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  1. @IBIFTKH built a nice one as seen in this thread as well. I think he bought the scraps of my failed project after this as well πŸ˜‚
  2. I am sure I did a thread about this when I did mine. I gave up in the end but more through time limitations than anything else. here it is. Long read but I covers a lot of your questions. It gets to the point about page 3 πŸ˜‚ I also have carbon rod you can use to make a drive shaft.
  3. I did look at that.I wanted the new owner to be able to go back and apply the stock stickers if they did not want to keep it in the same scheme. I might look at some thinner yellow vinyl instead
  4. No the yellow reflective tape. It is meant for industrial applications so it is very thick.
  5. Decided I am never working with Hi Viz tape again.
  6. Quick update. This is a slow build because I want to get away from Christmas before I list it. Body painted and hi viz stickers applied. This stuff is horrible to work with and do nice cuts and edges with. Need to print some logos now to finish it off. Electronics are in but I have lost my XT60 to Tamiya adapter so I need to wait for a new one before I can move on. I have differed from the first mock up because I did not like the stripe bits. I may add bits later though.
  7. Depends on how much you use. It can almost lock it or it can be quite free. You can run it in a bit by holding one wheel and Erving the motor off the ground
  8. Diff putty could be an option. Tamiya do their own but othe manufacturers do similar
  9. Do you have some sort of limit on your controller?
  10. I did think that as I was looking at the sticker kit πŸ˜‚
  11. 854g so more than 1kg packed 280-285 ish on wheelbase
  12. I would have said the same thing. Needs the long shocks and shock tower mod to be fantastic though.
  13. So LIVES have said I can emulate their colours. Which is great for marketing but not so great if you want a normal car. So the plan is to do the car in black and then sticker the outside with yellow. This will look (nothing actually) like the LIVES cars but allow the new owner to remove the stickers and apply the stock ones. I have done a mock up over the spray film, remember the car underneath will be black. Wheels have been dyed yellow, it is quite dark but the cars have two different yellows on them. Another member suggested the wheels and offered to pay for the dye. Another offered to buy the paint. I have not taken them up but I am truly grateful for the offers. I will need to colour print some logos and β€œ Critical care team” stickers. The roof needs changing to match the wing I think.
  14. I will measure later. Shipping not an issue but it might be cheaper to get a new one from eBay than post this one. I will weigh it as well
  15. I have a bank account with Monzo which lets me have β€œpots” for different things. Each month I move money about and I try to stick to keeping each pot in the black. Some months I take out more than I put in, others the other way around. I do this for insurance, car expenses, motorcycles and other hobbies. It is not to limit me as much as to keep track without really keeping track.
  16. Rubicon hard body. Shipped to me with broken screen, I never got a refund. I mounted it on something as you can see by the bolts but never finished. The dust shows how long it has been sitting on top of the shelf πŸ˜‚ Free to good home, just cover postage.
  17. Great roads around you to drive it as well. Anywhere south is so clogged up or full of police and cameras it is no fun.
  18. My 2p worth. Put it back in the box and think about it for a bit. Get a cheap DT-03 for the kids and to get back in to the hobby. You do not want to be rash and get rid of it only to want it back later but building it and bashing it to bits would be worse.
  19. I have not done any work on my DT-03 charity build. They have come back and approved me using their colours so that is great for when the rain stops. I have not started building my Gmade GS02f Christmas present to myself I have spent a huge amount of time on a β€˜66 Honda C200, I guess my heart is still 1:1 when time is limited πŸ˜‚
  20. A lot of cheap irons do not control the heat well so they can over heat if you leave them on while assembling the next bit to work on.
  21. These are often dealers hoping you are desperate and they can make a couple of quid
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