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  1. Hi Matthew What a smashing photo! I am more than a little gutted I am not in it! Those were some of the best days of my youth. I wish I had carried it on, when I could actually afford some descent kit. But running with what we had still created the best memories. I remember your dad from when I worked at Vinten's too, but that was later in life. I can always remember you having Help painted on your undertray. Great fun. I can remember sitting in the little caravan, I am sure i pressed the counters for a race once. And the little plastic wall plant pot, with a red light in it to start races.... it all floods back. Shame we didn't have mobiles with cameras, then we would have more proof of the times we had. Its a shame there doesn't appear to be much of a racing scene anymore in Bury. I believe they did have a club at Risby Village Hall, but not sure if that is still up and running. Would be great to see if one of my boys fancied a go. I could be that dad, that bought everything and was pit man. I think some dads enjoyed it much more than the kids. lol. Anyway. Great photo. Hope you are well. Mike
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