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  1. The PS4 is quite a bit darker, but I prefer the colour to the PC4. I had both available and still chose the PS4. I have done PC4 though and did a great blue white line, but it is arduous to get perfect, as it's quite complicated there!
  2. so are you doing the blue in the correct PC4 or the darker PS4?
  3. Yes those are the tyres on it, you HAVE to put sponges on the inside otherwise the tyres 'dip in'
  4. drove it yesterday, it handles much better than the original and its 100 grams lighter.
  5. Had about 30 959's and celicas and never ever seen the gearbox break at this point. Got loads of gearboxes spare aswell, none of them broken there either. Only ever seen the front gearbox split where it joins to the original chassis, and that problem is solved here. The amount of force these points will take from a crash would barely have a measurable difference, between the original chassis and this one. Anyone who drives one of these where there are curbs is asking for trouble anyway, these should only be run in empty tarmac car parks imho.
  6. Well I'm not going to drive it like I stole it anyway, but what part specifically are you talking about?
  7. Yes I would mate. I need to make a 1.5 x template so I can copy it with a milling machine, this was cut on a scroll saw and finished with hand files and sanded to get it to this stage. Now that I have this I can copy it.
  8. yep, got all that, will sort out a little pile of stuff in the morning and take a pic for you, off out for a beer now!
  9. do you need a rear wing aswell then?
  10. The ally was just to get it right, I'm going to do the whole lot in carbon and another in black fibreglass board.
  11. I've got a LOT of bits. Better for you to tell me what you would like.
  12. Do Tamiya servo's take an acom/sanwa or futaba horn?
  13. Will sort out a price asap, only just seen that you replied as the thread has been moved.
  14. Thanks! Just waiting for the correct servo horn before I can give it a test drive. Think it will out handle the original without the steering slop!
  15. I’ve been in direct contact with them concerning the motor and they said it wasn’t a very good motor so they didn’t stock it anymore, I wasn’t impressed.
  16. Little something I put together to try and iron out the weak spots on the 959.
  17. I can do all of those parts, I have original drivers heads but the wing mirrors and top lights are resin copies. Look the same though. I have a few original exhausts or I have some resin copies of those aswell. Also have some servo horns, not sure how many I have of each servo make though. Have a few spare steering wheels aswell.
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