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  1. Sorry mate, not quite sure what to advise - might be too late now, if so, how did you get on? Just heard my kit has been despatched, along with a MF-01x beetle for my wife - annoyingly I'd ordered ball races from another supplier and that order has just been cancelled. It'll take a while to get another order through, so might just build without and rebuild when the bearings arrive.
  2. Ta mate, much appreciated - the finish on the truck body looks superb!
  3. Hi all I'm looking at getting the Defender CC-01 kit and want to get all the bits in one order, given all else that's going on. Does anyone know what paints I'd require? I quite like the country green look with white roof, but not sure if there's anything else needed for trim etc. Recommendations appreciated, noting that I'm terrible at bodyshell trimming and painting so could possibly do with a few bits an bobs to make this easier (a new craft knife would be a plan!) I'll probably get some ball races as well. Anything else? All suggestions appreciated. (eta: These are usually things I'd sort out in the shop - I'm one of those people who usually end up buying all the gadgets by the tills - but of course can only mail order so will have to specify in advance. )
  4. Ta all, some really useful insights. Sounds like I might be best looking at the 4WD and FWD, will avoid the M04 and perhaps consider the drift or sport/rally chassis in terms of bang for buck. The missus still really likes the vintage beetle though!
  5. Hi all I've had a few buggies and trucks over the years and would like to try a road car, but I'm a bit lost amongst options in terms of the various chassis available. I'm after a budget-end chassis that could be used on an average car park and would be robust enough to withstand a few false steps into kerbs etc, although it doesn't need to be the speediest car and I'm not too fussed by availability of hop-parts.. I've seen a few models based on the TT02 (I like the Lancia Delta) and the M05 (although none that I really like), however the missus noticed the vintage beetle on the M06 chassis going for a good price - I'd be a bit worried about knocking lumps off the beetle body, but she's already reasonably sold on the idea! She also likes the FIAT 500, based on the M03M chassis. That's 4 separate chassis so far, and I know there's a few more out there! Any insights on the respective benefits of one chassis over another for a casual hacker for use in car parks would be much appreciated. I'd prefer to avoid drift chassis and I'm not fussed over FWD, RWD or 4WD. Cheers
  6. Ta all for ideas, I'll see what local shop have in stock next time I'm over - Although the Wild Willy and others look good I'm tempted by a 2WD buggy as something s bit different to what I've already got, so the hornet, holiday buggy and grasshopper look interesting, and also won't break the bank! I also note the bigwig is being re-released, but I' not sure it'd be that different to the vanquish and I recall hearing about reliability problems with the original (although expect some of these to be ironed out). I stopped by last week and noted that had a lowride pumpkin, not sure I want that particular model, but I'm debating one of the tarmac/carpet type cars if I can't make up my mind on a re-release - I've never tried the track racers but happy to give new things a go! The Lancia Delta looks good, and although it may be slightly sacrilegious on these boards I note that mardave are still going strong, these were always cheap as chips so I might 'supplement' my 2WD buggy with a Mardave carpet racer.
  7. I've never seen that before! My mate's little son would love that - might be worth it just to see his face, although I'll never get a go..
  8. Hi all The missus has given the thumbs-up to a new re-release, and I'm couching around for ideas of which might be most fun. Any views on which models have given people the most fun-per-pounds-cash would be appreciated, I'm not keen to push he missus' patience so something around the £100-150 mark would be about the right level. I've currently got an original vanquish which I've refitted with brushless, a re-release lunchbox with an old parma motor upgrade and a pretty battered and not-quite-serviceable blackfoot. I'm tempted to get a monster beetle to have a few races with the lunchbox, but I could feasibly get the Blackfoot fit and working with a little bit of repair work, and I gather the monster beetle and the Blackfoot share the same base (I think it's a frog underpinning?) so I'm thinking about some thing a bit different. I used to have a thundershot back in the day, but it's now in many, many pieces as the front gearbox and chassis suffered some pretty terminal damage, but some of the parts such as ballraces, twin front shocks etc might be salvageable. I know very little about these models, so would appreciate any thoughts on which are most fun to thrash about in a park without requiring a rebuild every time if throws a gear or cracks a suspension mount (yes, painful thundershot experience!) Cheers!
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