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  1. Just registered and used Buyee for the 1st time. Seems a little easier than Jauce with the fees appearing to be clearer. Or it might be because I'm more awake. Let's see what arrives now. Lol
  2. Jut checking them out now. Seems to be fees on top of fees though.
  3. Anyone speak Japanese? Lol. More seriously... has anyone bought from yahoo auctions? How did you manage it?
  4. So I am really struggling to find a new TB02 chassis. @svenb will be happy to know that a set of Titanium screws have arrived. I am very tempted by the Fibrelyte chassis kit. I know I've said previously it may defeat the point of it being a TB02 at that point. But having stated that I want to build this as a Tamiya/3rd party build and the fact I used a super rare GPM chassis to build my TB01 which very much remains as a TB01. I think it's safe to build tis TB02 with a Fibrelyte chassis and keep it as a TB02. And NOT an Evo 3
  5. When your ready to split give me a shout. After the one way, bumper, and servo mounts
  6. Absolutely LOVE that air scoop for the motor. That is proper cool. Pun intended 😉
  7. I've been summoned. Welcome. The TG10 shares most parts with the TB01. RCRacer has a free design for carbon fibre shock mounts that can be made by Fibrelyte. Looking at a few ££ each. Quite cheap when compared trying to get hold of the plastic ones. You can always bolt the shocks to the top of the gearbox where the shock tower usually mounts. This is how the TG10 suspension is setup.
  8. Bump incase someone has found one in a stash.
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