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  1. Just the standard kit oil should be fine which I believe is Tamiya medium oil?
  2. If your not going to be racing it. The long arm suspension is a expensive hop up you can live without. The stabilizer kit will help though. One on eBay at the moment. I'd suggest rebuilding the shocks with some fresh oil, adding the stabilizer kit and going from there.
  3. No. But I can find them easy enough I should think.
  4. Good luck. Few and far between but can make it from parts if your not fussed about the box for it.
  5. Any chance you can find 53372 at a sensible price?
  6. My TB01 that was was bought for me by my parents. Although I've got 2 better TB01s they don't have the same sentimental value.
  7. Can never have too much blue. Especially if it's Tamiya blue
  8. Will just be a fancy thing to add. Will be only getting light use if any. Might turn it into an R with hop ups and shelf it with a Ferrari body
  9. Oh. Thats no fun if you can't see it. I thought it was an upper plate
  10. More flex in the chassis than the TB01? Must be. As the 01 uses a one piece prop like the 02 and the 01 couldn't flex if it tried. Lol. There is a very nice upper SSG plate for the 02 that I have spied on eBay
  11. There are lots of shiny hop ups. It appears to share some parts with the TA04, TA05, TB Evo 3 and Evo 4. This is good.
  12. I got this completely wrong. Please ignore me. Lol
  13. So I may have accidentally won a TB02 in fair decent condition off EBay. As most people are aware it's the TB01 that is my thing and I will admit to have no real knowledge of the TB02. I know it came as TB02. TB02R and TB02D. It will be used as a light very light runner but mostly as a chassis to house a body I've not yet bought. Any need to know bits of info for this chassis?
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