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  1. He's based in the UK. The OP also has another thread for parts. Just found out when I scanned through some of the postings. Nevertheless, I wonder if he can ship to us here in the US with a reasonable cost compared to some overseas sellers.
  2. Finishing touches... Had the chance to finish off the remaining parts on the Hotshot. Fogs and driver figure painted... The size of the driver head was bit challenging for a novice like me... I only used what I have and didnt really have a proper brush/tools for modeling but I think it came our decent... My next challenge was retaining the original KC sticker... I think the decals give away the original from the ReRes and one the obvious one is the fog light sticker... I slowly peeled it off prior to painting... there is a slight damage/cut in the middle of the decal but overall, it was still in ok condition... Here's a frontal shot with the driver installed... When reapplying the foglight sticker, I used a contact adhesive, the same glue I used for the tires... So there it is..I think I can finally say that I am done with the rebuild... I also received the R parts from stella but I am keeping it as is for now... Overall, I am really pleased on how it runs on the Technipower. On to the next project... thank you!
  3. I already bought an RC6GS with 2 R7FG rx. For the price of the R4EHG at Banggood, it was better to just buy a new set... I'm keeping the RC4G for my kids to use. I got a good deal for upgrading to the newer radio directly from Radiolink.
  4. Anyone needs an extra receiver? I bought this hoping it would bind with my Radiolink RC4G but it did not. $12 shipped within 48 United States.
  5. I saw this on Amazon. One comment said he used it on his Tamiya. This is also the brand that a guy on YouTube called Tamiya Legends use, but his is a Lipo. Unfortunately, the lipo version is not in stock... I just thought to ask... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082X4VPDT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_F0w-Eb1J1SBJ9
  6. Wondering if anyone is using a lithium ion battery pack in their RCs? And if so, would you mind sharing your experience with it in terms of run time, punch power, and maintenance. I saw a round style pack on Amazon but I realized it was a lithium ion and not lithium polymer. Thanks
  7. Here it is... my 6yo daughter took the video so pardon the quality...plus I'm not the best driver so...
  8. This is impressive... packaging and transit time wise... Just bought a bearing set for my cc01 and rear arms for my Hotshot from Stellamodels... only took less than 2 weeks to get here in the states... Packaging was top notch...
  9. I will do my best to make it happen... For now, here is what I ended up doing yesterday... I opted to go with the red paint scheme to make it a proper rebuild... Since I am trying to save as much as I can on this original Hotshot, I had to mask and protect the other shell from over sprays... I've had great results in using plastidip to paint lexans. Luckily, I have enough leftover from prior builds... My paint booth. Weather was great and it helped with the dry time. After two coats and some dry time... A little bit of overspray on the edges but since plastidip can be peeled, I had no problems cleaning it off... I have yet to work on the driver figure so that will be next...also, I'm trying to figure out how to best redo the fog lights... As you can see, the sticker is not centered and is already peeling on some areas... my plan was to peel it off, and reattached it using some spray glue and heat...
  10. Thanks. The TBLE02S does not have a lipo cutoff.... coincidentally, I also dont have a lipo alarm as I havent really fully transitioned to using LiPo so I am very cautious with my runtime...anyhow, today was much better when I used the LiPo....no loss of signal whatsoever... at one point, I think the ESC thermaled as theres no forward/reverse, but steering response was present... motor was noticeably hot to the touch where it will burn the skin after holding it for about 5 secs or more.... I moved the timing back and hopefully that will help...
  11. That's where I am right now. Using a Technipower on my refreshed Hotshot. AFAIK, Technipower is a 23t motor. I've had some issues but I think it has more to do with my battery than the ESC.
  12. Have you guys seen the Reedy wolf lipo stick pack? It also appears to be a rounded case like a standard NiMh but I wanted to know if anyone here had experienced fitting it into a Df01 and M-cars. I'm also looking I to the gens ace and someone from Amazon said it fits his M05. I think the gens ace is thinner but again, not sure about the length. I saw the thread about lipo size compatibility but I'm not sure it is updated as most of the brands mentioned are not available here in the US, or has been discontinued.
  13. Thanks. I was able run it with the Lipo yesterday for a very short moment since the pack was in storage mode. I will charge it up today and run at full throttle and see if I get better run times... it might very well be that the problem is due to a poor Nimh battery. I'm just about to toss them all and get myself some lipo.
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