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  1. Hi do you have them already? Or are you still looking for them...... cheers Tom
  2. And the final step !!!! And here she is !!!! I must say I loved to put this one together.... here a small youtube film where you can see her run I hope you like the build... sorry for the delay but it's finally complete And I'm working on my next project, The Cheetah !!!! Cheers Tom
  3. Only 2 steps to go Step 31 , final construcion of the body And again the parts needed And the final result That concludes the build of the body.... only thing left is putting the parts together, and she's ready to roll !!!
  4. And lets get on with it...... Step 30, the front lights and wind shield The parts needed And construction of the windshield And front lights Not too much but getting there
  5. And lets continue with step 29, which involves the driver , and fitting the lower body to the upper body. here the parts involved hardly noticable, but B10 and B11 are attached here and the lower body attached to the upper body and here a few pictures of the assembled and painted driver. the body without driver and with...... hope you like the painting of the driver Tom
  6. Soooo here is step 28, the seat assembly with of course first the parts needed and the lower body here the seats and parts are painted and assembled to the lower body detail of the seat and fire extinguisher and seen from the rear
  7. Guys..... I noticed i never finished this topic...... I shall finish it..... sorry fot the looooooong delay :) Tom
  8. And step 27 let's get on with the body... it's pretty fragile, so I hope I don't destoy the car with the first test runs Parts The back part mounted and inforced with some evergreen strips..... and detailling the dashboard looks pretty good if you ask me the fuel lid I presume and an overview of the upper body mounted and painted.... Tom
  9. Scale is 1/12.... and unfortunately this is my only ine... so nothing to compare it to.... Anyway time to get on with the show Here step 26 Not more then putting the parts of the previous steps together. As you can see I put the right Jerry Can the other way around... just liked it more this way Tom
  10. And lets get on with 25 The parts Jerry cans The trunk rear bumper front bumper Perhaps you can see that the racks are mounted in a way that they are not straight.... I didn't think this was very nice So I cut the rack. Mounted this loose And afterwards munted this in an angle of 90 degrees ! Looks a lot better to be honest And the end result. I also took the liberty of changing the pins on one Jerry can, Otherwise they are mounted in the same way, I like the look of this better Also the hook is not mounted yet... I'm still looking for a small chain for this..... Unfortunately no hobby store in the neighbourhood.... Any chance anyone got something lying around ???? Tom
  11. Finaly, lets get on with the body Step 24 (It's about time isn't it here the body parts and the small parts that need to be mounted... you have to cut the wire mesh yourself Mounted and painted Tom
  12. And to complete the chassis, step 23 with the parts..... And the end result of the chassis just a few more detail pictures Tom
  13. Here Step 22, the adjustment of the torsion bars, Tom
  14. Thanks !! Yep, will paint the body like the original ! I forgot to put in step 21, But I guess you understand that I really did this Tom
  15. And the installation in Step 20 The servo arm And how it looks like put together!!! ready to run !! Tom
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