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  1. Hello everybody. I need the long blue Aluminium Shaft Tamiya 54673 for MF-01X Impossible to find. Anyone got one in new or like new condition that I can buy please? Thank you all. ernieks
  2. Hello everyone. I seriously need the 49436 Conversion Kit for the stick type battery for the TRF415 MSXX series. So please, if anyone got it and would sell, please let me know, or if annybody could help me to find one. Really apperciate your help. Thank you all. ernie
  3. Thank you for your help. Which files do I need to send to Shapeways? There is a .stl and a .step file. ernieks
  4. Hello everybody. As I have no 3D printer and don't understand the whole thing, I may ask for help of a nice TCer here. It's 4 lower arms, the files are available on Thingiverse. I am from Germany, so best would be a friend in Germany. Anoyone can help me out please? Another option could be if someone is able to offer the lower arms via Shapeways as I know how to order there!? Thank you all. ernieks
  5. Yes, these are the extremely rare 49547 Fluorescent yellow A- and B-parts for the TA-02. Searched years for them, finally found them brand new. It's so great! ernieks
  6. Today was a good day. My personal holy grail arrived. ernieks
  7. Wow, that is great! Thank you very much, I did not find this. Anybody able to offer these via Shapeways? I have no idea how to get these arms otherwise. And I really have no clue of the whole 3D printing thing. ernieks
  8. The wheelbase of the TA-02SW chassis is 236mm, whereas the body is 230mm, which is even worse when using the threaded tires which are larger diameter than the slicks. So, the arms need to move 6mm together, maybe 6mm forward on the rear arms (don't know if driveshaft binding will be a problem) or the front arms 3mm backwards and the rear arms 3mm forward, but which means all 4 arms need to be redesigned. I am no good at using dremel and the shorter chassis plates are expensive when needed for 4 cars, and I have no 3D printer. But I had several times the gret luck somebody allready designed what I needed and I could buy it via Shepeways. ernieks
  9. As I would like to keep the FRP chassis the shorter arms would be my best solution, even they seem not that expensive as the carbon chassis. @Superluminal Do you have pictures of your shaft please? I would need 4 of them to be honest, because I got the J├Ągermeister, the Black Porsche and the Tamico Vaillant Edition, and will buy the white Vaillant too. So even more expensive to buy 4 sets of carbon plates though. Thank you all. ernieks
  10. With the upcoming 45th anniversary model and all other Porsche 934 on the TA-02SW in my collection I just try to find a solution for the wheelbase problem. As I have no 3D printer and not very good in shortening the prop shaft, is anybody able to design the rear arms (or maybe front and rear arms each 3mm shorter) to achieve the shorter wheelbase on the TA-02 and share them via Shapeways? Any help much appreciated. Thank you all. ernieks
  11. I bought all these (and a lot more) parts from him (direct, not via eBay) and they are great! Cool looking and strength to the right places of the chassis. Try Custom RC Parts on Facebook. Contact him direct for what you want. Even custom parts are possible. Bora is a very nice and reliable guy. But, really necessary they are not to be honest, the Top Force works fine, but looks better with all his parts. But there are some more parts for the Top Force from him that strengthen the gear boxes or steering and these are great too and absolutely necessary. ernieks
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