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  1. Always set the bar high. Think I did a fairly good job of the TB01. I see no reason why this one can not be the same. Still hunting for parts for this one.
  2. Best part is... a lone BNIB chassis came up on ebay from L&L models on Friday evening. So I've bought that too. Lol. So now I'm going to build 2 of them. One being my version of the Ultimate, the 2nd being being built for fun with a few hop ups.
  3. Be worth the wait mate. Chassis comes with a couple of bonus parts to 🙃🙂🙃
  4. Sooooo. New chassis has been located and will be inbound to my house very soon hopefully!
  5. Just a mint condition tub lol. I've got all the bits to build it.
  6. Several items have arrived from Japan. Still hunting for a chassis.
  7. Oooooo. Curious about that company. I have dealing with several companies that build or supply parts for fighter jets.
  8. I managed to pick up a BNIB reversible kit for dirt cheap. It was so cheap I thought it was a scam, but it arrived in one piece and its all there. Got a couple of options for drive shafts. Just wanting a new chassis as mine has a couple of cracked screw holes and it is scratched. Very tempted for the Fibrelyte carbon frame kit.
  9. Re-Release parts for models that are out of production. Even if its for a limited run of say 3-6 months but every 3-5years because I'm seriously bored of hunting for a TB02 chassis. And that will keep the idiots from driving prices through the roof on ebay and what not.
  10. Ball diffs. Hate them. Enough said.
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