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  1. Thank you guys for the update
  2. Thanks. Im just not sure if they are still actively selling or if their inventory is up to date.
  3. Anybody have every experienced buying from the said store? They are based in Canada and they are selling some items I want/need for my 801xt. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. I was able to source the esc/motor I will be using. I managed to get a used Trinity D8.5 2000kv motor. The can size is 4272, and should fit with plenty of room in the truggy. As for the esc, I was able to get a used HW Xerun XR8 Plus 150amp. Granted these are used, my pocket is starting to hurt… what more if I was buying new stuff? If I can get this to be a runner for less than $450, I’d be very pleased…
  5. Anyone? Before I decide to just buy one from RC-monster. Thanks.
  6. Anyone has a spare brushless conversion motor mount for The TRF801XT? The one that came with the car I bought is the wrong type. RC Monster is still selling it for $40 but I thought maybe someone from the forum has one that they no longer need for a lesser price. TIA.
  7. Got a new, partially assembled 801xt that is ready to be converted to electric. Missed out on the $99 sale from Tamiya almost a decade ago, but I feel lucky to have found this for a very decent price.
  8. @Jonathon Gillham yep. Very cheap motor but used.
  9. Will this be a decent motor for the 801xt?
  10. What do you think about this? QUICRUN 8BL150
  11. Thanks for the heads up! Will definitely keep this in mind. Fwiw, i might just end up Getting a 4s pack when the need arise. Cost of batteries are now within reason nowadays.
  12. All my 2s lipos were bought at the same time and has been used sparingly and always been placed into storage charge whnen not in use so I am confident in its condition… Im on the Eastern seaboard of the US so it may be possible… I paid $180 for it. Although a roller, i think it is priced just right.
  13. I do have a bunch of 2s that i can wire together, of find an esc that has two battery inputs. Will the cost be comparable if I go either brushed or brushless? Will a Traxxas Titan motor suffice? Not really trying to beat top speed records, but I just want it enough to get decent air time
  14. Good one… but this one breaks the bank… any other options?
  15. I dont know what Im doing but I did it anyway… I got myself a TRF801xt that will be converted into an electric setup. I have zero clue or experience with the kit, not have any idea of its capabilities. All I know is I wanted to own something TRF and I thought for the price I got it for, could be a good starting point. Anyhow, to make it a runner, I would obviously need an ESC and a motor. Due to it being a 1/8 scale, Im not sure if what I currently have in my parts bin will work. All my spare motors are 540 sized cans. My lowest brushed is a 16t motor, and the a 13.5t sensored brushless. As far as esc, I have a few HW1060s and a few TBLE02s. Battery wise, I only have 2s lipos. Most of these are for future 1/10 kit builds and I am not sure if any of it will be adequate to move the car unless someone can validate it. While I do anticipate that I will need a new esc/motor, i have no clue which one to get. My primary consideration is budget and I want to spend less as much as possible. I would also prefer not to get a higher cell battery than what I currently have… Suggestions and recommendations please… thanks!!!
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