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  1. I like buying from TC members off eBay as I can use PayPal credit if needs be. Lol
  2. Nearly 300 quid and it doesn't even reverse!
  3. But you need to rob a bank or have shares in hand gel to be able to buy one.
  4. Occassionally miss my T-Maxx. But other than that I don't miss any of them I've had and sold
  5. That is super cool.
  6. Hi! You an absolute gent. Thank you.
  7. Could do with the 46mm shafts for my touring car build. Does it count that I've just forwarded a part FOC to fellow member CyThunderDragon?
  8. Had a Levant for quite a while. Loved mine before I sold it.
  9. It very much will be some version of a TBEvo IV. Although it’s a tough choice between building it as a touring car, drift car, or throwing some long arms on it, taller shock towers and turning into a custom style TRF buggy. As normal, it’s a very slow build, and sourcing bulkheads is the current mission, the problem is that Tamiya stop producing Upper Bulkhead B.
  10. It is indeed a TB Evo plate, and you were very close with TB04...
  11. Nope, but you’ve been very close with a previous guess.
  12. Gonna step away from Tamiya with this one and suggest an E-Maxx
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