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  1. Thanks for all the amazing input guys. Sounds like the first thing I should do is go to the track on Saturday night and talk to some people. I will report back when I have a better idea of what people are running there. I would like to stay true to Tamiya.
  2. Hi, I am looking for some advice on the best Tamiya chassis to look to obtain for racing on tarmac. I have been around RC for a while, however only been running brushed(sport tuned) and Nimh. Have a Stadium Thunder and a Blitzer Beetle both modded. So there is an RC club near my house I found the other day, track is open for the public.I have not had a chance yet to go on a race night to see what the members are running there, they have a 21.5T,13.5T & Euro truck classes. I am looking for some advice on a chassis to firstly get me into tarmac track as I have been only dirt bashing and crawling & secondly, what hop-ups, motors, esc`s, batteries should I be looking for to be competitive, apologies for all the newb questions. Have attached a pic of the track I would be racing\learning at, look forward to your input.
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