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  1. WR-xx gearbox New and unused but it looks like I have stolen the gearbox screws for another project. £20 plus postage
  2. These are by far the best upgrade for you Mudblaster, Wild Dagger or any other WT / WR 01 based model. I cannot find a new set to compare price but I think £20 Ono plus postage sounds fair. The shocks are well used and will need a rebuild but they look cool and still work. The coating is coming off the piston rod in on a couple.
  3. Normally I have a clue what I have, even if I am not sure why I have it. Anyone identify these parts? Anyone need them?
  4. I know but since it was going that way and knowledgable people were posting I though I would ask. Vanquish looks very nice kit but far over the top of what I will ever be able to stress.
  5. So the TRX-4 sport or Gmade GS02 have not come up yet. I have a RTR Sport and thought about building another for fun but the Gmade stuff looks great value. Do these have a hat in the ring or are there reasons not to buy?
  6. Thank you very much. I might need them one day
  7. A quick start on the build yesterday Build area is still the kitchen table Tub and front end I a quick job Diff build with a little AW grease Torque Tuned with stock Pinion. Don’t think I have ever fitted an alloy one before. Gearbox finished and fitting will happen another day No servo fitted because I had forgotten about that. I think I have one laying around somewhere but it might be overkill for this build. I need to hunt in some more boxes to find it 😂
  8. I was looking for something completely different in my box of “why do I have this” and I noticed I have accumulated a lot of DT-03 or DT-02 Hop-ups over the years. Not sure why but I think the mentality was “if you are going to have 1 shipped you might as well buy 5!” With the abundance of members getting cheap DT-03s for Christmas I thought this would be a good opportunity to help make them less cheap 😂 All prices plus postage. Please buy in quantity to save on postage… I prefer bank transfer but will take PayPal if all the fees are covered. SOLD Ball Diff and Hard Cup Set Built and fitted to my DT-02. I was never sure if I would run it so I took it out again. You can see by the plates and grease it has never been run. Included is a hard cup set as I obviously left the originals on the car. DT-02 and 03 use the same gearbox so this is a direct fit. SOLD Universal Shafts with converting parts Those with a stock DT-03 may have noticed that the stock, plastic, cups and bones restrict the rear suspension travel. You can grind the cups out a bit but the best and poshest solution is to fit Universal Shafts. Unfortunately to do this you need to change the gears in the diff to splines and have new output cups. I put together an upgraded package for less than the price of the Universals on eBay. Same but Yeah Racing Universals £20 As above but ready built Yeah Racing Universal Shafts (I have 2 sets of these) SOLD DT-02 Stabilizer Set Open packet but never fitted. The colours never matched what I was building so I did not fit them. SOLD DT-02 Spring Set A must if you want red or blue springs DT-02 Aluminium Motor Heat Sink £10 A good way to add more blue to the car. If you need this you should really thing about motor and gear choice. DT-02 Turnbuckle Tie Rod Set £12.50 A great Hop-up. Makes the car look sleeker and you can mess around with camber.
  9. My recommendation is to not go down that rabbit hole and sell the lot to someone else 😂 I am currently trying to get an eBay spares built SCX chassis to fit the body from those spares. The wheel base is just to short 😢
  10. CVA and TT motor as well.
  11. I guess no one has been to a real auction house. The fees are a lot higher for both buyer and seller. eBay is not cheap but it is a cheap way to sell and get paid through a 3rd party
  12. Not sure if this is over priced or just no one likes my colours 😂 The MS come with the fibre shock towers front and rear as well as the alloy drive shaft and cups. The alloy rear uprights are listed at around £50 as an extra on there own so all in that is nearly £100 hop-ups with the steering and the universals. Black Friday discount £80 plus postage. Any less and I might as well turn it in to a loft find in 15 years
  13. I think I have about everything I need at this point. I did think about dying the wheels but it might be over kill for this project. Thank you for the offer though. To be honest putting more money in to the project is unlikely to achieve more money for the charity. I have a small pistol grip controller I will use to make it RTR which might increase the value a little.
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