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  1. I think I will try this with alloy c hubs, they should take the modification with less issues when I hit a tree
  2. Don’t bin them, send them my way. I screw up enough paint jobs for it not to make a difference. I have used a tin of Core Rc orange and found them to be ok. Coverage on my Comical was not great but then I had used most of the tin on another body first. It is a real shame it has ruined a shell, I hate the cutting out enough to feel your pain
  3. The one I got was totally shocking. A waste of money
  4. Sorry no they are long gone to a member on here
  5. A sleeve would make the pack bigger so it would not fit. LiPO means you can add weight where you want/need it. Alloy wheel weights work well and are cheap
  6. Fantastic job. I would hate to run it and damage the paint now though
  7. They are plain bearings rather than ball bearings.
  8. Sounds like you need a runner shell and a shelf shell
  9. Drop me a pm and we can get something sorted out
  10. So they do exist, I was starting to wonder
  11. TBH the value will not be much more than the time and money you put in to it. Have fun stripping and rebuilding, it might lead to more.
  12. I tend to think of the money as spent as soon as I buy something so if I sell it, even at a loss I am up. I like to build so space for new stuff is worth as much as the selling price
  13. My forum usage swings with my hobby fads. I have to many hobbies and I am all or nothing with them all.
  14. With the big C19 messing my life up I have not done anything with these. i need to dig them out and give them a clean and them move them on. Space is at a premium when you have 1:1 scale toys as well
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