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  1. I've got the three original ORV's, black foot, mud blaster and monster beetle which all have the hard bodies. I've not had the same problems with mine. I tend to drive on grass and then off onto a flagged area at full speed for the hand brake turns. No issues with tipping. I think these are a great fun truck. Mine run oil filled shocks and have the silver cans fitted which I think are great for these trucks. I've got a wt01 with the tall shock mounts fitted and I have the same problem with this as you do with your black foot. I think lots of people love the handling of the ORV but out of every 100 people there are bound to be some that don't like certain models. Also if you've got used to this impressively modified lunch box you've made it may just highlight the deficiencies in the black foot. I think you should stick with it though.
  2. Thanks for showing the screw mod . I think I will remove the shim and try the screw mod. Ideally I'd get the MIP diff but it's not cheap especially since I've got three of these, the Blackfoot, Mud blaster and the Monster beetle. I think in time I probably will do them all, but one at a time.
  3. Hi guys. I found this youtube of a simple fix for the orv diff. When I recently refurbished a mud blaster I put a shim in as they do in the video. I also put bearings throughout. A while later I bought a re-re monster beetle and this has plastic bushings throughout. I found that when rotating the back wheels the mud blaster I put the shim in had more resistance even though it had bearings than the shimless monster beetle with bushings. Has anyone done this and did they experience the same thing? It looks like the trade off making by the gearbox less prone to failing by fitting shims is more resistance and more strain on the motor?
  4. Thanks for the info, lots more to check then . I'll check everything is nice and tight. I do need to glue the tyres so I'll do that too. One thing I did notice which isn't related is the movement of the servo when steering. The plastic servo mounts allow the servo to move so much when steering since fitting these tyres. I think I might have to look for an aluminium mount to reduce it. Your Dagger sounded like a beast Mad Ax, and a full metal chassis, nice! Have you any pics? And true waterbok WT may stand for wobbly tamiya . But yep we love them.
  5. Hi guys. I've got a grasshopper chassis labelled 'OFF ROADER' in the chassis. The chassis has no breaks and also has the front supspension, arms, side bars, bumper and gearbox. I believe the grasshopper labelled like this was produced only in 1984 (anyone feel free to correct me about this). I like to modify/change my tamiya and it just doesn't seem right to do it to something made so long ago for such a short time. If I did decide to sell it what would be a fair price for something like this? If the average person wants a grasshopper to bash about with could they can get a re-re very easily but I see this more for someone that has a vintage grasshopper which may need repairing, and they want to do a period correct refurbishment to it and display it like it was back in the day. I remember a post a long time back and @Hibernaculum seemed to know a lot about these. Thanks or any help. I'll take some pics and add them to the post
  6. I was thinking it might be a balancing issue. When I had water in the wheels on another project the water caused such an imbalance. The tyres are fit well all the way around but you might be right about the gluing. I've not actually glued them on yet. I removed the foams just in case this increased mass was making it worse but if they are coming away from the wheel at high speed like you say that might be the problem. Cheers @MadInventor I'll put a seam of glue either side of the rim and see what happens.
  7. Managed to do a shorter, lower res vid... ****, just playing the audio VID_20190604_120658.mp4
  8. Here's a size comparison. Between the clod, blackfoot and these tyres. I tried to shoot a vid of the tyres shaking but the file size was to large.
  9. Hi guys I've been changing my WT01 into a something that fits size wise between a clodbuster and a blackfoot 3. I found a bruiser type body which is pretty spot on wheelbase wise. I felt the blackfoot shell fit the orv perfectly but was a little short for the WT01 chassis. So my problem is the tyres I've got are 2.2 and fit the original wheels but have the style of the clod tyres but size wise are bigger than the monster spikes and smaller than the clods. They look just as I want but when nearing full acceleration they start shaking quite violently. Is this due to the suspension arms not being strong enough to support them? The last time I experienced anything like this was during a Kingcab restoration project when I'd washed the tyres and rims while still mounted and water got in the breather holes and a similar shaking happened. This stopped when I realised what had happened. These have been nowhere near water though. Here's a pic of the WT01 with larger tyres and magnetically mounted bruiser style body. And the tyres I'm using so you get an idea of scale and size.
  10. Hi guys I've just been looking into the M chassis kits. is there a place in the UK they regularly race them?
  11. Great thanks Truck. TS-19 it is then. Does it need a gloss clear on top or is it glossy enough with just a few coats of the TS-19?
  12. Hi guys. Which tamiya TS paint is closest to subaru wrc blue? I've had a look online and the closest I have found is TS-19. Is that the best? The PS-16 used on the Avante looks great but isn't suitable for a hard body. It's hard to judge the colour by the cap lid so I've been trying to find examples that have been painted. Thanks for any help
  13. Is this it..... @nowinaminute and a vid of the articulation... He's got quite a few videos on his channel.
  14. I've seen the flysky transmitters and the receivers do seem like a good price. Both the FS i6 and the gt3b look great. @Yalson I wonder if anyone has tried binding a flysky receiver to the code core transmitter. I'll have a look into this and if it seems possible I'll by a flysky receiver and try to bind it. Anyone tried the radiolink stuff?
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