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  1. Hey Everyone! I have for sale on ebay an uncompleted kit. Audi Quattro 5836. Please check out my listing. Please note, however, that it is my first ebay listing ever so pics are good, not great. This is a rare item. My seller name is lorettarob. Thanks,
  2. Thanks for the info Grastens. So I definitely did good for the big $10 price tag. I'm thinking it might make it's way to an auction site in the future, but I might give the classifieds here a go so the fine members of Tamika Club get a shot first.
  3. Pretty new to the hobby. Was lucky enough to come across a really great find at a local thrift shop. It was so great I felt like a won the lottery. Its an old Audi Quattro kit that was obviously started many years ago and not finished. It came with a never used Futaba controller. The plastic body was never used and decal sheets are like new. The kit looks complete.... with maybe some extras thrown in. I would love to keep the kit, but all my hobby toys, RC cars, collectables and personal vehicles are themed VW, this just does not fit in. My question to everyone is how would I best sell this vehicle and if anyone could help me put a close value to it..... that would be so helpful. Hopefully the picture I attached is good enough. Thanks everyone!
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