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  1. Trying to remove myself from the notification on this thread lol
  2. People have a choice whether to pay high prices or not. It’s what happens with supply abs demand.
  3. Supply and demand. That’s how things work.
  4. Original release of the Avante Black Special. £750 GBP plus shipping.
  5. Sealed NIB. £1100 GBP plus postage.
  6. 4 new slick TGX tyres. Repackaged. £100.00 plus PayPal fees. £7 postage insured via special delivery.
  7. Still nothing yet unfortunately. I’ll give to the end of the week and I’ll chase them
  8. What country are you in? I ordered mine on the 18th Dec, last tracking info 30th Dec. I’m still waiting.
  9. I’m not sure why others are having issues with DF-02 cvd - I had original diffs before and had no issues when I fitted the MIP diffs also didn’t have any issues. Very strange!
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