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  1. Terz1

    58669 M-08 Chassis Kit confirmed

    Hi guys I've just been looking into the M chassis kits. is there a place in the UK they regularly race them?
  2. Great thanks Truck. TS-19 it is then. Does it need a gloss clear on top or is it glossy enough with just a few coats of the TS-19?
  3. Hi guys. Which tamiya TS paint is closest to subaru wrc blue? I've had a look online and the closest I have found is TS-19. Is that the best? The PS-16 used on the Avante looks great but isn't suitable for a hard body. It's hard to judge the colour by the cap lid so I've been trying to find examples that have been painted. Thanks for any help
  4. Is this it..... @nowinaminute and a vid of the articulation... He's got quite a few videos on his channel.
  5. I've seen the flysky transmitters and the receivers do seem like a good price. Both the FS i6 and the gt3b look great. @Yalson I wonder if anyone has tried binding a flysky receiver to the code core transmitter. I'll have a look into this and if it seems possible I'll by a flysky receiver and try to bind it. Anyone tried the radiolink stuff?
  6. Hi guys. A couple of years back I bought a Code core CR151 transmitter. The reason being it had a 15 model memory so I figured I could buy 15 receivers and basically have one transmitter for the whole fleet. Unfortunately as I found out late last year this model of transmitter has been discontinued and I only managed to buy 3 receivers so my plan isn't going to work anymore. I have 7 tamiya which I know isn't a lot compared to some but I haven't even got enough for those, plus the collection is bound to grow. I remember the hobbyking hk3100 receivers worked and it was compatible with the Tamco TAC330 but they have also disappeared. So that brings me to where I am at the moment. I'm thinking of getting another transmitter (preferably stick) which has a 10 plus model memory and buying a bunch of receivers for my fleet, plus some spares for future. So which transmitter has the cheapest receivers ? I think this is going to be were the cost is as I'll be buying 10-15 of them. Thanks
  7. Terz1

    Wanted : Super Clod Buster body

    Hi Mokei, thanks for the offer of the parts. I'm thinking of going another direction with the body shell and getting one of the Proline shells. It's for a WT01 so not a classic tamiya. Thanks again
  8. Terz1

    Tamiya 58667 Audi Quattro Rally

    I'd like to get this audi body set and put it on the XV01 for a more rally style driving experience. I had a Resol escort cosworth on the TA02 chassis and it's been a regret to this day selling it. This Audi quattro to me is one of the most exciting releases tamiya have done recently, well the body set at least. I loved rallying in the 80's, 90's and 00's but haven't watched it much recently and this Audi looks amazing. This is one of my favourite rally cars, only second to the Lancia Delta Integrale. So excited about this. I agree with most on the style of wheel which isn't very period correct and will fit a different style. And @studioRS I love the picture you found of it wearing the wider tarmac style rims, looks fantastic and gives it a nice stance. And those HPI fifteen52 turbomac wheels look spot on .
  9. Terz1

    Wanted : Super Clod Buster body

    Thank you Mokei. How much would you want for these posted to the UK? Thanks tamiyabigstuff. I found all the parts like you say on ebay. They're all in my cart at the moment. Trouble is that excluding the cost of the paints it's already at £103 so I was just wondering if there's a cheaper 2nd hand one out there. I'll wait a while because it's almost the cost of a new kit I want. It is a clod though so I was expecting it to be more pricey than most.
  10. Hi there. Just wondering if anyone has a complete Super Clod buster body for sale? Preferably in good condition (I've got a lot of restoration projects to get through ). So if you have a Super Clod and have may be changed the shell or are thinking of doing so and it's surplus to requirements let me know. Cheers
  11. Ordered the wheels and tyres. They cost just over £16 from Ali Express with discounts. Not a bad price at all Now for a body shell...
  12. Those tyres look great on your trucks @Baddon and they're defintely a step up in size from those monster spikes . Good to hear they wear well too @wolfdogstinkus . I'll be running brushless power too, a 4000kv system so it's good to know they've handled the power so well . And cheers for looking up all those tyres @nowinaminute . I like the first two you found but that chevron style is just what I had in mind. That's a great price you found too. If I join Ali express I get $3 dollars of coupons too. Looks like a bargain. Thanks for all the info guys. I've been busy with work and it was great to come back to all this info and pics. It's weekend now so i can get ordering stuff and planning the build.
  13. Thanks for the info Saito. From what you and others have said I'll go for the hobbywing monster truck tyres. They definitely give it that monster truck look and wouldn't put as much strain on the suspension arms like you said. I remember the Hawaiian Punch truck too. Hard to believe it was so many years ago now. He mentioned he used kyosho wheels and they were similar to to clod wheel fitments. He did a great job.