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  1. Good looking fleet. Update on mine... TT02B - Sat gathering dust. Madbull 1 - Sat gathering dust. Madbull 2 - Sat gathering dust. Madbull 3 - Sat gathering dust. TB01 Rally Car - Sat gathering dust. TB01 Shelf Queen - Gathering dust on a shelf. TB01 Slow build - Gathering dust in a box. Pretty much it really. Not had much time to run anything recently with life and work. Making slow progress on the slow build TB01. Hoping to have that built and then sent over to Holland for some racing to see if I've made a good car.
  2. It's a shared gearbox off the TG10. Maybe that's why it's got a separate mount.
  3. Lol. Well that's not a concern with running the carbon chassis 🤣😂🤣🤣😂
  4. It's the same front and rear. Don't know about daily usage with it being sat on a shelf. Can't see why it would need to be alloy anyway. Plastic is fine imo.
  5. Yeah just done a quick hunt, maybe not something ill be getting soon, lol
  6. The manual says...... 53308 so that's what I'll be going with.
  7. Which is exactly what I did mate just because you said so and thinking about it then made sense
  8. Oooooooo TB chassis build. I'm watching.
  9. I honestly don't know. Just seen the blue ones on eBay along with the silver ones.
  10. They had a moment of madness I think, they are very nicely made.
  11. That is also a thing of beauty. Love it.
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