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  1. I'll have a look to see what I've got spare
  2. Wow, this has been a while. I still need to add a few more pictures
  3. I regret selling my Hyper 10TT. That was such a good truck, it never broke or caused any issues.
  4. I'll have a look when I'm home I might have one spare.
  5. 1. My original TB01 in 2000 that I built with my Dad. 2. My Ultimate TB01 build. 3. My TB02 Build. Worst build. TB Evo 4. Started off ok. Pretty much hated it by the end.
  6. Drift wheels and tyres.... Some how I missed a couple of steps and jumped from building shocks to completed build... So here are the final pics and the finished chassis! Starting with the SSG brace. The super awesome but totally pointless hopup of alloy body posts....
  7. I don't think the few grams saved makes a difference sat on the shelf 😉
  8. Time for the shocks. I love these shocks. I've got them on my Ultimate TB01 build and am very happy to see they are standard for this kit.
  9. That's the badger. PM inbound. Cheers
  10. Some time between last week and the next year or so. Lol. I'm in no real rush for one as I don't know if it will work, I'm just hoping it will.
  11. Good evening to all, Don't think this is in the right place. Does anyone have a spare one of these bearing cover spare lying around by chance? I need one for my TB02 and think I can make this fit. I refuse point blank to spend loads on one from plaza Japan. TIA Dave
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