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  1. eBay has saved a lot of hobbies. I can get vintage bike parts that were unavailable 20 years ago because they were in someone’s shed and they had no way of finding a buyer. There will always be people asking the earth for junk but you mostly see it listed over and over again because no one will pay it. An item is only worth what people will pay, if you are complaining because parts now cost the maximum of what you will pay rather than a fraction of that then, unfortunately, that is the way markets work. If they have it and you will pay then it sells, if you will not pay but someone else will then it sells. People seem a little bitter because the seller is now getting the best price for their item. A wider market has pushed costs up because we are all chasing an ever decreasing quantity of stuff and competing with an ever increasing amount of people who want it. If you think RC is bad then look at the vintage bike market. Cars are out of reach for the middle range investors so bikes are the new favourite. Money is making nothing in the bank so people are buying “stuff” instead.
  2. Road tax, servicing, tyres... Worth £5 a day not to have to use a bus. Multi model controllers are great if they have enough room to put in a full model name and you can remember which car it relates to. I was swapping and rebuilding that often that I could not remember which car was listed as what in the controller
  3. Never had an issue with them to be honest. Loads of bits and batteries over the years with no hassle. Website is hard work and UK postage is over kill but no worse than others
  4. Welcome The CC01 can have as little or as much done as you want. My advice is sort the steering and then just drive. Save the hopup money for your next build. Enjoy
  5. I have those Judy Race forks on my old Kona
  6. I got £35 back from Banggood so it is about on value for me now. Not decided if I will try and rescue the gearbox now or try something else
  7. I have stripped mine and it is a POS Have a look here for me stripping mine
  8. A very light restore without destroying the patina will add value and also make sure you are selling something with no broken parts. A little modern heat shrink on the wires would do no harm. Have a go before you sell, you might end up “investing” the money in newer kits
  9. Hay and fate would have it my iPad just did them same thing!!!!!
  10. But posting twice will get everyone after you Only honest opinions on here and 99% are nice, even when you ask for criticism.
  11. But posting twice will get everyone after you Only honest opinions on here and 99% are nice, even when you ask for criticism.
  12. A good example is the SCX10. You can see from this photo that the lower links go from what would be the spring mounts to the center and links from the “pumpkin” go to the outer.
  13. No just crocodile clips for a car type battery. I guess it could be adapted but I only have LiPo so have not tested it fully.
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