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  1. Sorry Sold

  2. Thx guys, I had to paint the front bar and it came up ok, the rest I am very happy with. I don't know how much running I will actually do so I will see but the new esc actually sits in there quite well. Mongoose an original Bullhead resto project just sold on eBay down here for $250 AUD
  3. Here is the Bullhead, I took her out for a run to see how she would handle and found that one of the rear mounts was broken so I have another on the way. Along with the broken rear sway bar these have been the only 2 parts I have replaced with NOS. She is running on the new ESC, I think in the future I will re install the original gear if I can get it working and then she will be 100% original. I still need the battery holder and I have the flag on its way.
  4. The 1:1 Big Pete, amazing to think the Bully had a 1:1. The original though was the Super Pete. Having trouble uploading images...? http://monsterphoto.iwarp.com/supete.htm
  5. @berman WOW that's mega sweet! Thinking I might now invest in a shelf queen body and keep the original as the runner. I've started putting the chassis back together and thinking now I might re install the original running gear but keep her running in the new gear as there is plenty of room. The body is pretty good, I actually quite like the patina on the old body it's just the un painted white was always a bit dull but don't want to strip the original decals... Still a work in progress.
  6. Body of the Bullhead is looking good though. Still don't know if I should paint her to the original colours. It always looked a bit dull in the un painted white. Any thoughts?
  7. Thx mate, I found a re release manual but really needed the original thanks!
  8. Hi Guys, brand new to the forum. Grew up a massive Tamiya fan, used to drool over the catalogue and dream. First vehicle was a Boomerang, wanted the Fox but the Boomerang was chosen for me by Santa. By the time I was early teens, I thought I could take it apart to clean and it never went back together (I never put the vehicle together originally). After months of depression back in the early 90's Santa came again with the Beast, I wanted the Hilux but she was not in stock, so I pointed at the biggest box on display and the Bullhead was mine. She was put together again by the local hobby shop. By the late 90s I was more interested in other things, I moved to Europe in 2000 to return to Australia in 06. the bullhead found her way to my dad's car yard where she sat dormant amongst an array of vintage and modern Jags until 3 weeks ago when I said... It's time the old girl got back on the road! New at the resto thing so I am here to ask advice from you all when I need. Still undecided on what I want as a final outcome. All I know is that after nearly 25 years, all of a sudden I can't stop thinking about Tamiya again... But I guess that story sounds familiar... So far -Took her to a hobby shop to see what she was like mechanically and all good, got new digital running gear installed (still don't know how I feel about that) I still have the original equipment but I think the speed controller has had it. -Started cleaning and bought new C parts as I have a broken rear control arm. Never took a photo of what she was like complete before I started the resto, these are after the first dust, I've only taken detail shots so far so I don't get another Boomerang situation, I must say the stories on this page motivate me no end as to what is possible!
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