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  1. ernieks

    NOW SOLD Top Force Hi-Cap Dampers

    OK, no problem, thank you for your interest. For everybody else, shipping will be from Germany at cost, offers are welcome. ernieks NOW SOLD
  2. ernieks

    NOW SOLD Top Force Hi-Cap Dampers

    This is what I got. ernieks
  3. Is there any interest in a new never build set of 4 Top Force Hi-Cap Dampers? These are brand new without packing, everything needed is there. Thought of 75 Euros ONO plus shipping at cost depending where to send. Just wanted to see if there is any demand on them. If you are interested, let me know. I can send pictures on request. ernieks
  4. ernieks

    WANTed FF-01 aluminium rear mount

    Next try. ernieks
  5. Hello all. As written above, I need the 1984 Tamiya RC Guide Book with the Grasshopper cover. Anybody got one for sale? Thank you all. ernieks
  6. ernieks

    WANTED - TA03F Pro Battery Holder

    Found this one : Not mine though. ernieks
  7. ernieks

    WANTed FF-01 aluminium rear mount

    Oh man, there‘s a FF01 on ebay with that part mounted.... but over 600 for the whole car is too much for me. So, still on the hunt. ernieks
  8. This is what I‘ve done. But I want one original set at least. ernieks
  9. I got everything original. Only the grey plastic body parts missing. Still searching. I got a finished body too. ernieks
  10. ernieks

    Top force motor plate

    These plates handle a lot of heat anyway. There‘s an aluminium option part available from Tamiya, item 84293. ernieks
  11. ernieks

    Tamiya 58667 Audi Quattro Rally

    I will buy one! So great news! Best would be a re-release of the old Quattro from the 80s but propably will be a shell on a TT-01 or something like that. Anyway, a must have for me. ernieks
  12. ernieks

    Blue ORV Servo Mount needed

    Right. That‘s why I mounted the red one. But I know it‘s red.😉 ernieks
  13. ernieks

    Blue ORV Servo Mount needed

    No, need it for a Blackfoot which I fitted the blue ORV frame. ernieks