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  1. kasparov

    vintage fox gear box problem

    Happens easily..at least it will be up and running now.
  2. That thing looks like it will move!
  3. Hi Guys Can anyone offer some tips on some nice stands? Something to put my vintage collection on so that the car is not sitting on its tires. Max
  4. kasparov

    Random boxart thoughts again

    Wow that's awesome!
  5. Gorgeous Big Bear!! I want One!
  6. kasparov

    Random boxart thoughts again

    Wow awesome! Had no idea your collection was so big, so they're all NIB's? Very nice Mate.
  7. kasparov

    Random boxart thoughts again

    Hey bud, Where is the Supershot NIB I sold you? Max
  8. kasparov

    Random boxart thoughts again

    One of my earliest memories of Tamiya Boxart was going with a friend into a neighbour's house at age maybe 9 or 10, and seeing in one of the bedrooms a Hotshot box on top of a cupboard. I was in awe looking at that thing, it was at the time like looking at a Ferrari. Uncle Pete's in Australia at the time had it for sale for $600Aud, well out of reach for myself. Tamiya boxart is what sets it apart from all the other brands, the boxart Is just so memorable and fun, it gives you this emotional bond to the car/truck like nothing else, it's like you were experiencing what it was like to drive it before you even had the chance too, which was part of what made the whole thing so alluring. Honestly Tamiya hit a home run with the box art and the names given to the vehicles, they're branding/marketing was genius.
  9. kasparov

    1982 Blazing Blazer

    Did you sell it for 500?
  10. kasparov

    SOURCED - New Technigold Motor

    I bought a NIB Technigold a month ago, there was some kind of rust in a place above the technigold sticker which I didn't see when I purchased it due to limited pics, so I polished that rust mark off with a dremmel, but now there is a polish mark there. So the motor is unused, umrun but not perfect looks wise.
  11. kasparov

    SOURCED - New Technigold Motor

    Does the appearance have to be mint?
  12. kasparov

    Team Cobra Pro Com Lathe/ Tamiya Rotors?

    Ok I found a solution, I filed down the area where the rotor was not sitting in on the tower with a dremmel and some filing roundish attachment, so now the rotors fit, and I've managed to skim 4 rotors tonight for the first time ever, a technipower, 2 x technigold and a pink actopower rotor from the no label pink motor. They all came out well and I tried the technigold rotors and they work great. So if you don't mind damaging your tower a little that's an option, you can always paint over the area that you filed down. I too was looking at the Hudy last few days it's a little pricey and was wondering if I'd have the same issue. These Cobra Lathes I picked up on ebay 2nd hand but brand new not used so it worked out ok, I didn't feel bad filing down the tower. Max
  13. kasparov

    ESC for Reedy 7 and 9 Single Turn

    Ok I've found one, basically we can only use a No Limit esc, they are a bit pricey at 57 pounds from a UK manufacturer. https://www.mtroniks.net/prod/car-speed-controls/tio-Storm-X.htm Mtroniks No Limit ESC.
  14. Hi I have a paid of new Reedy motors coming a 7x1 and a 9x1, does anyone know of an esc that can support these low turn brushed motors? Max
  15. Hi Does anyone have experience with this comm lathe? My Tamiya rotors technipower, technigold and 02h don't seem to fit on the towers where the rotor spins, the small circular thing behind the windings on the opposite side of the comm gets in the way, it's like 1mm too long. Any ideas?