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  1. Very nice. Mine was the Focus, now rocking a Lancer Evo 6 body
  2. Not as heavy as you'd think. Check the Tamiya Weigh In thread.
  3. TB-01. Enough said. Lol. The TB-01 was based upon the TG10 nitro car. Released as a Race Car with the NSX and Enzo Ferrari body with lightweight prop and diffs. The Rally Car came as Ford Focus, Lancer Evo 7, Impreza 2001, German rally impreza and the Arai Impreza with metal diffs and a steel prop and dust cover, along with a foam insert to protect the motor. The TB01 made a much better rally car than the TB02 due to the upper brace to reduce chassis flex, the TB03 and later have a lower sided tub which isn't great for stone or debris protection. The TB01 also has the advantage of having gear diffs rather than ball diffs. As mentioned TT02 diffs drop straight in.
  4. At some point I will update this thread. Lol. Anybody else want to add in?
  5. I'd love to think that they do. A million TT01E chassis with all the different bodies.
  6. Defo this is in the wrong section mate, you won't get much response as it's in the For Sale area.
  7. Always got time to help build kits for people. Just never my own, lol. Painting and bodies are my kryptonite though
  8. You lucky devil. You've got a better collection than Tamiya now. Lol
  9. Hangover Monday morning. Someone just pressed the wrong button on the anodizing machine.
  10. That is a really cool truck and I've enjoyed reading the build and I'm looking forward to seeing the paintwork. My god them shocks look awfully cheap I'm sorry to say.
  11. So I couldn't find a TB Evo 3 top deck, so I bought the TB02 top deck from Fibrelyte. Always been a huge fan of their work. The quality is expectional and this piece is no different.
  12. So this has gone to its new home were it is being suitably raced by one of our TC members :-)
  13. Rarer that hen's teeth at the moment. Sourcing an TB Evo 3 chassis would be easier. Keep searching ebay or buyee
  14. This build is absolutely awesome.
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