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  1. Usually a couple floating round on ebay on the TB02 chassis
  2. It is, I was just ignoring that part. Lol. Single expensive item would be my TB02D BNIB
  3. That is a beauty and @Fuijo is a top man to deal with.
  4. Would have to be total cost that was my TB Evo 4 build. I don't even want to price it up.
  5. That's the problem. You'll need a different set of springs that work with the aeration shocks.
  6. @svenb Senses tingling once again... @bRIBEGuy Nice. Huge fan of the TB01.
  7. Thought I could feel my TB01 senses tingling...
  8. Close to finishing my 1st TB02 build...
  9. Very rare carbon chassis. Still not as rare as the GPM FRP tb01 chassis 😉😉
  10. I know which ones it definitely Is not.... Loving the color mate.
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