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  1. It's at this point I realised I didn't/don't have bearing holders for the front or rear bearings on the propshaft. Fibrelyte upper deck.
  2. Eventually the spare 5mm suspension mount balls arrived from eBay. Mounted the front diff with the prop shaft. Titanium coated pinion gear from Yeah Racing I think?
  3. Thank you. I got them off ebay. They are for the TB Evo 6 MS version. I've looked again just now and can't find any others.
  4. Jumped to the steering as I ran out of 5mm suspension mounting balls. Decided to build the front diff case up. Using the Evo 3 one way and TB01 drive cups for it. And the carbon fibre mount plate.
  5. Evil ball diff for the rear with reinforced joints Looking great IMO with the carbon tower and alloy screws And the blue stabiliser bar from @Juhunio
  6. Grip would be great on a totally smooth tarmac surface.
  7. That's the rear suspension mounted. Couldn't mount the front at the same time. I ran out of 5mm suspension balls.
  8. Will give that a try on mine, I've never tried that feature.
  9. Made a start with the upgraded suspension. Love these CVDs Fronts completed 2° uprights for camber.
  10. So over the last couple of bank holiday weekends I found time to make a start on the build when I had amassed all the parts I wanted for it. Here we go.
  11. Ebay and a fellow TC member have come to aid and have provided the last 2 missing pieces of the build. When they arrive I can finally make a start on the build.
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