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  1. Its a hit or miss. I took a risk when I bought a TRF801x in FB marketplace to be shipped to me. Turned out the seller was very honest and was true to his work about the condition of the car… others, will ghost me and not even say anything after we have agreed on the price and meeting place… sometimes when I really want an item that will take me hours to get to, I would offer to put a small “deposit” for them to hold the item… no more than $10. I saw a Hilux Monster Racer and the seller was responding to my queries and when I was about to pay to have him ship it, he sold it to someone else… probably local… sellers will sell to their advantage no matter what… but at least have the decency to inform the buyers if plans do change instead of leaving them cold…
  2. Tamiyausa wont ship outside the US, unfortunately. If you know someone here in the states, maybe you can have it shipped there and get it when you arrive?
  3. After about six months of when I first acquired this OG Super Sabre, I finally got to finish it last night. I did not do a build catalog as it wasn't really a build per se... I just had to disassemble, clean, update broken parts, and rebuild... Here are the photos: The mess I got myself into... I actually don't remember if I got this for free, or I actually paid for it... if ever I did, I think I paid less than $20 for it with the matching homemade pit box. And here are the finished product... I opted to go non-box art. I was having a hard time getting a silver paint so I decided to use Gun Metal PS-23 instead. It was a bit dark for my liking but I already have my Dynahead painted with the bright gun metal version and I didn't want it to be the same... I 3d printed a driver figure... due to the smaller shell size, I wasn't able to install a full cockpit... I have to redesign it when I get the chance. I used a repro shell from Team Blue Groove and decals from MCI racing. The repro shell itself is scaled smaller than the original shell (which I kept but in bad shape)... I had some finagling to do in order to get the rear wing cover underneath to fit. I think this part was critical in keeping the kit looking OG. I also decided to keep the resistor installed for cosmetic reasons... It actually came with a Blue Sprint motor which I decided to re-use. I paired it with a HW 1060 ESC. Plasti-dipped the inside chassis cover... In some of my other builds, I actually used Plasti-dip paints instead of a polycarb paint... All red bits and pieces are original including the dampers and springs... Overall, the Super Sabre is about 50/50 original... I had to use some parts from the rere boomerang/HS like the chassis tub, suspension arms, front hubs, and wheels... and while I was at it, I also made sure to use ball bearings all around...
  4. Make sure to check that you have your motor mounted on the correct screw hole that corresponds to the pinion size you are using... I think the holes are for a 18t and 20t pinion size... if wrong hole is used, you'll have mesh problems...
  5. Admin please delete. Fortunately, the one i found on the bay worked!!!
  6. This is actually a hybrid esc; sensored/sensorless. I am just afraid to run it without knowing the settings especially if I am running a lipo. I got this new from someone with a motor combo for a very good price so it was hard to pass.
  7. Here. i actually have a hobbywing LCD program box and tried to program it using the USB link software, but it could not read the ESC. I think it has something to do with it being an older firmware. This esc is not the same as the X-car you referred to.
  8. Thanks. I checked it and it is what I am looking for… but seeing that it will cost me $30US due to postage makes me think twice… not ready to pay that much for it.
  9. Sure does… but I think it has something to do with the firmware version. Ive tried a Hobbystar branded one with almost identical pattern settings but in a different color scheme but it didnt work.
  10. If anybody has this specific program card they no longer need, please let me know as I need one desperately. Thanks!
  11. Apparently, this is the program card I need. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hobby-king-hkss-programming-card-for-hk-150a-esc.html
  12. Hello, I need some help. I recently got a Hobbyking ESC. After scouring online, it looks like the only way I can program this specific ESC is via a program card. The problem, however, is that Hobbyking already discontinued the item and I cannot locate a program card that will sure work with it. I have tried a Hobbywing LCD program box, a Trackstar program card, and another Hobbywing crawler ESC specific card, but all three cannot recognize the ESC. The ESC I have is this: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hobbykingtm-120a-sensored-sensorless-car-esc-1-8-1-5.html I am hoping someone here can help me either by letting me borrow one if you have the program card, or sell me theirs if not needed anymore. Or, any pointers how to program it??? Thanks!
  13. Hi, yes I’ve realized that now but I have to make use of what I have. Is it possible to cut and glue lexan or polycarb body together?
  14. I recently acquired an OG Super Sabre but the body was in rough shape. Fortunately, Team Blue Groove was making a reproduction body for it so I ordered one. I knew that the repro body doesn’t come with the under wing piece that covers the shock mounts but I was planning on reusing the one from the original body anyway… what I didnt expect was the repro body seems to be slightly smaller fit and the underwing piece does not fit well without having to squeeze or bent to place. I was thinking I cut cut some pieces of the underwing part, or maybe even heat it a bit to make it curve a little… or is there any other way I can resize a polycarb body? Can i cut of the underwing in two pieces and glue it back together with a shoogoo? I really want this underwing to fit in order to keep the original look of the car. I just saw this on YT by Tamiya Legends… at about 2:05 time mark he discussed what I am referring to.
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