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  1. Hello everyone. I'm on the hunt after a TA06MS Kit. Is there anything to buy out there? Thank you all. ernieks
  2. It's done! Finally I got the part! Long Journey ended. ernieks
  3. Team Orion got a motor with build in ESC, called Vortex dDrive. ernieks
  4. Now solved, found a set. ernieks
  5. Wow! These are great parts! Are you willing to sell? At which price with shipping to Germany? ernieks
  6. Hello everybody. Bought everything for a Comical Hornet Jun Watanabe with wide arms, but seems I will never get to finish this, so up for sale. Everything included, complete Comical Hornet kit, all limited white/green parts, pink and green wheel inserts, Watanabe decals, and everything to convert to wide track. Please see the photos, everything brand new and in original packing. Try Google for "comical hornet watanabe" and you can imagine what my idea was. SOLD ernieks
  7. Any good? https://zabawki-modele.pl/de/regulator-cpr-p-160f-tamiya-45015-9982.html?search_query=45015&results=1 ernieks
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