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  1. Yes it's all original, but it appears to be working fine now thankyou. Max
  2. Very nice...….what made you choose Green over the Box art red?
  3. Love the Hornet kicking up that dirt....and will always remember the Hotshot. That box art stuck with me more than anything, it was the rc car I couldn't have during childhood.
  4. Hi Guys My vintage Bison wasn't working and after some investigation I noticed battery acid around the battery terinals for the AA batteries in the car, so I cleaned out the terminals and put everything back together, it works now and turns on, the problem is that the steering servo turns hard to the right when I turn it on, and there is nothing I can do about it in terms of steering trim or anything like that. What can I go here? Max
  5. Apparently the difference between an early Mk2 and some of the later ones is: " The early thing is the Mk1 floating resistors and the early Mk1 front lower wishbones with all triangle shaped holes. You can’t find these on later models anymore. "
  6. Wow Plazmost look beautiful and with Tamiya logo too.... Ended up going some 25 aus dollar ones on ebay. They are black and look OK. Would prefer something clear though, if I can find the Plazmost ones cheaper somewhere might give them a go.
  7. Happens easily..at least it will be up and running now.
  8. Hi Guys Can anyone offer some tips on some nice stands? Something to put my vintage collection on so that the car is not sitting on its tires. Max
  9. Wow awesome! Had no idea your collection was so big, so they're all NIB's? Very nice Mate.
  10. Hey bud, Where is the Supershot NIB I sold you? Max
  11. One of my earliest memories of Tamiya Boxart was going with a friend into a neighbour's house at age maybe 9 or 10, and seeing in one of the bedrooms a Hotshot box on top of a cupboard. I was in awe looking at that thing, it was at the time like looking at a Ferrari. Uncle Pete's in Australia at the time had it for sale for $600Aud, well out of reach for myself. Tamiya boxart is what sets it apart from all the other brands, the boxart Is just so memorable and fun, it gives you this emotional bond to the car/truck like nothing else, it's like you were experiencing what it was like to drive it before you even had the chance too, which was part of what made the whole thing so alluring. Honestly Tamiya hit a home run with the box art and the names given to the vehicles, they're branding/marketing was genius.
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