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  1. Okay, sad. So, I'm out on that, and still searching for the grey plastic parts of the Berlin 2000 or a complete original body set please. ernieks
  2. As per title, did anyone build a Comical model using the limited white and green chassis parts and can show some pictures for inspiration!? Thank you very much. ernieks
  3. I am only in search of the grey plastic parts from the Berlin 2000. Can't really see on the pictures. Could you make a better photo of these parts please? Thank you in advance. Looking at that complete package really would consider taking everything off your hands. ernieks
  4. As per title, I want to buy a NIB 58036 or 58037. My collection is mostly perfect now, only missing the first Tamiya I ever owned back in the day. So trying if I can buy a mint one. I am from Germany, so a deal within Europe would be great. So, maybe someone is willing to let a 58036 or 58037 go. Thank you all. ernieks
  5. So, what to say.... still in need. ernieks
  6. Hello. Would you ship to Germany? Would be really interested to buy, please PM me. ernieks
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