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  1. Great buys there! 😎 I'm about 98% complete on a repsol escort cosworth build myself. Enjoy!
  2. Thanks Saito some great stuff you've done to the blackfoot 😎. I've been digging around the internet and I haven't come across some of the mods you have done in to yours. I've done some of the shimming like you mentioned as there is a lot of slop on these ORV chassis. I'm going to check look at all the mods you mentioned but particularly the pen spring and the sponge piece to stop the UV shafts popping out. To be honest that hasn't happened to me yet but i want to future proof it. I think you were spot on when you mentioned that these ORV monster trucks are flawed but a fun design, plus I totally agree they're a blast to drive. I've got and original blackfoot from the 80's, a mud blaster from the early 90's and this re-re monster beetle. Love them.
  3. Great thread 👍. When I've finished with these mods I'll have a go at what you did. Seems like you had fun and success with it.
  4. They're aluminium sleeves to go over the threaded rod. They're not really needed but I'm putting them on so it looks like a nicer finish.
  5. Over the last week I've been getting the parts to improve my beetle. Can't wait to fit everything 🙂
  6. Monster beetle front skid plate... Beetles is much smaller.
  7. Frog front skid plate...
  8. Hi guys. I've decided to do some mods to my re-re monster beetle. I bought it a couple of years back for £80 with transmitter, charger and batteries. The shell has no scuffs and the rubber spikes look hardly worn. It looks like they've built it, run it once or twice and then sold it. I've done a bit of research, googling and asking around and what I've decided to do is get the MIP ball diff. I know there's cheaper fixes but this seems to be the one that let's you run the faster motors and batteries without worrying about it. I fit bearings as soon as I got it. I've already fitted the larger frog skid plate at the front and aluminium 'P' plates. I've seen lots of aluminium parts on ebay but I've decided to buy some aluminum sheet and make my own. So far I'm thinking of making some plates were the shocks attach at the back and may be the front shock tower too. Another mod I'm doing is to relocate the servo in the middle of the chassis. I've got the threaded rod and alloy sleeves to go over them and a metal geared servo and kimborough servo saver. I've also got some fastrax rose joints which should be red, they look more pink though, doh! 🤦‍♂️😄. I've also got some 4mm spacers to raise the servo arms. Hopefully these mods will improve the steering and eliminate bump steer. Finally I've got an alloy brace that goes between the rear body posts. I like tinkering and the beetle has quite a few areas that needed tinkering with so I'm happy 😄. I heard they raced these back in the day so I know I'm not doing anything new here but I'm going to enjoy doing it 🙂. Oh I've got a beetle lexan shell too for running. That should withstand the rolls better and lower its centre of gravity too. Anything else I can do? I'm thinking may be foams for the tyres? Love any suggestions and to see what others are doing to their monster beetle, blackfoot and mud blasters 😎👍
  9. Well I've been away for quite a while and this postal racing looks great. I'd love to have been doing this during the lockdowns. Looks like you've all had some good fun. I've got TT-01E, TT-02 and XV-01 rally cars which would love this kind of thing. This would be great fun with my mud blaster too
  10. Thanks for all the info guys 👍. I've bought an Xv-01 Lancia Delta integrale version from Modelsport. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow . Can't wait! I know I can get it cheaper from Rcmart but I was in a bit of a time crunch with some holidays coming up and I really wanted to get it before they started. I also got an Escort Cosworth shell and Martini decal set. I'll probably get a cockpit too. I think they finish these off nicely. I'll put up some pics when it's complete and a few progress shots.
  11. Thanks guys. It looks like I'll be getting the regular XV kit. Have any of you ordered from RcMart before? It seems a good price on there. In the task bar though it says site not secure and wants me to enter my details. Wondering if anyones been hit with customs charges too?
  12. Hi there. Is the Tamiya 1/10 XV01 Chassis Kit Long Damper Spec EP #47349 still available? I've got a great escort cosworth shell from L&L models and was just wondering if this kit is still available as it doesn't include a shell which I have already. Also it's got the long damper set which is a bonus. plus it cost about £110 which I thought was a great price. I know sometimes tamiya only run these kits for a limited time. If I've missed the boat does anyone know the best price anywhere for a XV-01 with a body shell, I've seen the impreza and integrale so far? Thanks for any help https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/47349/index.htm
  13. I've got the three original ORV's, black foot, mud blaster and monster beetle which all have the hard bodies. I've not had the same problems with mine. I tend to drive on grass and then off onto a flagged area at full speed for the hand brake turns. No issues with tipping. I think these are a great fun truck. Mine run oil filled shocks and have the silver cans fitted which I think are great for these trucks. I've got a wt01 with the tall shock mounts fitted and I have the same problem with this as you do with your black foot. I think lots of people love the handling of the ORV but out of every 100 people there are bound to be some that don't like certain models. Also if you've got used to this impressively modified lunch box you've made it may just highlight the deficiencies in the black foot. I think you should stick with it though.
  14. Thanks for showing the screw mod . I think I will remove the shim and try the screw mod. Ideally I'd get the MIP diff but it's not cheap especially since I've got three of these, the Blackfoot, Mud blaster and the Monster beetle. I think in time I probably will do them all, but one at a time.
  15. Hi guys. I found this youtube of a simple fix for the orv diff. When I recently refurbished a mud blaster I put a shim in as they do in the video. I also put bearings throughout. A while later I bought a re-re monster beetle and this has plastic bushings throughout. I found that when rotating the back wheels the mud blaster I put the shim in had more resistance even though it had bearings than the shimless monster beetle with bushings. Has anyone done this and did they experience the same thing? It looks like the trade off making by the gearbox less prone to failing by fitting shims is more resistance and more strain on the motor?
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