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  1. Thanks guys for the feedback as I just heard some horror storys. I've running the following Tamiya cars and ECS The Frog -TBLE-02s Subaru Brat -TBLE-02s FAV-TEU -105BK Wild Willy 2 -TBLE-02s They all have the standard motor that came in the kit.
  2. Good or Bad ??????????????/ Just wondering has any one used a LiPo battery in a car running a brushed motor ????? If so how is it done ??? As I've heard that it goes realy well for the first few mintues but then burns the motor out , due to the amount of current it can deliver to the motor.
  3. I'm wanting a Subaru brat Part E (9005292 WINDOWS) to replace a broken part in a kit I got late last year, I opened it today I found that the window part I have is craked and has broken tabs , so I need a new one. Let me know what you have. DaveM
  4. Just got the word back from rcMart , basicly that is how they come from Tamiya. So luck dip I think.
  5. But what I can't work out is the Frog and Wild Willy 2 are older cars (2008) and the FAV (2011).
  6. Recently I got some kits from RcMart and TamiyaShop . 4 came with TBLE-02s and 1 came with a TEU-105BK The kits with the TBLE was The Frog , Subaru Brat , Wild Willy 2 and Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup 40 with the Fast Attack came with the TEU. As these kits where all purchased at the same time I'm just wondering why the ESC are different. It would have been nice to get all TBLE-02s ESC as they can be used on both Brushless and brushed motors.
  7. Yes received an email from Banzai Hobbies to confirm this they don't come from the manufacture with them includes them And that there price per kit reflects this.
  8. What are the differance between the Hotshot and Super Hotshot ???? I know they are both re-release. I think the Hot-shot is a 2007 and Super Hotshot is a 2012. I think there was a Hot-shot 2 but I don't think this was a re-release. Which is teh better buggy ???
  9. I asked the same question , I found with Banzai there kit don't come with a ESC where the kits from HK do and I think that is the differance in price. I emailed them to say other sites offer the ESC as part of the kit , they replied with only the RTR kit came with a ESC. BTW I was after a FAV 2011 and a Subaru Brat , ended up going via rcMart.
  10. Thanks guys for all the advice . I noted that Banzai KIts didn't come with a ESC. I emailed them to say other sites offer the ESC as part of the kit , they replied with only the RTR kit came with a ESC. BTW I was after a FAV 2011 and a Subaru Brat , So I ended up placing an order with rcMart for 2 buggies ( FAV 2011 & Subaru Brat) as Banzai didn't have all that I wanted. Plus can't go pass hopefully getting a free gift phone holder.
  11. Has any one used Banzai Hobby (Japan) they seem cheap to cheap , just wondering why they are almost 1/2.
  12. Thanks . But the shipping is a killer $25US just for the tire set, plus with Australian dollar has dropped it make it just that little bit more . I think I might get a re-released kit from Hong Kong
  13. Thanks guys , I had a friend buy 2 kits from Tamyiashop.com.au with good results , I've compared the 2 and have found rcMart cheaper , I just don't know about there service , But I'll check out the others ( Stella & RC Mushroom)
  14. Thanks for that . Looks like eBay for me as I'm in Australia , plus a full kit is about $200 AUD to buy new.
  15. Hi I've got an old Frog RC car that I need parts for where is teh best place to go ?? Just need wheels and body parts.
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