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  1. I’ve cancelled my orders. Disappointing.
  2. Still nothing yet unfortunately. I’ll give to the end of the week and I’ll chase them
  3. What country are you in? I ordered mine on the 18th Dec, last tracking info 30th Dec. I’m still waiting.
  4. I’m not sure why others are having issues with DF-02 cvd - I had original diffs before and had no issues when I fitted the MIP diffs also didn’t have any issues. Very strange!
  5. DF-02 cvd I have front and rear works well with both MIP and stock diffs. Not sure why some are having serious issues. 🧐 To confirm my car is a rere
  6. Works perfectly on my Boomerang rere. Front and rear no issues.
  7. What is the rere hotshot shaft part number? I’ve had the same issue on the rere boomerang with the TT-02 shaft. Wish I saw this thread but like you I followed Juhino thread.
  8. Lol really? Stop complaining and fix the damage you got an over priced VQS. So it s a win win situation. How was the car packaged? Was it damaged on the way to Tamiya or on the return back to you?
  9. Absolutely and sadly it’s now been discontinued. The VQS just isn’t worth the money. Even at £200 I wouldn’t buy one. It’s true pricing should be around £160 maximum. You can get cheap Chinese RC cars from Ali express with more durable plastics. £54.36 47% Off | WLtoys 144001 2.4G Racing Remote Control Car Competition 60 km/h Metal Chassis 4wd Electric RC Formula Car for Christmas Gift https://a.aliexpress.com/_BOO5V5
  10. I dont think anything will change as long as people are blindly buying rere after rere by the dozens, let’s face it we all buy these cars for nostalgic reasons, when you strip back the memories of the childhood they really aren’t anything special. If they want to continue charging a premium at least they should switch and make cars from more durable modern plastics, people need to complain to their local importers make a stand with their wallets. My Cat XLS is made of better plastics... and was cheaper than the price of a VQS, matter of fact last week I saw modelsport selling the Cat XLS with pro transmission cheaper than the VQS.
  11. It’s been discontinued. I had confirmation from someone in the know earlier.
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