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  1. Hi, yes I’ve realized that now but I have to make use of what I have. Is it possible to cut and glue lexan or polycarb body together?
  2. I recently acquired an OG Super Sabre but the body was in rough shape. Fortunately, Team Blue Groove was making a reproduction body for it so I ordered one. I knew that the repro body doesn’t come with the under wing piece that covers the shock mounts but I was planning on reusing the one from the original body anyway… what I didnt expect was the repro body seems to be slightly smaller fit and the underwing piece does not fit well without having to squeeze or bent to place. I was thinking I cut cut some pieces of the underwing part, or maybe even heat it a bit to make it curve a little… or is there any other way I can resize a polycarb body? Can i cut of the underwing in two pieces and glue it back together with a shoogoo? I really want this underwing to fit in order to keep the original look of the car. I just saw this on YT by Tamiya Legends… at about 2:05 time mark he discussed what I am referring to.
  3. I mean... it is essentially the "same" car... it should function the same way as the original... I guess the only thing one needs to determine if it is still considered an original series that carries a nostalgic value compared to a rere car, or rebuilt car with rere parts...??? will the re-sell value of the car diminish once rere parts are used compared to selling it as a full OG car with broken parts? Not that I plan of selling, but something that I also keep in mind in case the time comes I need to find source of cash flow...
  4. Well, parts finally arrived to rebuild the Super Sabre. I also ordered a spare chassis just to be safe… and i noticed that Tamiya actually stamped the chassis shell with the year 1986 and 2008 which leads be to believe that they changed their mold when they rereleased the Boomerang in 2008. Also, the Made in Japan logo was missing on the rere part I got. Not a big deal since I am not a hard core, nit-picky collector… heck, im not really even a collector… i just enjoy finding good deals to tinker with and enjoy…
  5. It would be great to see if Tamiya can actually be a sponsor for any of the F1 teams… I mean they pay licenses to produce models for almost car brand there is. Seeing that Tamiya Logo on an F1 car could be nice!!!
  6. Not a fan of Lewis but I do appreciate him doing this… respect earned…
  7. So I was fortunate to acquire an OG Super Sabre for almost a cost of a dime. As expected for a 35 y/o car, there are parts that needs to be changed/fixed. Luckily, there are parts available for it since it shares many things similar from the Boomerang/Bigwig/Hotshot chassis, so I was able to easily source parts that I needed; F/R suspension arms, wheels, bumper, uprights, and even a new chassis... I am currently trying my hardest to save the original body/shell, but stripping the paint off has become very tricky... the prior owner painted both the inside and outside of polycarb and it looks like the shell has fogged up during my process of stripping the paint off, and I'm not even halfway done with it... I know TBG and MCI produces repro shell and stickers and I am heavily considering just buying a new shell... When I got myself an MK2 Hotshot, I was able to restore most of the original parts, even the body and stickers... Now the question is, do you feel that using re-re parts (or even repro), take away some certain aspect/value of being an original release series of the car?
  8. Got it! Yeah, the box is going in the trash... big, heavy, and bulky... quite ingenious tbh, but I have no need for it... I asked the seller for any sentimental value but said "no" Based on initial quick inspection, it only needs the front bumper, and the front shock holder so I will be ordering the B-parts tree... I did not see any major cracks or damages to the actual chassis which is a good thing... The car came with a Black Endurance Motor and fully RTR, albeit, using older electronics (MSC, 27mhz radio, nicd). However, before anything else, I do plan on disassembling every parts, give it a good degreasing before putting it back together... I will try to salvage all the parts I can including the tires and wheels, and will be using ball bearings, as well as using a more updated electronics (ESC, 2.4ghz radio system). For the body, it was sprayed with some type of household paint on the outer shell which is now cracking in peeling and helps my cause, but the inside was also painted with I think a polycarb paint and much harder to strip... I have to think of ways to strip the inside paint without damaging the plastic... In its current state, the body shell is still in fair condition with very minimal cracking on the some of its corners... BTW, anyone knows where I can find decals for it even if it's a reprint? Does MCI offer it?
  9. Thanks! Yeah, no hesitations when I saw it… I am picking it up tomorrow and will post more pics once I have it on hand. Hopefully it doesnt have much damage. Ironically, the seller was actually expecting that the item will sell for the box…
  10. Thank you! Just downloaded the manual... For $10, I'm sure I can't go wrong with it... Hopefully all it need is a B-part for the front bumper and front shock mount... I still have some spares from my prior Hotshot Rebuild which I think some parts can fit in this chassis.
  11. So not knowing anything about this, I pulled the trigger and bought this. not sure what model it is. Looks like the front damper mounts are broken. I can see that it uses a blue sprint motor. I saw this on FB marketplace advertised as a very old RC in unknown condition. Im certain it is a Tamiya model but not quite sure what… it seems to be a 4wd as well due to a prop shaft… looks like it is part of the Terra Scorcher or Hotshot family? Thanks!
  12. Thank you guys for the update
  13. Thanks. Im just not sure if they are still actively selling or if their inventory is up to date.
  14. Anybody have every experienced buying from the said store? They are based in Canada and they are selling some items I want/need for my 801xt. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. I was able to source the esc/motor I will be using. I managed to get a used Trinity D8.5 2000kv motor. The can size is 4272, and should fit with plenty of room in the truggy. As for the esc, I was able to get a used HW Xerun XR8 Plus 150amp. Granted these are used, my pocket is starting to hurt… what more if I was buying new stuff? If I can get this to be a runner for less than $450, I’d be very pleased…
  16. Anyone? Before I decide to just buy one from RC-monster. Thanks.
  17. Anyone has a spare brushless conversion motor mount for The TRF801XT? The one that came with the car I bought is the wrong type. RC Monster is still selling it for $40 but I thought maybe someone from the forum has one that they no longer need for a lesser price. TIA.
  18. Got a new, partially assembled 801xt that is ready to be converted to electric. Missed out on the $99 sale from Tamiya almost a decade ago, but I feel lucky to have found this for a very decent price.
  19. @Jonathon Gillham yep. Very cheap motor but used.
  20. Will this be a decent motor for the 801xt?
  21. What do you think about this? QUICRUN 8BL150
  22. Thanks for the heads up! Will definitely keep this in mind. Fwiw, i might just end up Getting a 4s pack when the need arise. Cost of batteries are now within reason nowadays.
  23. All my 2s lipos were bought at the same time and has been used sparingly and always been placed into storage charge whnen not in use so I am confident in its condition… Im on the Eastern seaboard of the US so it may be possible… I paid $180 for it. Although a roller, i think it is priced just right.
  24. I do have a bunch of 2s that i can wire together, of find an esc that has two battery inputs. Will the cost be comparable if I go either brushed or brushless? Will a Traxxas Titan motor suffice? Not really trying to beat top speed records, but I just want it enough to get decent air time
  25. Good one… but this one breaks the bank… any other options?
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