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  1. Hello all, I know that there is a green "Martini" bodyset around, for the 58020 kit. Ican find pictues, even of the box. But I cannot identify the article number of that body kit. So I am whondering, which article number does it have?
  2. Do you have more information about this item? The number indicates that (most likely) it won't be a regular XB model within the 57xxx range, but somewhat different or special release?
  3. At Facebook, a scan/picture has appeared... I am wondering about the big gap in article numbers... Turbo Optima was 30619, Ultima will be 30625. Maybe the missing numbers are preserved for potential re-releases of the Optima mid variants or other near "relatives".
  4. Thank you very much. My question wasn't intended to be restricted to a special designer, so do you also have the release years for these other buggies?
  5. Is there a complete (!) list that shows the chronological release of these classic Kyosho buggies? I know that there is some information at Wikipedia, but it seems to be incomplete. And I found other websites, but they only focused on some special series, but not on the complete range.
  6. ... at least this is what Tamiya UK announced at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2185739611544760&id=232557553529652
  7. Yes, it is a spare body (very lucky find) because body painting is not my favourite job. The 936 bodies are in better shape ;-)
  8. Just wanted to share the pics of my latest restoration project. 1:10 scale Porsche 924 Carrera GT, Carrera Structo, produced from 1980 to probably 1985 (when Carrera went bankrupt). Next restoration project will be the Porsche 936, also 1:10 scale. Before restoration: Dirty and worn down, but mainly with original Carrera electronics, but only partially working. So I decided to go for modern RC components, a 2.4 GHz stick radio and an ESC.
  9. Still would be great if someone could post a link to video(s) or pic(s).
  10. I don't want to use other servos - I just would like to see how other servos from that era are performing.
  11. Hello, I am looking for information regarding steering servos that were used/sold in the early 1980s years. Not just brand names, but precise items. And it would be great, if some of you know about videos, that show them working in your vintage Tamiya (or whatever) RC cars from that time. The reason why I am asking... I am planning to restore my 1:10 Carrera Structo RC car collection back into working order. But Carrera would not have been Carrera, if they would not have done their own thing... they designed their own servos with unique housings that could be mounted "flat" onto the chassis baseplate. Today, these servos are HTF, but meanwhile I managed to find enough to equip all my cars. Some are used, some are NOS and therefore were never used. But from today's point of view, their speed looks like slow-motion. So, I want to find out if this was just the state of technology back then, or if the special-shaped Carrera servos are just poor design.
  12. Do you know the difference to 47384? The blue color looks the same for me on both items.
  13. Is there a website or other resource, that shows all vintage Kyosho RC models? I found some sites that shows all Optimas and it's derivatives, but I cannot find any ressource that shows a complete comprehension (e.g. similar to what blackholesun.fr is for the Tamiya world).
  14. What really bothers is, is the different tire profile design, compared to the original Turbo Optima. Not sure if the standard Optima tires will fit the Turbo Optima wheels, but would look much better imho.
  15. I also think so, but I am curious if someone has a precise experience / recommendation for servo etc.
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