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  1. Can’t find any spares for the super astute in HK shops or Elsewhere. Any links?
  2. RCjaz have sold out. Tamiya just fail to see the demand. Just let them be available all the time ffs! Their parts supply is dismal.
  3. Prices have been jacked up. Was a lot cheaper a few days ago when I got a set.
  4. Thanks for the heads up just bought a few sets
  5. If someone makes me an offer I wouldn’t be able to refuse I will sell my kit. Never used.
  6. Rather a poor excuse if you ask me. UK eBay sellers are too expensive in most cases. Might just fly to Germany and get a suitcase load of parts and make a mini break of it at the same time.
  7. [Threads merged] Just wondering why they have stopped shipping products to the UK? Did they ever give an explanation? Such a shame as their parts inventory was probably the best I’ve seen in Europe.
  8. The body mount hole didn’t want to line up. Funny the Oem Tamiya shell easily fits over the tbg perfectly. It’s on the small side.
  9. Post some pictures once trimmed and fitted might look at this option also. Mine weighs 23g painted would be interested to see how much that shell weighs.
  10. Same here I prefer the 201 shell but that’s how things are going. Cab forward is ugly!
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