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  1. Ammo tin from eBay for me. Store in the garage but make sure they warm before charging.
  2. This is not just a forum for Tamiya. We are a linked community with a core interest. I have seen people helped with issues that reach far outside RC and while it should never be the focus of the community it is nice it is there. If someone is feeling down or insecure about any topic they should be able to post it in the correct place. I know that there are dedicated forums for everything but people feel among friends here. As long as things are supportive and not inflammatory then I am all in favour. As for kids, mine are on here somewhere enjoying the hobby. There are weirdos in life but they are unlikely to be trawling this forum for their nefarious deeds.
  3. Funny I just sat my Bruiser body on my SCX10 with Maverick axles today and started to play. I will have a good read through all your posts later
  4. I think it depends on where you live in the UK and if you have elderly friends and relatives. I run a Covid test centre for part of my job and to be honest I have little fear because I am relatively young and fit (if a little fat) A few British MPs got caught ignoring the rules so many people decided that if they can, we can.
  5. Getting a hex out when it all goes wrong in a lot harder. Machine screws tend to be a lot finer, shallower, thread so not sure they will work with all the Tamiya plastics
  6. Occasionally. I don’t have as much time as I did. Lockdown is actually more work and stress for me. Need to go through all my stuff and parts so I can see the wood from the trees again.
  7. Last bit of maintenance took less time than I expected so I looked in my sad projects box to see what I could do. I have an SCX10 chassis built with all eBay Chinese parts and maverick scout axles. I have a Fake Bruiser body from the appalling mess that was sent as RTR. Think I need to build custom links to get the wheel base correct. Any tips or suppliers? Fully compressed I think I am about there. Full lift is maybe a bit high but I have seen actual mud trucks looking worse. I might be able to fit shorter springs. I have the rest of the RTR stripped to the smallest components, I might put it all in a bag and stick it in the sale section. It is terrible but maybe someone can do something with it.
  8. Found you can change the servo in a Comical with splitting the cases. Took half an hour rather than half a day. Might have time for another project now as well...
  9. Looking good. All I have done to mine is sort the servo out so it does not catch on full squish
  10. Lesson 1: never put a dodgy servo back in the box, hoping you were wrong about it. Lesson 2: you can change a servo in a comical hornet without splitting the cases.
  11. As electric comes in pay by the mile road pricing will also come in to offset the lost tax on petrol. ICE cars and bikes will be double hit as petrol prices rise and they get hit with road pricing as well. People will keep “classics” for low mileage toys but ICE will die fairly quickly. I will keep my ‘54 Ariel and maybe an “Iconic “ more modern bike but electric will take over the bulk of the duties I think.
  12. I think I will try this with alloy c hubs, they should take the modification with less issues when I hit a tree
  13. Don’t bin them, send them my way. I screw up enough paint jobs for it not to make a difference. I have used a tin of Core Rc orange and found them to be ok. Coverage on my Comical was not great but then I had used most of the tin on another body first. It is a real shame it has ruined a shell, I hate the cutting out enough to feel your pain
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