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  1. Still would be great if someone could post a link to video(s) or pic(s).
  2. I don't want to use other servos - I just would like to see how other servos from that era are performing.
  3. Hello, I am looking for information regarding steering servos that were used/sold in the early 1980s years. Not just brand names, but precise items. And it would be great, if some of you know about videos, that show them working in your vintage Tamiya (or whatever) RC cars from that time. The reason why I am asking... I am planning to restore my 1:10 Carrera Structo RC car collection back into working order. But Carrera would not have been Carrera, if they would not have done their own thing... they designed their own servos with unique housings that could be mounted "flat" onto the chassis baseplate. Today, these servos are HTF, but meanwhile I managed to find enough to equip all my cars. Some are used, some are NOS and therefore were never used. But from today's point of view, their speed looks like slow-motion. So, I want to find out if this was just the state of technology back then, or if the special-shaped Carrera servos are just poor design.
  4. Carrera124

    Car list updating ( need help guys )

    Do you know the difference to 47384? The blue color looks the same for me on both items.
  5. Carrera124

    All vintage Kyosho RC models?

    Is there a website or other resource, that shows all vintage Kyosho RC models? I found some sites that shows all Optimas and it's derivatives, but I cannot find any ressource that shows a complete comprehension (e.g. similar to what is for the Tamiya world).
  6. Carrera124

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    What really bothers is, is the different tire profile design, compared to the original Turbo Optima. Not sure if the standard Optima tires will fit the Turbo Optima wheels, but would look much better imho.
  7. Carrera124

    I really don't know what TamTech is?

    I also think so, but I am curious if someone has a precise experience / recommendation for servo etc.
  8. Carrera124

    I really don't know what TamTech is?

    Question regarding the vintage 1980s Tamtech 1/24 cars. I guess that the CPR and the servo were special made. What about the plugs, are they still available (or used) today, so that it might be possible to fit modern spare parts? As we all know, there are lots of micro servos and very compact ESCs and 2.4Ghz receivers out there.
  9. Carrera124

    Tamiya 58667 Audi Quattro Rally

    Carisma also produced a 1/10 RC Quattro, and imho the shell looks better than the Carson body.
  10. Carrera124

    Tamiya 58667 Audi Quattro Rally

    I really hope that the body will have regular sized wheel arches...
  11. Yes, the current Ebay item is a kit, the seller also got confused and picked the wrong number.
  12. I guess, that most of you have their own "holy grail" car in mind, which is out of reach or incredible expensive. As a collector of XB models, for me is the 84165 XB Tyrrell P34. I am looking for it for years, but without success. What makes things difficult, is that Tamiya re-released the P34 in a confusing variety of not less than 7 different models, 4 kits and 3 XB versions. So, if an 84165 appeared at Ebay or elsewhere, the seller always had another car (or kit), and simply chose the wrong item number due to confusion. To make things clear, a small table of all releases 58003 original kit, with ABS body 49154 kit, re-release from 2000, with ABS body 57738 XB version of 49154 84111 kit from 2009, with lexan body 84165 XB version of 84111 84263 kit from 2012, with lexan body 84260 XB version of 84263 47359 kit from 2017, with lexan body so far, no XB version of 47359 So, if any of you knows where to get an 84165, please let me know :-)
  13. Carrera124

    SEARCH/WTB Mercedes 190E Berlin 2000 body

    There is a complete car at german eBay, but the bottom of the body is not trimmed properly.
  14. That's weird. Some days ago, a member of a big Tamiya Facebook group presented his kit, which was bough via Gmarket. My XB car also arrived some days ago, so there seems to be no general issue when buying via Gmarket.
  15. Question above... is there a list (or ressource) of F1 body sets that were only released as such, but never as complete kits? Just like the BMW M3 "Auto Tech" or Mercedes 190 "Berlin 2000" DTM body kits, or the Ford C100 bodykit?