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  1. This is the first I hear of it. TA03 is one of my all time favorites. This is very exciting news. It'll be nice to have more parts stock available. Short belts were getting scarce, and pricey.
  2. This thread got me to order a few bodies. Such bad influences here.(j/k these are great!)
  3. I follow you on instagram, I liked your rig so much, I basically mirrored your build. Thanks for the inspiration!
  4. Haven't posted in quite a long time, but I figured some of you might appreciate my latest completed project. Also got started on refurbishing an F103. My first M02, bought it about 2 years ago for next to nothing on eBay because of a very poor item title. Been working on it on and off ever since, definitely one of the more challenging bodies I've ever done. Fully ball raced, oil filled aluminum dampers and has a rare M02 heatsink installed. Have tamiya aluminum steering arms and roll bar set yet to install. Even with the kit motor, it flies!
  5. Perhaps TRF414 suspension blocks will work? If memory serves, they were plain aluminum.
  6. This. So much this. Loving the color scheme.
  7. I'm using the kit standard torque tuned and esc with a lipo + alarm. I wanted to keep it tame, it's still fun for me and plenty challenging for friends to knock around with it.
  8. Using a heat gun has solved this issue for me, it's made applying decals significantly more enjoyable.
  9. I love mine, too low for grass, but it REALLY shines in loose dirt and gravel. So much fun seeing it kick up little rooster tails on full tilt.
  10. Got an email from my bank, my CC has been billed. Checked the order status: Preparing shipment from Reno, NV!
  11. I imagine the first batch of these is going to sell out rather quickly. Tower still says "end of September". Any day now...
  12. I've bought a few cars that were initially (at least in my mind) 100% to fix and sell. Then at about 75% completion, I feel the shift and I just think "yea, you're keeping this one, too." Usually when the decals start to bring the body to life, or the chassis just starts to look so good with 1 or 2 hop ups.
  13. Perhaps it needs a hardened diff joint like 53217? I've run into that issue before.
  14. I completely agree with you Dimitriy. Luckily most of the hop-ups I have purchased for my DT03 were found on ebay and on more than 1, I was the only bid. I got the aluminum battery bar and servo mount for next to nothing thanks to low interest in these parts and low starting prices. I think I will try diff putty to stiffen up the stock diff before I dive in to the ball diff set to keep the cost down. I promised myself the universal shafts were the last thing I would buy for this car. We'll see how that goes.
  15. I took the easy way out. Fitted 53790 and 53791 to my DT03 today. Only ran for a bit, but seems to behave a little better going on/off throttle while turning. Makes the drive train more appealing to the eye as well. For whatever reason that pleases me the most. I just don't like the standard clunky looking driveline parts.
  16. Saito2, you're not so far from me. I'm about 45 minutes south of B-more. Can't say there's a whole lot of interest in my immediate area. Though there is a popular indoor track that caters to the SCT/buggy crowd. I have an Associated SCT, and although it's a blast to drive, my heart always returns to tamiya.
  17. I think speedy hit the nail on the head. I'd have to add the CC-01 to his list though. It's fairly basic, but uses some familiar components from way back when, and the realistic bodies add to my interpretation of genuine "tamiya-ness".
  18. Delivery is expected in late September for those of us in the States I've got one on order mainly because I've never had or even seen in person a TA02 with any FRP components. This seemed like a good way to scratch the itch.
  19. I bought a NIB TA05 kit on ebay a few years ago for a very reasonable price. It has proven to be an excellent basher. It has an insanely hot castle creations BL motor on it an the thing flies! Often end over end That being said, it's been way more durable than I could've ever imagined. Leaps and bounds compared to my TA03's. I've run it on nothing but car parks and the open drive train has never been a problem. Though I won't be surprised when/if something will get lodged among the belts. If you can find yourself a new or even used, good condition TA05 at a reasonable price, I'd jump on it. Hop ups and parts are widely available and not *quite* that pricey yet. Also, I found the build to be significantly more enjoyable than the more basic TT chassis cars.
  20. Mad Ax needs to visit the sales forum for us scavengers to keep collecting. I just received my 84424 M05V2 R. What did I do afterwards? pre-ordered the 40th Anniversary Porsche TA02SW.. Rinse and repeat.
  21. I agree 100%. Feeling a little envious.
  22. Nice cars, I have a few TA04's in various states right now. Finding the J parts for the carbon chassis was nearly impossible for a while. Found a few on ebay and jumped on them immediately. Will hopefully start building one soon.
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