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  1. A bit like RC. Set a budget and then double it, and the be prepared to look the other way and “forget” to record some of your spending. I have looked many times but kits are no longer cheap sports cars based on rotting Escorts that were basically free. The big question is, do you have time and expertise to build it and if you do, do you have time and motivation to drive it? I grew up around Kit cars as Dad did a few over the years. Unless you are desperate to start from the ground up, buy an almost finished 1 for 50% of what it cost to get that far
  2. I am clearing out and need to stop hoarding parts I will never use. Three sets of friction shocks. 2 are buggy and one set of M0? I think. i have parts to make up loads of the shorter ones. Know idea why. If anyone needs any of the pistons for oil shocks I have a million, but I expect most of you do. Anyone want these before they are destined for the bin? Just cover postage
  3. That looks like a viral YouTube video on the dangers of LiPO waiting to be made. 12v charge and stab it with a knife should be enough to get followers… ps: this was a joke, please do not do this
  4. No bulge or any issue.
  5. I did not quite mean to start such a bun fight on my first day back… I normally go out with a 5000 ish pack in the car and one in my pocket. I come back with the same one in my pocket and half a pack in the car. I usually break something before the pack runs out, but I am ever optimistic. do I need 10 ish packs, no. But some old members will recall when for about a week large packs could be had for little cash so we gobbled them up. I have two brand new ones I should test from that batch
  6. I use an ex army ammo tin and always charge outside my main house
  7. Most modern paint removers are crap due to the good chemicals being band. A heat gun used locally would bubble it enough to scrape off and then sand. Why not just sand and paint over?
  8. Very DT-03 like. I don’t need another project but I might just get one 😂
  9. There is the issue that the stick LiPo are not a great fit in the models designed for old stick packs
  10. Hence the positive post. Good to share good experiences
  11. Pulled all my LiPo batteries out the tin after over a year of non use. About 10 in all and all sat at about 7.5v and all charged to 8.3v with no issues. I know there is a small extra risk but they are probably the biggest advancement in the hobby since the 1980’s
  12. This thread has come just in time for you
  13. Another new year and another think about all the bits clogging up my cupboards. Yesterday my son had a friend come over with a drone. I suggested he take the Wraith out at the same time. It has not been used for over a year so it was a good excuse to charge all my batteries. I was secretly hoping it would come back broken so I would have something to fix. It came back dirty and whole so I hard to start disassembling my SCX10 / clone Bruiser project which is never going anywhere. Facebook marketplace is great but it think the chances of selling anything on there are slim 😂 So what’s changed in the world? My unread feed is far too long to catch up on. Once again I find I love this hobby but find it hard to be in love with it.
  14. Sorry hear this 🙁 I have enjoyed your builds over the years
  15. To be honest I have not even thought that far ahead. It would be a shame to chop up the body for a rat look so I think a Restomod look might work. Springs need cutting down a bit to lower the wheels and the bed needs cutting to let in the shock towers to lower the body a bit. I am ok at screwing things together but body and paint are not my thing at all
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