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    The TB Chassis Thread

    @Jason1145 @Fuijo @svenb @GooneyBird Renamed and repurpursed this thread to cover all variations of the TB Chassis. TB01-05. And all the Evolutions. Tagged you 4 as I know you all have a soft spot for the TB01. The TB01 is the electric version of the TG10 Nitro car. The TB01 was released as a Rally Chassis and Touring Car Chassis and many years later the main chassis was released as a RTR truggy. I have a massive soft spot for the TB01. I'm currently building the Ultimate TB01 Touring car chassis if you haven't seen it, it is in the build section. The TB01 is made of the ultra rare tamiya plastic reinforced with steel πŸ˜‚πŸ€£. For those who have dealt with the TB01 know what I'm talking about.... For those who don't... The TB01 is a rather tough chassis. Like bomb proof tough. It can take one heck of a battering which IMO makes it a perfect rally chassis.... The down side is. Its heavy and doesn't make the best touring car chassis.. Well maybe for pushing other cars off the track. Lol. The rally car I've had since 2001. The Levant since December 2017. Both the Ferrari's are new to my house after working out a deal with Fuijo to help me build my Ultimate TB01. I didn't think it possible but I made the Enzo look even cooler IMO. Hop Up Wing 53470 as recommended in the manual. Leaving left out the TB01 rally car needed to sneak in. And then the Levant (TB01 based with Tamiya parts to make up the suspension) decided to get in on the action.
  2. TwistedxSlayer

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    This chassis.... just with any other body please. I'm really not a fan of it sorry to say.
  3. TwistedxSlayer

    TG10 MK1 Parts wanted

    I may have a couple of spare bits and pieces. All the suspension arms and other bits are the same as the TB01. I may have some alloy hop up spares also.
  4. TwistedxSlayer

    The TB Chassis Thread

    Yeah totally nothing like the TB01. Looks like I am sticking with TB01 pinions.
  5. TwistedxSlayer

    The TB Chassis Thread

    What pinion gear drives the diff? And how is that gear driven? The TB01 is splined and the TB Evolution is driven by a D Shaped prop.
  6. TwistedxSlayer

    Ever have those days..?

    Been there.... When things don't quite to plan and problems and issues end up taking waaaaaay longer than expected to solve. My simple quick swap of a prop shaft on one car ended up as a 6 hour strip down and rebuild of 3 cars just to eliminate one issue I had.
  7. TwistedxSlayer

    The metal parts upgrade trap ...

    Yeah it's a slippery slope for some people. All my blingy stuff is functional. Well mostly. The alloy stuff on my shelf queen TB01 I didn't pay for so I don't mind it being on there otherwise I'd never buy alloy suspension arms.
  8. TwistedxSlayer

    The TB Chassis Thread

    Lol. I'm sorry to say I do not. I will be running TT02 diffs in my TB01. Are there any other diffs that will fit the TB04 other than TB04? May open up your search options.
  9. TwistedxSlayer

    Tamiya M-07R Chassis Kit build #84436

    Great build. Really like the Mazda body.
  10. TwistedxSlayer

    CC01 build up..

    OMG this build is awesome. Top work.
  11. What would be nice IMO.... if they re-released a bunch of new old spares for chassis they stopped making.
  12. TwistedxSlayer

    TB Evo 3 Surikarn build

    I absolutely love this thread. Very special cat there with even rarer carbon hop ups.
  13. I personally am not bothered by this. No re-release may mean actual new stuff at some point. Like a CC-02 chassis for example.
  14. TwistedxSlayer

    Tamiya | New Item list for June 2019

    As an avid fan of Pokemon. I do believe if you gotta catch them all. You can collect them all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  15. TwistedxSlayer

    How has the hobby affected your relationships?

    I think my Mrs accepts that I have RC's and I will tinker with them from time to time. I earn my money and spend what little I can afford to at times on them. If I had my way I'd have loads of different collections. Lol. Basically.... she doesn't disapprove of the hobby and leaves me to it.
  16. TwistedxSlayer

    Wanted : Madbull Front Friction Shock

    All sorted. Good to close :-)
  17. Hi all. My eldest decided to take on a fence post at full speed and lost with her Madbull (it was a very hard fence) has anyone got a single spare front red Friction shock they could donate to the cause please? I donated all my spares a while ago as I thought I wouldn't need them. Lol. I'm in the UK. Thanks in advance.
  18. TwistedxSlayer

    The TB Chassis Thread

    Lots of love shown the TB Chassis. Don't suppose anyone has a spare steel propshaft and bevel gears for the TB01 that they would be willing to part with?
  19. I'd happily take my Imprza rally car or the touring car I'm building. But I'd really enjoy whizzing around in my Metallic Pink TT02B
  20. Tony Tamiya Parts on eBay. He did have a complete set
  21. TwistedxSlayer

    What's your greatest barn find?

    No decent finds I'm sorry to say. Shame your State Side. I've got a chassis that the Super Stock Type S motor would fit into perfectly.
  22. TwistedxSlayer

    Comical Hornet WR02CB

    ThunderDragonCy builds something.... So naturally I'll be watching it.
  23. TwistedxSlayer

    Ultimate TB01 Slow Build.

    Hey to all. As many know I'm a huge fan of the TB01. Along with Jason's TT02 build. I'm in the process of gathering parts for a very slow on going project. Very slow is the key part here. The idea of this build is to build the ultimate TB01 (IMO) touring car. Not the usual rally car I tend to do. I don't have a kit. What I'll be doing is sourcing parts that are hop ups or optional extras by Tamiya and GPM. It will no doubt cost a lot more than just buying a kit outright. But as I'll be spreading the cost over several months/couple of years. It won't seem too bad. The chassis is en route from France. This also comes with the prop shaft and motor mount. And I've started to research and collect parts for the Tamiya 53430 wide arm suspension kit. The wide are kit is rare and expensive. Sourcing each piece will take a while and will no doubt cost the same in the end. But I do find it fun to source the parts and buy a one or 2 at a time. I've got one set of lower wide arms en route. Need to source a 2nd set. Now I could just use the parts off my current TB01. But 2 reasons why I won't be doing. 1. Not half as much fun. 2. I want a new build. Several parts are cross compatible between tamiya models. So I'm hoping that it makes it a little easier to find things when they are listed on ebay. If anybody wishes to donate any parts to the cause... They are more than welcome to. Lol. Current need list. Gearboxes Diffs Steering setup (although I may have to use the alloy setup from the Levant as its a super cool rare tamiya part) Suspension mounts
  24. TwistedxSlayer

    Ultimate TB01 Slow Build.

    Had a chance to play a little today. 1. U Bolts for standard TB01 arms do NOT fit with Evo arms. Single pins are needed each side. 2. I am missing one TNS/TB Evo pin plate that sits against the gearboxes. 3. I need the 25.3mm outer hub carrier/rear hub mount pins 4 of each. 4. I need 2x 45mm mounting pins aka suspension shafts. 5. I need a lot of tiny E clips for all these pins. 6. I need 4x hardened drive cups from the DF02 or TT01 to mount to my TT02 diffs. 7. I need a new set of wheels. 8. I need tyres for above wheels. 9. I need to decided on which wheels and tyres I want. Lol. 10. I need to decide on which shock oil. 11. Need to decide of which diff grease.
  25. TwistedxSlayer

    DF-02 Gravel Hound

    That is a very well used and played with car. Nice to see it’s getting a new lease of life.