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  1. I paid around £225 which isn’t bad at all considering the features and quality of the radio. I have always used stick radios since I was a kid so 30+ years using pistol radios don’t come naturally to me.
  2. I got to agree Tamiya prices are ridiculous compared to high end competition cars. People still buy so there is no incentive for them to make them cheaper. Worse is the cost of parts from UK ebay vendors. 40% more than what you can get from Rc Mart and even places like Sidel and Tamico.
  3. Can’t get enough of the Egress - was a favorite of mine since 1989. Fortunate to own a a few rere as well as a vintage and a vintage Avante 2001 turned egress. One thing I could never find were the posi joints front and rear.
  4. Started getting several email alerts absolute madness.
  5. How much did it work out delivered inc import tax?
  6. Insane if that’s really the case!!
  7. Why the heck doesnt Tamiya just offer a set of hi caps - even if the new type like in the Egress 2013.
  8. De solve it is not like brake cleaner. Trust me I tried just about everything to remove pactra paint and the only thing that worked was de solve it. I managed to paint strip my dynastorm shell.
  9. Futaba 4GRS - cannot stand the wheel radios.
  10. I used De Solve It on my body painted with Pactra paint - worked great. Probably some EU health and safety law killing off another great product. Guess.
  11. Wow Whats that all about then?? Jumping on the bandwagon of price gouging. That’s how you loose all credibility and respect!!
  12. I mean £15 for two wheels? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223987253745 Places like Tamico would sell them a lot less and also places like RC Mart.
  13. Looks great are you planning to release a kit?
  14. That’s incredible, have you got a project thread?
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