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  1. Does anyone know of a rear bumper with a hitch mount that fits the Bruiser chassis? I want to have my Bruiser pull a trailer. Thanks!
  2. Love the paint job. Have fun! I got my first blackfoot in 1988. I loved that thing so much...
  3. Has anyone seen aluminum rear body mounts like these? Thanks!
  4. Has anyone seen aluminum rear body mounts like these? Thanks!
  5. Ok. I may have to post slow due to picture size.:)
  6. Did you get those new CNC parts? Did they fit? I've been looking for an upgrade for my SBF and KBF.
  7. Hello, does anyone know of any other part that can sub for the original SBF F2 and F3 parts? They are part of the front arms where the steering knuckles screw in. They are hard to find on eBay....hoping Tamiya does a re release on this soon.
  8. It's been great so far. I find that it holds up better that regular spray paint.
  9. Thanks Terry. I just put in the 30mm screws so we will see if that helps. I really wish someone would start making aluminum hop up parts for the SBF and KBF. They are great trucks but have their week spots...
  10. Have you ever thought about painting them? I never really wanted to do that until I had an idea that called for black wheels..I used plastidip instead of paint in case I wanted to remove it later... this is my super monster beetle...
  11. I have a super blackfoot I've rebuilt with a new frog chassis and put a beetle body on it. It's meant to be a basher but the rear shock screws keep coming out of their holes. Is there a fix for this? Are there any aluminum parts for this?
  12. I just love the ORV line so much. I had a blackfoot and a frog growing up. I always wanted the monster beetle. I managed to get my hands on a vintage one before the re release came out. It has morphed into the ultimate monster beetle. Thorp tranny aluminum rear trailing arms and hubs. Aluminum front uprights and steering knuckles. Aluminum motor cover and rear body mount brace, as well as front body mount... just need the upper and lower front arms. I'm hoping someone will start making aluminum rear body mounts, and an aluminum rear bumper for the monster beetle...
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