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  1. Anywhere i can download a manual for the 84 grasshoppar? I bought it, but for much less than 50 bucks
  2. This one is from 80', and thinking of resto. But on the other hand, how different is a re-re, i think I can bye a re-re for 125 EUR in my local shop
  3. Hi all! Fast question 50 EUR for a Grasshoppar from 1980, is that a decent price? it's in rough condition.
  4. Just ordered 2 sets of 53084 from Japan, really hope these will fit my star dish wheels I have really struggled to find good tires for my star dish, tried to find som rally-ish tires, but ended up with the spiked ones.. Should have been a system for RC tires, different codes for different sizes, easy to search online..
  5. Found these tyres on eBay 51427 Rally Tyre 50683 On Road Tyre Both for M-Chassis Anyone tried these on star dish Wheels/DT-02? Will they fit? or are the smaller? I can see that the scale is right, 1/10 I run most on asphalt, so the spiked ones wear out fast...
  6. GT Tuned is on its way from Japan for DT-02 But, do i need to change pinion? I've only got the 17T that came with the car at home? Does 19T improve max speed? Or will it wreck something in the gearbox?
  7. Is the GT Tuned much faster than the Sport tuned? Anyone tried to meassure speed in km/h
  8. Have you checked in Ebay? searchwords Tamiya Hornet gave me results, old ones and re-issued. Try search this: Vintage Tamiya Hornet With servos motor and mechanical ecs
  9. Ok, thanks for the answer. I think its hard to find tyres online, there should be som kind of standards, with codes for different Dimensions, but thats my opinion Think I'm gonna meet up in my local RC dealer with the rims, making sure I got it right.
  10. I think I got the TEU101BK, it came with that one I saw the TBLE02 on Ebay, and it was pretty cheap too, is that one good for LiPo
  11. Think i'm gonna try RZ, winter is coming to Norway now, so i have plenty of time to Upgrade. I use NiMh batteries, runtime is ok, but more Power would be Nice. With LiPo, do I need new ECS and motor?
  12. Thanks Say if I searching on Ebay, wich dimensions do I want? Is it 2,2"
  13. Hi I need som help with picking right motor and pinion, part numbers will be helpfull. I currently own a Super Fighter With DT-02 chassis, i've mounted ball bearings all over, and fitted with a RS540 Sport tuned. I want more speed I know that it's not recommended with a larger motor than the sport tuned, but in different threads in this forum I can see that it works anyway.. I would like to have a Tamiya motor, i like to use original parts all over. Of all the different motors from Tamiya, the super Stock series, GT tuned, Torque tuned and so on, wich one should i use, and with wich pinion? As you can see, im new to this, started this hobby couple of months ago, and DT 02 is my entry kit, after doing that kit i while, i am gonna upgrade to a more pro chassis. Thankfull for answers! (sorry if my English is bad..)
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