhand 8109 Flatbed Truck for now, and built it over the weekend. It'll be a good way to display the wife's Splittie and Mini builds. Here it is with the 850 Fork Lift Truck that I got for Christmas in 1977. Have to say I much preferred it when everything LEGO was built with generic pieces in a handful of colours, there are far too many bespoke single-use parts these days. Creativity over realism any day.
  13. StrokerBoy


    I went to a little local LEGO event on Sunday. It wasn't even my idea - the missus wanted to go to add to her billion+ minifig collection. Which she did. There was a room full of traders, but if you ignored the Star Wars, Harry Potter and minifig stuff there was not a lot left. I was hoping for some older Technic stuff (I've still got the original 850 Fork Lift Truck I got for Christmas in the late 70's plus a couple of more recent ones yet to be built). There was also a room with various builds on display. Someone had built the Simpsons house and Kwik-E-Mart kits and then carried on to complete the entire town ! There was also a fascinating marble-run type contraption that moved little balls around via a multitude of clever motorised mechanisms, I was probably watching that for a full 15 minutes. The large vehicles were of the most interest to me (and probably you). Not the standard kits particularly (911RS, Bugatti, Splittie, Volvo front-loader, the new Rough Terrain Crane etc) but the custom builds. One bloke had a table full of cool one-off VW's, someone else had made a huge Delorean and the jacked-up Dodge Charger from FF7. I liked the trucks best - custom heavy-haulage rigs, massive cranes and a cool refuse-truck. Turns out there's a local club for like-minded ner..., I mean, Adult Fans Of Lego. I've spent most of today scrolling through the back catalogue of Technic kits and jotting down a shopping list. As usual for me, I have a thousand ideas buzzing round my head but in reality am unlikely to make any of them come to life...
  14. StrokerBoy

    So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish!

    I hope you'll stick around, I'm always intrigued by your post titles, and I always really enjoy your posts when I click the link to investigate. I suppose I should have replied more so that you'd know that. If there's one thing we all quickly learn from forums/facebook etc, it's that every group has at least one trolling idiot in it. Rise above it.
  15. StrokerBoy

    Possible Lunchbox Axle Slippage

    Most LB "clutch-slip" problems can be traced to the wheels spinning in the tyres. Superglue 'em.