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  1. Still looking for a set someone might part with. ernieks
  2. Still on the hunt for the fluorescent yellow wheels. ernieks
  3. This is exactly how the Tamiya addiction started for me back then. Got a Calibra in exact same state, regret selling it ever since. Bought all these parts too over the last few years and now everything is here to start building my first Tamiya again. Just need the time to do. Only difference, I got a LRP DTM Special Motor which I used in the 90's. But love the Orion too. Thank you for sharing these pictures. ernieks
  4. Thank you very much but found a Core Touring meanwhile. Only after a Core Modified now. ernieks
  5. Hello all. I am about to order a Beetle kit, but want to change these yellow wheels immediately. Are the kit supplied tyres in the Scorpion or Beetle kits pre-glued to the rims? Or can I just use them for some other optional rims? Thank you all. ernieks
  6. Thank you for your offer, but as it's needed for a shelf model, I need as good as possible, best would be new. ernieks
  7. Still on the hunt for the fluorescent yellow wheels. ernieks
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