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  1. Hello all. As per title I really need the clear TA-03 A- and B-parts and will pay ridiculous money. Thank you all. ernieks
  2. No personal connection with that shop, but was surprised how many vintage parts they have. So, fulfilled my needs and thought maybe somebody can find a long saught after part. ernieks
  3. Hello everbody. Just a hint where to get a wide range of vintage Tamiya parts, for example Porsche 58001, Porsche 959, Celica Gr.B, Striker and a lot of other hard to find stuff. https://www.hobbyshopmodellismo.com/shop/modellismo-dinamico/ricambi-tamiya.html I ordered from them and it was a smooth transaction, good parts, well packed and delivered fast. Write them an eMail with what you want from their shop and where you want it to be delivered, and they reply really fast with a shipping cost and you can pay by Paypal. Just wanted to let you know, because there are some really hard to find parts. And fair Prices too. I grabbed what I needed. Maybe some of you can find the parts they are looking for. ernieks
  4. Something like this? https://www.zaonce.com/stuff/motors/motors.htm or https://www.zaonce.com/stuff/tamiya-motors.shtml ernieks
  5. Got one for sale right now. ernieks
  6. Selling a NIB Tamiya 49400 Porsche RSR 30th Anniversary Commemorative kit. Complete, everything there, including the certificate, plus a set of extra drive belts included. 699 Euros Shipping from Germany on cost, well protected and packed. ernieks
  7. You can use bulkheads from Integy too. These are very good quality and available in different colours. They are the same as the original plastic ones. ernieks
  8. Still looking for the original grey body parts. ernieks
  9. One day.... somebody will sell me that one for silly money. Next bump. ernieks
  10. Yes, have to renew the wire tabs. ernieks
  11. And if they are pressed in there will be no way to remove them? How do I change the metals parts with the solder tabs then? ernieks
  12. Hello everybody. How do I remove these little pins on the motor end bell? Removing the spring is easy but I have no idea how to remove the pin!? Any help highly appreciated. Thank you all. ernieks
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