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  1. £125 posted with fees in the UK. £155 posted with fees worldwide. Will also throw in a TLBE02 and Torque Tuned Motor.
  2. https://imgur.com/gallery/F7Bw8VQ As shown in the picture if it works. New in packet GPM alloy front knuckles and king pins. For the TB01. May also fit the TL01 and other car chassis made around the same time but please don't hold me to that. £11 posted with fees.
  3. Would highly recommend upgrading to 2.4ghz on your transmitter/receiver
  4. I do not know of any alloy shock towers for the TB01. I do however have set of towers custom made by FibreLyte made from carbon fibre. I also have a stabilizer set. The manual and motor mount you'll find on eBay or the Tamoya USA website. I've got the manual downloaded on my iPad and my phone. PM if your interested in the towers or stabilizer kit.
  5. This was always said about the TB01 wide arm kit but that has been proven not to be true by a few members. Are you 100% sure that the track isn't widened?
  6. I may buy a tb evo 4 just for pink bits lol.
  7. Proper 1st world problems. Lol
  8. As above. Light usage in my Levant. Excellent condition. Cost £79.99 new. £42 delivered to the UK Inc fees £55 shipped worldwide Inc feea
  9. Check out the for sale section. She is up in there. Am open to sensible offers
  10. It's alright. It happens to us all at some point.
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