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  1. Same here. This was indeed, too good to be true. Just happy this is over.
  2. Thanks for the input. It looks like the Dynahead is leading but not by much... just to be clear, the Dynhead is built to do crawl and trail, so not a lot of speed there. The GF01 on the other hand, runs on a hotter motor and has suspension arms widened...
  3. We have an upcoming beach trip this weekend and I thought of bringing along one RC with me to run but just not sure which one.... What's your take? I rcognize majority of the choices ar buggies. Note that none of the kits are built ot be water resistant/proofed. Also, if I were to run them on the beach, what precuationary measures do I need to keep in mind and after maintenance that I need to perform? Will it be a complete strip down to clean of micro-sand particles? Thanks much!
  4. I'm still waiting for the eta delivery window to pass so I can file a claim. How did you get your refund so quickly?
  5. So seller said he is sending me a "new" kit in the mail and should arrive within 7 days. Lo and behold, a new tracking number was provided... I'm not taking the sellers word for it... whenever my window to file a claim opens up, I would definitely ask for a refund... I don't understand the intent of this fraudulent seller. I mean why would he still keep the comm line open if he's trying to get away with my money??? His ebay account is still active for him to send me messages through ebay.
  6. We also had a very similar incident here in the US.
  7. Yeah, I have it set on my calendar... on exactly August 2, I will be opening a claim...
  8. The nerve of this scammers… so after I messaged the seller for an update, he said that the post office lost my package and he/she is willing to send me a new one… i asked for a photo proof of what he will be sending… anyhow, i tried to file a claim on ebay as item not received but ebay wont let me start the claim prior to the estimated delivery date of August 2, after which, i can be entitled to dispute the transaction.
  9. I've contacted the seller and to my surprise, he responded and said he will look into it. Regardless, I will also be filing a claim on ebay.
  10. On USPS, mine says delivered to Rosemead, CA but I live in Virginia. If I track the status in Ebay, it still says in transit and the last known location is a transit sorting center in the US (this is probably the Rosemead location). If you look closely on the tracking detail I have from Ebay. The shipment shows as an epacket which is suggestive to me that this is a light item.
  11. Yeah, I can send you a .stl file. Lmk you your email and ill forward it to you.
  12. Do you have access to an FDM printer? If you do, I remixed some designs I found on my Thingiverse for my own GF01 and G601TR wide conversion. It holds fine on my G601 since it is runs at slower crawl speed. As for my GF01, it runs on a hotter motor so it may be more susceptible for cracks and breakage but I just reprint it... so far I've only broken one... If you want to try and print it, let me know.
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