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  1. I'm always keen for a run Sundays are much better for me as I work most Saturdays to pay for said rc habit lol. I usually have 5 or 6 running at most times so it's just a case of charge and go.
  2. Im in just let me know when , I'm sure I'll have a rig or 2 to run haha
  3. I have just acuired 2 incomplete tg10 mk1 rollers and I thought I'd ask here first for the bits I need. Need a pair of engine mounts , used is fine , if I'm lucky and some has an fs-12 engine kicking around even if it needs a rebuild I would be interested. Also need an exhaust , mainly just a muffler but if anyone has the hop up exhaust for it too , id be keen on that too. So if anyone has done an E conversion and has the nitro bits lying around let me know
  4. Id be curious to know the power output of the toki .15 vs an os engine. The .18 came with 2 outputs , .18tm was a direct fit for the trx family of trucks and comes with provision for pull start and a slightly smaller output. The 18tz was a multi fit engine , it has a differet crank and is also a bump start. , you can convert a tz to pull start but you need a tm crank , backplate and starter pin.
  5. I'm running a super stock rz , the casings seem to be the main problem , maybe a new set and the set that up will help
  6. If the stock diff is setup properly it handles a stock motor fine. The diff casings need a bit of light sanding to true them up a bit and polishing the ball plates helps too , make sure proper ball diff grease is used, mine went from slipping like crazy to wheelie with 10 min work
  7. That looks like an 18 rz but it's had a pull start conversion , they are bump start out the box , these engines are total animals , usually find them in earlier t maxxs and jatos
  8. That sounds good to me mate I don't really want to use new stuff in this this thing but may pick them up just to have lol. I'l send you a pm shortly
  9. That's the one , I would like a used one but may have to go this way
  10. I'l keep that in mind , thanks mate๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  11. Sure am Haven't been able to find anything for sale , car is a bit of a hacker so cheaper the better
  12. I have been in contact with him on and off for ages , I think work is kicking his butt atm
  13. Im after a 69t spur from the speed tuned gear set , used is fine as its for a runner
  14. I have what you need , they are used but still very good condition. Pm me if you still need them
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