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  1. Check out my build thread in the builds section. I think you'll like it. I've got an almost bomb proof setup.
  2. Tried to trim some off with a Stanley knife, proper hard plastic, give it up a bad idea.
  3. Oooooo FF03 Pro. Tis a very nice piece of work. I really do fancy a FWD car at some point.
  4. 2.6mm. Who at Tamiya decided that dropping 0.4mm was a good idea?!
  5. Not the standard TB01 arms matey, Evo 1 and 2 them bad boys.
  6. Would need the TA06 top part to turn the mount through 90degrees.
  7. Very tempted too and then I’ll pick up some correct ones down the line.
  8. You can't use TG10/TB01 knuckles with TA04 hub carriers.
  9. Well... I got a spare 2 minutes. The rear uprights are 15mm wide. The rear arm is 12mm wide. Safe to say they don't fit. Lol.
  10. Nice parcel arrived with 2degree uprights and a very special limited edition clip from Svenb. Cheers mate. And a parcel from RC Echo which has plenty more 5mm alloy ball mounts and TA04 upper arm adjustable knuckles. This build may slow down even more now.... The Outer Worlds has been released on the Xbox lol.
  11. I've got TA04 knuckles with TA04 racing hubs on TB Evo I/II arms with 39mm GPM cvds on my Ultimate slow build. If you need any more measurements let me know.
  12. So far looks like your on your own with this one. Sorry mate. Nerf blasters are adding up in my house.
  13. They look like they may fit. PM inbound.
  14. Good question on the width of them. I don't know without measuring. Interesting what they did with the extra bolt on part on the TA06
  15. It looks like the mount on the gearbox sits too low to be able to do that. I think the angle of the link will be too much but I will happily be proved wrong.
  16. That's what I think may be the better option. But only the ones where the mount for the upper control arms mounts on the side not the top.
  17. I think I would need closer to 49/50mm drive shafts for them to sit right
  18. They look about 10mm too short to sit in the middle of the drive cup. The don't look rebuildable. Just been looking at TA04/TB02 uprights that are designed for these arms and the uprights are considerably narrower than the current ones
  19. No pictures for this update. Not yet anyway. Major problem that I should have seen coming and don't know why I didn't sooner! As shown previously I got 2x sets of GPM 39mm cvds. The front set fit perfectly. I came to fit the rears last night and guess what.... They are too short. Lol. It appears that the rear arms and hubs are sitting much wider than the fronts. Now I don't know if that is down to the rear uprights or not. The front arms are sitting with TA04 hub carriers and hubs whereas the rear is using the TL01/M03 hop up uprights. I don't mind the rear sitting a bit wider due to the body I want to sit on it but I will need to get the perfect offset wheels so they sit flush with the body. My question is.... do I look for longer cvds or look to change the up rights?
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