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  1. That's what I figure but since I wasn't sure if there's any difference for a "race" motor vs. a stock motor...
  2. Will the TBLE02S sufficient to run this Team Orion Vortex motor? I have no clue but being a 13.5t brushless, I would assume it does. I got a used one for a cheap price ($6.50) so I thought it could be worth a try. I also have a 16t old Kyosho Endoplasma that I will pair with a 1060QuicRun. Which of the two should I put where? I have a GF01 and a TT02 that I just run for bashing. Thanks.
  3. The servo horn i used actually cracked and broke into pieces when I was in the process of trying to push the tap iij ng scre down too hard hoping that it will bite whatever plastic was remaining. I found another servo horn from my Tt02 that fit the servo spline... I then used a longer and bigger tapping screw and it worked for now... I am in the process of getting a metal servo... I also notice that one of my king pin that's on my c knuckle is not getting a good bite of the plastic part. I cannot tighten it and it just keeps turning. I am concerned that one nasty impact on bye bye... any idea on how I can resolve it?
  4. Peeled off the paintwork off my GF01... will re-spray again using plastidip... just not sure if I'm going with the same color scheme, or something else... I've also been trying to figure out if my Onyx NiMH is toast or it's the charger... unfortunately, I only have the clone IMAX by at my disposal... And lastly, just been doing some online lurking on ebay and aliexpress trying to convince myself to buy a 1060esc and possibly a lipo...
  5. This is how my GF01 came out... I used plastidip all around.. Never really got to finish it as I still have to paint the driver and put some decals... but I might peel it off and redo the paint... Well here it is...peeled it all off... now thinking of a new color scheme... will be using plastidip again
  6. This is how my GF01 came out... I used plastidip all around.. Never really got to finish it as I still have to paint the driver and put some decals... but I might peel it off and redo the paint
  7. Do you have a specific part number for the plastic servo horn I need, or any servo horn that came with a tamiya kit will do?
  8. Out of boredom, I started tinkering with my GF01 and tried to tidy it up. In the process, however, I think I stripped the plastic hole of the servo head/output shaft and the screw no longer tightens. Silly me, I tried to force the screw down and used a larger screw at the expense of crushing the plastic servo horn. What is the best fix for this? What specific servo horn do I need? Can I use the Tamiya 51000 Hi Torque Servo as an upgrade? Can I still salvage my current servo or do I need to change that as well?
  9. So after almost two weeks of being hunkered down in our home, I decided to take my GF01, and TT02 out of the box. Now me and my son wanted to start a new build but I am not sure which one to do. I'd prefer to have the same car as him, but it is not necessary. I think my goal is to have him complete the kit as much as he can, with minimal help from me. So here's what I need help with: 1. What kit should I consider for both me and my son that won't cost me an arm and leg? He prefers a truck over a car (another GF01, G601, blackfoot, or something else maybe?) 2. Hop-ups. I am thinking of slightly upgrading the GF01 I don't know what upgrades are even worth putting in for bashing. So far what I have in it are bearings all-around, aluminum servo arm, and lightweight gear shaft. I am currently running it using a 20t brushed Photon Speed motor from my Evader and I'm quite pleased with it for now. I actually wanted to put some LED lighting but I'm afraid that it is not worth it given that this is more of a basher. 3. As for the TT02, is it even worth considering converting it to a drifter by buying those kits I see, or is it better to just buy a drift chassis instead?
  10. Have you tried spraying it with plastidip? When I sponsored a hobby club 5 years ago in the school I work at, we used plastidip to paint the shells we have. It held ok, but will have the tendency to peel off when the wheels rub against the the body... Dried quickly after spray and can easily be peeled off if we wanted to change the color... as for rustoleum, you have to spray it lightly so you need multiple coats.
  11. Thanks. I'm starting to have another itch to build a new project for my son...thinking of another GF01. It's been a while... or I/we may build a CC or a CR depending if I can convince the wifey...
  12. I had the same issue. I tried to run a 16t brushed motor with the TBLE02s. The car is a GF01. The car wont run at all, it will cut off immediately. I know the esc is not designed to handle the motor so I replaced the motor with the stock torque tuned silver motor. However, the car still didn't run right. First I thought it was the battery. I'm only using NiMh. I tried to cycle 2 batteries and made sure they were charged full. Still, the car ran slow and wouldn't take off (no wheelies) so I knew something was wrong. Then I read the manual on how tset up the Tesco's high point setting and that seemed to do the trick.. plus ofcourse making sure that the battery was full.
  13. Thank you. I wanted to try the 16t since I already have it with me so I might just buy a 1060esc. I did check the blue bottle 13.5 brushless motor, but maybe that would be for another time. I'm also just using NiMH battery so i dont think I will be maximizing the brushless motor potential unless I switch to LiPo. I'm assuming the internal drive gears and pinion will hold just fine?
  14. Sorry to resurrect this old thread. So I still have the Gf01. Being hunkered at home, me and my son took the Gf01 out and started bashing around. My son is now 8 and he can control the truck better... I may have to give him his own eventually... Anyhow, while I was digging through stuff I have, I noticed I had an older but unused Kyosho Endoplasma 16t brushed motor. I tried to rig it and install it in the Gf01 using the stock TBLE02S esc. When I tried to run it, it didnt quite go as planned. The car was lurking, wont take off and will just stop. It's as if the power is cutting off. I am not sure if this is ESC related since I know the TBLE02S is only rated to handle up to 23t brushed motor, but I've read somewhere that he used a 12T motor on his and ran fine. Any idea on where I should start problem solving this? Thanks!
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