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  1. Those look like cool little cars. Its a shame the price of tamiyas here has skyrocketed though...
  2. Thanks everyone. I ended up not getting the underbody cover and it definitely fills up with dirt. I did use electrical tape on the bottom of the two chassis halves and unused motor mounting holes to prevent dirt from getting into the gear box. Unfortunately, some dirt does get in there through the motor vents and the gap where it mounts to the chassis. I’m running the gears dry as not to attract even more dirt, it also makes it easier to use compressed air to clean. Grease + dirt and sand = very bad After I put the car up for the day, I take my air compressor and clean it the best I can.
  3. So, I finally got the M05 RA parts and went ahead and installed them. It adds quite a bit of gound clearance, in conjunction with the block tires. I took it to a local baseball diamond that was relatively flat to try it out. Holy cow, what a blast this thing is on dirt! I couldn't believe how well the tiny wheels gripped. Now, I did end up stripping the spur gear because apparently I didn't set the pinion correctly. I've torn the car apart so many times now, that it wasn't a big deal to replace. I think part of the problem was I'm using a 15T motor, which really is way too hot for this model. I ran it again tonight and set the throttle end point to 70% and no break-downs. I even was able to keep pace with my wifes Kyosho Tomahawk in the dirt! As another poster pointed out, I did notice it tends to slow down quite a bit (diff out) on the turns but still great fun. Since I also run it on tarmac, I probably will just keep the differential as is. Overall, very happy to have done this conversion. What's cool is that I can just throw the slicks back on it to run on the street. It's like 2 cars in one!
  4. I like the 33 deg 'sweep' slicks for just playing around in a parking lot. You can find them relatively cheap on ebay. The radial tires that came with my M05 lasted about 2 runs before they were bald. I've also tried the Tamiya super grip and they didn't last much longer.
  5. steelo

    Must have Kyosho?

    The Scorpion/Tomahawk and Beetle are probably the cheapest Kyosho retro options that are tough and perform relatively well in the dirt. Both are great models – I’m impartial to the Optima, but it’s a bit more expensive and complex to build.
  6. steelo

    Must have Kyosho?

    I don’t know if you like the re-release kits, but I have an Optima, Scorpion, Tomahawk, and a ‘hang on rider’ motorcycle…all really great retro Kyosho's, but the Optima is by far my favorite, it was a 'must have' for me. The re-releases all seem to be well thought out and the kits are packaged beautifully. I ran the snot out of the tomahawk and Optima a few weeks ago on a dirt track and nothing broke, despite my 6 and 7 year old nephews crashing them into everything. For newer cars, the Sandmaster is kind of an entry-level buggy and seems really ‘cheap’ to me. If you like trucks, the Mad Crusher looks like a really cool model to own. They have a brushless and a nitro version.
  7. Every nimh battery I've ever purchased may have a small charge which was enough to basically turn the ESC on to make sure it works. I would always give it a full charge before I actually run it though.
  8. I used a HPI 15T firebolt in my TT-02B, it was okay. Fairly fast and good acceleration with a standard size pinion. My friend also had a HPI firebolt in his Neo Scorcher and it started smoking after the first run with standard gears. I've heard several places that these motors are hit or miss. I've been using the same Arrma Mega 15T brushed motor in several vehicles and I can't kill it. They're dirt cheap and relatively quick. It's starting to show its age though, the motor is definitely louder but haven't noticed a drop in performance.
  9. Thanks, I went ahead and ordered the Ra 'F' parts. I'm going to keep the Yeah racing short shocks I currently have, they're pretty nice and still in decent shape...I think ground clearance is the big issue with taking the M-05 off-road. Still waiting on the rally tires to arrive. So, once I get everything put together, I'll have a skid plate I made to fit over the bumper and the bottom of the gearbox, Tamiya 60d block rally tires and extra ground clearance. Is there anything else that I need to worry about?
  10. Thanks, I'm still waiting for my rally tires. I have it completely rebuilt (with new gears, no grease) and sealed the unused pinion holes with rubber cement. I ran it last night and after a bit of a front end alignment, it runs beautifully. I also added kind of a skid plate I made out of a soda can to protect the gearbox and plastic underneath.
  11. I had a TT-02B a few years ago and the car was an absolute nightmare with destroying gears. This car had the weakest drive train of any RC car I've ever owned...I've never had this problem with other R/C cars. I used to try to run it on a dirt baseball field and could barely make it through 1 battery before I started hearing the dreaded 'clicking' meaning the pinion/spur gears were starting to skip. Like you mentioned, it's all downhill from there.This was on a fairly mild brushed motor (21T). I tried for months to remedy the problem by sealing the gearbox, aluminum motor mount, lube, no lube, I even replaced the entire chassis thinking maybe something was out of place from the Tamiya factory. I (think) the problem was that the plastic gearbox/mounts allowed way too much play between the gears. You have a plastic gearbox with metal tapping screws holding the cover (and gears) in place. Essentially, it is a very crappy design and I'm surprised Tamiya hasn't corrected it yet. Anyways, I had no luck and eventually just pulled out all of the electronics and chucked it in the garbage. That car was a HUGE disappointment.
  12. Thanks, I think I forgot to mention that I’m using the Yeah Racing aluminum shocks…I don’t think there are any spacers that I can remove to give additional travel. I am hoping that the rally tires give me a few more millimeters of space under the chassis. I believe I’ve seen youtube videos of people using completely stock set ups on a baseball field. I will be fabricating a lightweight skid plate for the front probably out of a soda can, if it doesn’t hold up then I’ll maybe go to a hardware store and get some stronger grade metal to mount. I also plan on using something like hot glue or putty to plug the unused pinion holes and maybe using a piece of tape to cover up the slight gap between the two chassis halves. I’ve ran the heck out of the car for about 5 years now, so the chassis is pretty beat up at this point.
  13. Hey everyone, Well, after tearing apart my M-05 to clean and replace a stripped gear, I’ve thought about converting it to a rally car. So far, the only ‘part’ I’ve purchased are the Tamiya 60D rally block tires. From what I’ve read they have roughly a 10% larger diameter with the treads, so I’m hoping it will give enough ground clearance for relatively tame off roading. I know that I’ll also definitely need a skid plate and shield so the chassis doesn’t fill up with dirt and stones. I could fabricate my own skid plate out of aluminum but don’t see how I can properly attach it. I’ve read other people buying the M05 rally edition suspension parts, but am wondering if that’s really necessary…I don’t want to shell out too much money on longer shocks too (and the car has seen better days). Right now I’m using an Arrma 15T motor which realistically is too fast for this chassis, I may just set my throttle end point down to 75% on dirt. Anyways, has anybody had any success doing this without adding the rally edition parts and longer shocks?
  14. I've ran a Neewer 13.5T brushless with a Tamiya TBLE-02 in a Arrma Granite 2wd monster truck. The ESC did get very hot and would thermal occasionally, especially on dirt and grass. I've also tried running a Arrma Mega 15T brushed motor a TBLE-02 and it shut off every few minutes. IMO, I'd wouldn't go lower than a 23T brushed/17.5T brushless. A Tamiya sport tuned would work great with it.
  15. Well, I don't have a 1:1 replica, but I love my Indian Scout!
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