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  1. Easy solution is get an Egress and fit a vanquish body to it. Job done. You will then have a hopped up vanquish lol.
  2. Single and doubles were more torque. Triple and quads were more top end speed. I’d go single or double in a 4wd and triple or quad in a 2wd.
  3. Colin or Tom? You need to re engineer the Avante like you are doing with the DS. What would be good is a 10mm longer chassis.
  4. I’m in. Keep me posted mate would be great to have the option of a modern slipper setup something that’s easy to buy, probably from something like an Associated or Schumacher.
  5. Yep I did in the past just bought these new so will do some light running with the car again. I have some plans. Would love to do a mid conversion if such kit is ever offered by Colin
  6. Thunder shot arms should be plentiful now, easy to dye black and they fit well. I used to run madcap arms when I was club racing this DS. Car was a lot more stable too with the increase in wheelbase. I will do some work and see out a rear universal shaft, arms and hub. I can get stuff machined from alloy, that would be my preference over 3D print - which is fine for proof of concept and testing, not a fan of it for the final product.
  7. What an excellent project, hard work and commitment. Love it!! A suggestion could you not incorporate suspension arms hubs and drivershafts from another 2wd modern buggy?
  8. Don’t compare an Avante 2001 with this cheap plastic Chassis VQS. I’m all for spending money on this hobby which I have a passion for having been into it for the past 31 years but I don’t spend money on something that is poor value that is almost twice the price of what it should be.. Just like you think it is worth it many don’t. You have the right to your view and I and many others have a right to our view..
  9. Lot more than that! Gearing would probably be like the Avante gear type not the ball diff. This is a poor mans Egress for almost Egress money. I don’t know how anyone can justify spending that much for a VQS.
  10. Why has this thread turned into back and forth bickering???
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