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  1. Thank you. Ill see if i can bring the price down a bit. It will probably sit for a while before finances gets better. Tbh, i probably should pass given that a 4th child is on the way...
  2. Came across this listing on facebook marketplace. It says a Frog chassis for $70. Seller claims to know nothing about it except that it comes with a Revtech motor. I know nothing about this chassis as well so I am wondering if it's worth his asking price, plus considering the parts that I may need to source to rebuild... Am I better off getting a new kit instead, or do you guys see some potential here? I do see some YOU-G front tires and probably some other hop-ups based on the color of the parts alon but not too sure... I have not built this chassis before ever. Thanks.
  3. I do have an HPI e10 in my classroom (which coincidentally my work area)... all my Tamiya stuff is at home... when this pandemic ends, I reconsidering running an after school RC club again like I did a few years ago if I can find sponsors and get some grant money...
  4. I've been watching some YouTube videos lately on some very capable Dynahead crawlers... Hopefully my build won't disappoint... This time, I will take it nice and slow... Tower would also discount the kit from time to time so watch out for it...
  5. No worries! This hobby is addictive... better watch out... hehe... did you get your king Yellow from Tower? They had it on sale over the weekend I think... Anyhow, your build looks great! Any plans of putting a servo on the dump bed?
  6. Trying to visualize what it would look like mounting a 1.9 (110mm) tire to a 2.2 wheel in a Dynahead. I’ve seen a ton of builds online doing this but mostly from other kits and not specific to a Dynahead. Those who have a Dynahead, most I’ve seen are using a 1.9wheel with a 1.9 (110mm) tire. i will be using the CR01 beadlock wheels for my purpose and tried to mount a Rock block tire but the tire didnt have enough height so i ordered a set of 110mm tires.
  7. Nice build @schlabinski! I'm getting ready to build my own but the trail version; Dynahead. I'm just wondering what do you plan on doing with the extra pair of dampers you got? I'm assuming you bought two pairs of the 54670 damper? If you're not keen on keeping it, might you consider parting with it and sell it to me so I would only need to buy 1set for my own build?
  8. Sorry to ask but am I suppose to trim this off? The manual didnt say so but I think the fit might be better if I do..
  9. Looking at these... https://www.yeahracing.com/shock-gear-60mm-damper-set-for-1-10-rc-off-road-car-tamiya-gf01-wr02-kyosho-beetle-dsg-0060gm-00066135 between this and the mini cva, these are more budget friendly to me, plus it comes with different sets of springs... just not sure if the length/stroke once installed.. it says for off road use so Im assuming it will work...
  10. i believe they will rub at full turn, but if you have an independent channel for your rear steer, you can always adjust the end point limits... I havent tried it yet, but I do have a spare chevron tires that I might try...
  11. I have about 5 kits all painted in plasti dip. Holds rather well... last summer, i peeled of the paint on my GF01 and repainted it with a different color. It doesnt need a backing paint as well... just make sure you spray thin and multiple coats to avoid getting pain runs... i usually do 3 light coats then 4th will be a little heavier...
  12. Ok. I guess the sweet spot should be between 60-65mm then...
  13. looking at an aftermarket oil damper... will a 70mm size fit just right?
  14. Will do. The choice I have right now is either mellow yellow, sunburst yellow or candy yellow.
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