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  1. Opel Kadett C Coupe, this is great news. Not sure about international markets, but within Germany, this will be a huge success.
  2. I hope that they will continue their strategy of classic racing and rallye cars. Especially models that were released as static kits 1/20 and 1/24 many years ago, turn them into 1/10 RC cars. Just like the Fiat 131 - released as 1/20 static kit in 1980, finally released 2023 as a RC model. maybe a Peugeot 205 Turbo 16, already released as 1/24 static kit 24054 maybe a BMW 320 Group 5, static kit 1/24 24002 from 1977 maybe a BMW 635 Group A, 24061 from 1986 maybe a Ford Sierra RS 500, 24080 from 1989 Maybe a re-release of the Volvo 850 on TT-01E or TT-02 chassis.
  3. This should be a complete collection of all 1/10 RC Hyundai models, that Tamiya ever released: 93035 Hyundai Veloster (bodyset) 93043 Hyundai i20 WRC (XB version)
  4. Please learn reading, I did not say that in specific. Anyway, I'm out of the discussion. My time is too precious to discuss on that "level" you set. Have a nice day.
  5. But this is way below regular situation, so this is not relevant. 83€ for a TT-02 kit is either sale or clearance of stock. New released TT-02 kits never start at this level
  6. Regarding regular prices, there was no big difference. Here, regular prices for TT-02 kits were 120€ to 150€, depending on the specific model. Sale prices were somewhat below that, but usually only for a limited period. FF-03 kits were about 130€ to 150€ - as long as they were available. I never paid more than 150€ for a FF-03 kit. Today of course, FF-03 kit prices have increased due to lack of availability.
  7. With "mixture", I didn't mean a technical mixture of parts. Instead, I thought about their position in the line-up regarding prices, and their intended user type.
  8. Yes, I am aware of that chassis kits intended for "pro" racers usually come without body. On the other hand, there were also TT-0X and M-05/06 chassis kits without bodies ;-) Mainly also "pro" kits, but also "first try" versions. To sum this up, restrcited to touring car chassis: TT-01 and TT-02: AWD budget series, intended for beginners, casual drivers maybe there will be a TT-03, if Tamiya continues the 10-year update cycle TA and TB AWD racer series, for more ambitious drivers and "pro" racers, but below TRX-series M-05, M-06, MF-01X: similar to TT-series, but smaller cars, available with FWD, RWD and AWD will possibly be replaced by MB-01 chassis M-07 and M-08: intention similar to TA and TB series won't replace other M-05 and M-06, instead rank a little bit higher than those FF-03 and FF-04: mixture of TT-series and FWD M-series, but seems to be discontinued
  9. Until some years ago, Tamiya had a (imho) clear strategy, regarding chassis types. New develloped chassis replaced their predecessors. But since 4-5 years, I feel a little bit confused. There are new chassis, but they didn't replace their numeric predecessors. Instead, old and new types are sold parallel. TT-series: TT-01 released 2003, as successor of TL-01 TT-01E released 2008 TT-02 released 2013 Today, new kits come either with TT-02 or TT-01E. Wondering if there will ever be a TT-03, and how it will be sorted into the line-up. M-series: M-01 and M-02, were replaced by M-03 and M-04, were replaced by M-05 and M-06. M-07 and M-08 were released some years ago, but there are no complete kits (with bodies). New kits with bodies are still presented with M-05 or M-06. Now, MB-01 is announced, will it replace M-05 and M-06? If no, there will be M05/06 and M07/08 and MB-01 in parallel? FF-series: FF-01 was replaced by the short-living FF-02, was replaced by FF-03. Yes there were some FF-04 chassis kits - long ago, they seem to be rare. Last complete kit with FF-03 was released 2012.
  10. Yes, I know. These separate body sheets are exactly what I am looking for. But I cannot find them anywhere as scans or PDF. Even printed ones are HTF, of course except those who come as part of a complete kit.
  11. Yes I have, as written in my first posting. If you‘re able to find anything from my list there, you“‘ll be my hero.
  12. @Rabbi_kun of course I checked Tamiyabase, but they have none of the listed manuals.
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