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  1. Even better place for this would be in the nitro section. Have a looksie in there. You may find your answer. Sorry I can't help.
  2. I'd like to see a front motor RWD chassis from Tamiya. Shaft driven.
  3. Challenger 2. I'd buy that. That was my aim to work on and with when I was serving.
  4. Hi Sam. Welcome to the site. You'll be looking for Tamiya number 54567
  5. As above. BNIP. May fit other models too. £15 posted within the UK.
  6. Decided that I'm gonna sell my TG10 project. Its missing several items to complete it. Diffs have been rebuilt and are perfect. Comes with TB Evo arms. BNIP Hopup TG10 prop shaft. Brand new but fitted Racy RC TG10 alloy gearbox mount. All the plastics have been cleaned and the screws that came out of it will be included with it. Just wanting back what I've paid out so far. £35posted.
  7. I shall no doubt be borrowing some of these points that you've made with the shims and what not
  8. Not at all dude. Its waaaay to early for that. Lol
  9. The bigger spoiler the better. @svenb
  10. As above. The chassis I've got didn't come with one and I can't find one online. Has anyone got a spare one they would be willing to part with? Many thanks. Dave
  11. Lol. Couldn't remember if they came with the suspension arms or not. Didn't think they did as they are not on the picture
  12. Double. And soft springs. They drive how they feel like regardless. I have 3 madbulls. As mentioned the steering mod is the only essential mod. And bearings of course.
  13. Which suspension pins have you used?
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