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  1. Signed up to an online motorbike forum almost 20 years ago. Was (and still am) mainly into 2-strokes, Avril Lavigne's "Skater Boy" was on the radio at work, and well, there you are. Wasn't aware of the, erm, alternative meaning across the pond, but don't care anyway.
  2. I'm with you on the 'different' thing. Got a garage full of old motorbikes. None of 'em are particularly valuable, or fast, or in top condition, but they're all unusual. I like turning up to meets on something that no-one else has, and in a lot of cases, have never even seen before. I'm particularly drawn to stuff that has a poor reputation - when the accepted wisdom is "oh, stay clear of them, they're trouble", I immediately want one. Same goes for most aspects of my life really. I have various interests shared by lots of people, but in that field of sheep, I very much want to be the black one in the far corner, facing the other way.
  3. Oh, and an acre of garden to play with it in.
  4. Pulled my 10 cars, 3 NIB kits, spare shells and all the associated tools/paints/spares/etc out of the attic at my Mum's so she could get at her Christmas decorations. I'd stashed everything up there a few months ago in preparation for us moving house. We've done that, so I've got everything here with me now. Still too many other things to do to get back with RC just yet, so it'll all be going up in my attic shortly. But early next year I should have a proper space to store and work on my stuff.
  5. There's a good facebook group for Lego Technic, that allows sales.
  6. In a 1:1 vehicle, the identity goes with the chassis/frame. The engine is just another subassembly that's bolted to it. You can swap the engine every day if you want, you update the engine number in the logbook but the core vehicle remains as is, with the original VIN/registration. (This is the UK I'm talking about, might be different in other countries). I have a few Japanese-import motorbikes that don't even have a stamped engine number, just the model prefix. So my vote goes with the chassis/tub - once you swap that, it's a new car.
  7. Your basic point is valid. But those aren't Unimogs in the bottom picture, they're L-series trucks, significantly bigger still. A Unimog has more in common with a farm tractor.
  8. Not been on here for 3 months or so, too many other things going on. Last night I boxed up my 10 built cars/trucks, NIB's, old boxes, spares, hop-ups, shells, transmitters, chargers, paint and tools and took them all to a storage unit. Hopefully we're moving house soon, first time in 21 years. Afterwards, I'll need to review how much space we have versus how much stuff, and have a think about what's important. That applies to everything, not just RC. My life needs decluttering a bit.
  9. I've not been on here for 3 months or so, too many other things going on. Not given RC any thought at all lately. I might still be interested in a T5 shell if there's a good one out there. Only because that's what I drive every day.
  10. Mr Tweetles always seems interested.
  11. Love it, not enough 'mogs on here. I really ought to finish mine.
  12. The blue one stands out, those white wheels are the key. Lovely. Not a single body post trimmer between the 3 of you though ?
  13. I bought the same kit but couldn't work it all out, even from all the photos and videos on here and elsewhere. Might revisit it if you get a helpful response.
  14. I'd quite like the box... Mine was bought as a ZX-Sport kit plus a full RS500 bodyset and wheels.
  15. You're a patient man if you've been waiting since 1986 and are only just getting annoyed about it now... I assume you mean the proper one, not the confusingly-named hot Focus from a couple of years ago. I bought the Kyosho one back in the day, it looks slightly off from certain angles but it's a lot better than some of the upturned-margarine-pots that the aftermarket have turned out.
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