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  1. I've seen a few before on EBay, but what I did for mine when I needed one was use thin steel insert I found an old wiper blade I had lying around... not sure how to explain it, but when you replace a wiper insert (not the whole wiper blade assembly), there should be a think piece of metal... this one from RCMart : https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-set-plate-4pcs-silver-for-avante-boomerang-hotshot-super-hotshot-19808143-00073109
  2. not the super mini… just the mini. I have the super mini and the red dot springs that came is not as soft as the longer silver springs that came with the mini cva set.
  3. What I’m having a hard time is finding the springs alone. I wonder if the springs has its own part number? do yoo know if the xv01 springs are same length as well? Looking for something around 30mm
  4. Anyone knows the parts number for the mini cva springs? I am looking for a few more if these to use for my drift cars as they are soft but I could not locate the part number to search. Thanks.
  5. Grrr… i just ordered a few things last week… i guess time to place another order… hehehe
  6. The gray thing you see inside the can is the material that came off the rotor itself... magnets seems to be intact
  7. I have this HW Xerun V10 G3R from a used car I bought and this happened…. the rotor just shattered… I was using it into my 01e drifter and I did notice it to be hotter than the prior motors ive used in the car… is it still worth changing the rotor?
  8. Any cutting or modification involved? I know there's also an MF01x beetle but I don't really prefer it over the abovementioned... and is the regular truck body for the Pumpkin same as the lowrider version in terms of dimension?
  9. Patiently waiting for an incoming M06 c/o @Sogogi In the meantime, I'm trying to do some research on what body to use. The M06 will be converted into a drifter using the MRC kit. Will the Midnight Pumpkin, Midnight Pumpkin Lowrider, and/or the Blitzer Beetle body fit just fine? These body styles are what I think I want to use on this project... Thanks!
  10. RIP @WillyChang Thanks for all your contribution, time, and knowledge.
  11. Did you need to sand and prime the springs? If so, what primer did you use?
  12. Wondering if the Tamiya polycarb paint can be used on metal? I am planning on color matching the motor can on my upcoming build. If I need to prime the metal, will a regular spray paint primer work?
  13. Do we know the total length? I need something around 55-60mm
  14. Only used Pilot pens growing up in a third world country… after immigrating to the US, I was shocked that not much people even knew about it…
  15. I like the fact that they are treating their customers as “important person” Having items delivered intact is another story…
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