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  1. TwistedxSlayer

    Cad design for fibre lyte

    I've had some help from a fellow member on here. If your lucky he may see this and offer his help. But I don't wanna say his name incase he doesn't wanna do it.
  2. TwistedxSlayer

    Slash 4x4 heat on 3s.

    Low KV = more torque. What Terrain are you running it on?
  3. TwistedxSlayer

    TB01/Levant Help

    The Mad Bison using the 13t pinion would make perfect sense with it being a 4x4 like the Levant. I'm 99.999999999% that they are the same gearbox cases. I know this as I've got a brand new TB01 case I can hold next to the Levant. I need to fire more pictures up.
  4. TwistedxSlayer

    TB01/Levant Help

    I edited my post with a few more pictures
  5. TwistedxSlayer

    TB01/Levant Help

    Hopefully I've managed to get the whole 'manual' up
  6. TwistedxSlayer

    TB01/Levant Help

  7. TwistedxSlayer

    TB01/Levant Help

    I don’t think anyone else has explicit knowledge of the Levant. Lol. I’ll try and get pictures up explaining in more detail.
  8. TwistedxSlayer

    Want bevel gear set and housing for tt01

    DF02 are also steel along with TB01.
  9. TwistedxSlayer

    Want bevel gear set and housing for tt01

    Yes. Do you need steel?
  10. TwistedxSlayer

    TB01/Levant Help

    It's a slightly different sized D Shape. The 13t will fit both the Levant D and the TB01 D. The 15t will only fit the TB01 D not the Levant D. The Levant D is the standard D that also comes with the Super Levant
  11. TwistedxSlayer

    TB01/Levant Help

    The Levant prop will defo not fit the 15t splined TB01 bevel gear. Defo working on the Levant chassis
  12. TwistedxSlayer

    TB01 - Levant Rebuild/Build.

    Currently having issues with the rear diff skipping teeth on.. With the torquey brushless motor I may swap it back to the TB01 alloy prop and splined 15t bevel gears. Bit of faffing around but it should be OK running a 14t pinion on 61t spur and the brushless motor.
  13. TwistedxSlayer

    TB01/Levant Help

    No slipper fitted to the Levant. Only the Super Levant. Prop shaft is a thin steel thing with drive cups either then that fit into the bevel gears. It's not splined and it is D shaped but slightly different to the optional carbon fibre or alloy prop shaft that you can get for the TB01
  14. TwistedxSlayer

    TB01/Levant Help

    No as the 15t bevel gear doesn't fit on the prop shaft end. The 13t bevel meshes perfectly with the diff. The diffs are the same in the Levant and TB01 both use a 39t crown wheel.
  15. TwistedxSlayer

    TB01/Levant Help

    Hey guys and girls. You know its a wierd problem if I'm asking for TB01/Levant help and advice. Basically. The rear bevel and crown wheel are skipping teeth. And I've no idea why. I've swapped the front diff and bevel gear into the rear and guess what.. It's doing the same thing. So I'm basically super confused on what the issue can be. The Levant uses the same chassis and diff houses but the bevel gear that drives the crown wheel is 13t opposed to the 15t that is used in the TB01. Any advice or help would be appreciated.