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  1. Just finished up my Monster Beetle (LB Chassis) with these fresh new Monster Beetle decals off eBay! The only decal set I've seen that even comes close to the originals... Can't wait to bring this one out...
  2. Hey there! Nice Lunchbox!! I love the color and decals! We'd love to see you out at the next meet. With all this nice weather, we will be setting up a meet very soon. Check in our local Craigslist ads as well, We are posted in there as well. Mo
  3. Yes, it was awesome! Since the meet, we've had at least 4 more guys wanting to come out for the next one! It will only get better! And of course... will post more pics and videos!!
  4. We had a great meet this past Sunday! New faces! New RCs..! I replied to everybody through email (from Craigslist ad) so I forgot to put the details of the meet here. My bad! I will be sure to post it for the next meet. Here are some pics! Come join us on our next meet!! Get in touch with me... Details to be posted on the next Wheelie Club Meet!
  5. Yeah man! We love racing Tamiya Wheelies! They are perfect to hang out, socialize and have fun! Racing those modern fast RCs are just not the same. More of a race by yourself thing and plus you need a bigger area! Pictures and videos will come soon......
  6. Looking for People to join our weekend get-togethers to Race & Bash around our Tamiya Wheelie R/C trucks and cars. All Tamiya Lunchbox, Midnight Pumpkin, Montero, Wild Willy, Unimog, Black Foot, Jimney, Monster Beetle, Subaru Brat, and any other Wheelie type RCs are welcome. Let me know if you are thinking of joining us. This is a fun get together race and parking-lot hang out with Wheelie RCs. Please no modern super fast RCs. This is not that kind of race. Stock or after market motors are fine. So Far we have 9 RCs: 1 - Lunch Box (Blue) 2 - Lunch Box (Green) 3 - Midnight Pumpkin (Black) 4 - Midnight Pumpkin (Green) 5 - Midnight Pumpkin (Cherry Red) 6 - Midnight Pumpkin (Metallic) 7 - Black Foot III 8 - Bolink (LB Chassis) 9 - Unimog Wheelie A date is yet to be set but it will be on any given Sunday from noon to 4pm. Contact me....! Thanks!
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