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  1. You could just use the outdrives from an M05 or hardened ones (hopup) for the TT01E this would save you having to change the gears in the diff.
  2. Sell your liver! You can live with one...............Right?
  3. Japanese retail price converted to US Dollars so this doesnt take into account shipping fees, duty etc means it will cost $1176
  4. I shall try! pity im not the driver just the Race Engineer. Pics next week. If I dont do it PM me and remind me.
  5. Thats the back of the adapter so you put it on your axle and then your wheel goes over the top and you tighten it up. im away racing full size cars this weekend ill get some better pics next week.
  6. I mounted my Lunchbox shell on my wheely king and I haven't gone to badword............YET
  7. Mr Anderson has updated the Tamiya USA build, I like what he has done so far!
  8. Oh yes as soon as hey release the undertray for the Honcho as well I think I will be purchasing both! http://prolineracing.com/bodies/pl-c-floor...ase-clear-body/
  9. Hey Henk I believe the interior is separate chopping down this to fit. http://prolineracing.com/bodies/pl-c-interior/
  10. I cheated with my lunchbox! Got rid of the wheels the axle the chassis the shocks......ok I replaced it with a Wheelyking! So its not strictly Tamiya but I love it. he he he
  11. Here are those Hex Adapters that I found on a Carson car. Sorry for the terrible picture I cropped it down.
  12. Dunno if these are available Stateside for asphalt http://www.cmldistribution.co.uk/cml_produ...ctId=0000004296 http://www.cmldistribution.co.uk/cml_produ...ctId=0000004297
  13. Hi Guys if you are from the UK we will have the Official Tamiya Mini GP at LBMCC in November. All the info can be found on the mini gp thread in Meetings and events. The 3hr team endurance race on saturday night is going to be a blast!
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