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  1. To be honest I have not even thought that far ahead. It would be a shame to chop up the body for a rat look so I think a Restomod look might work. Springs need cutting down a bit to lower the wheels and the bed needs cutting to let in the shock towers to lower the body a bit. I am ok at screwing things together but body and paint are not my thing at all
  2. I am going to print some logo stickers as well. I will offer it to them when it is done if they want to raffle it. I have spoken to them and told them what I am doing.
  3. So this has been sat looking at me for more than a year. The reflective yellow vinyl was rubbish and looked terrible and I totally lost heart with the project. I did a biker down course earlier in the year that was attended by Lives and I ordered some different yellow for the car. I then ordered more because yellow is actually orange in vinyl speak and I needed buttercup. so I have spent a couple of hours today mocking up a scheme and I think I am closer to where I need to be It is never going to be perfect but I am about at the limits of my talent. So I need to pull it all off now and give the body a good clean before I cut some more. I might see if I can get a slightly better vinyl as well. So what do you think? Is it a passable approximation? Where could I improve before the final version?
  4. The RTR market has created a huge market for customisation. Most of the models need constant parts fixes or modifications to make them do what the owners want. I guess you don’t build the kit but you do rebuild it every few hard runs
  5. So my inability to finish anything I start has bitten me again. Life is busy and time is in short supply so I need to get rid of what I know will never get done. So a plan hit me. Is anyone up for a challenge? This is a SCX chassis made with no real SCX bits and a fake 3 speed body. I have made links to get the wheelbase about right but it is far from finished. The axles are Maverick Scout ones. Anyone fancy putting in some time and then auctioning off the result for charity? I know I could just sell what is here and donate that but it would not be as fun, and to be honest I am not sure the current collection of parts is worth much. If this is a very silly idea please let me know.
  6. TRX4 was an eye opener for me. Such a nice drive and no need to hop-up or mod out the box. Tamiya do a lot of things right but the scale crawler market is just not one.
  7. A lot less than I spend on motorcycles πŸ˜‚
  8. I have never thought of snow on the ground in Turkey. I associate it will 35 degree sun.
  9. Elon Musk only got where he is because he found one at a car boot sale and copied the design for his motors. The Plaid cars only use 2% of the power and look at them.
  10. @IBIFTKH built a nice one as seen in this thread as well. I think he bought the scraps of my failed project after this as well πŸ˜‚
  11. I am sure I did a thread about this when I did mine. I gave up in the end but more through time limitations than anything else. here it is. Long read but I covers a lot of your questions. It gets to the point about page 3 πŸ˜‚ I also have carbon rod you can use to make a drive shaft.
  12. I did look at that.I wanted the new owner to be able to go back and apply the stock stickers if they did not want to keep it in the same scheme. I might look at some thinner yellow vinyl instead
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