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  1. Luckily I do have the tamiya M3 thread forming tool. Need to get a proper handle for it though. Will ponder on this for a while but am thinking I will get a set of YR Ti screws. Although they don't make a set specifically for the chassis I want ill buy one that is as close as and then add or remove from there as required. May also use YR Titanium turnbuckles too.
  2. Its going to spend most of its life on a shelf with very light usage i should expect.
  3. Are they any lighter? The build isn't a dream build i did plan on using steel anyway, i am just exploring the options of titanium just because the Yeah Racing Ti screw kits are quite cheap when compared to the price of Tamiya ones.
  4. Pros and cons? Yeah Racing vs Tamiya?
  5. I am so looking forward to it. Lol. The biggest challenge I think I am going to have is the suspension arms. Standard arms would just be too easy to fit. I am feeling TRF418 or 419 arms with E4 rear uprights not decided on the front hubs just yet but probably matching from the 418. The joy of the suspension blocks means I can use either 2.6mm or 3mm shafts providing I use the correct ball mounts of course. I want to bin off the ball diffs. I know that the TB02 and E3 gear cases are the same and I know the TB04 gear diff fits the E3 with slight modifications. So I aim to hopefully use TB04 diff in the rear and a E3 spool up front if I can find one and if it fits. And I also wanna use Titanium screws. This is not going to be a cheap build at all. Lol
  6. Already been looking at the FL set up. I feel if I used the E3 plate though then it loses the status of TB02 and I think that would defeat the point of it.
  7. Happy days. I've started to look for the blue alloy parts but I am thinking I may stick with grey/silver parts. I do believe that you can fit all the TB02 parts onto the TB Evo 3 chassis plate.
  8. Oooooo you managed to find all the blue alloy parts?
  9. Having already made the Ultimate TB01 touring car I can safely say it is not that. No major suspense for this one.
  10. Slower than the Evo 4. Attempting to save for a 4k TV and the new Xbox Series X
  11. Please approve my Build Thread in the build section. Many thanks in advance!
  12. So I've fully stripped it down and decided on a plan of action. I am still torn between keeping the original chassis or changing it for an carbon fibre one. Its a tough choice and more will become clear with some explanation later. Overall its in good shape. Nothing is broken and all the parts are here. The diffs I wanted to fit don't fit so I've had to come with another option which I am hoping will work but it could be expensive if it doesn't. So I may need to borrow the diff I am after if anyone has got a spare one to test it and see. I don't wanna spend the amount of money they cost incase it doesn't fit and I can not re-sell it on afterwards.
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