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  1. Hi, ive sent you PM, not sure if you have seen it
  2. Hi, what town are you near to in Kent, my Bro lives in Faversham and is just getting into Tamiya. I will let him know about your sales
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I had some quite poor run times when I took a car out the other day. Two of my packs are second hand, two are newish, they were all charged about 10 or so days previous to my trip out. The above info suggests my run times we're perhaps correct. I will try to do a couple of runs with freshly charged packs this weekend
  4. How long will a fully charged 7.2v battery stay fully charged for? If I charge up some batteries and take them on holiday will they still be good to go after 4 or 5 days? Thanks
  5. Looks nice but the pics are a bit small
  6. Thanks a lot for all your replys and suggestions. Im actually leaning towards the Kumamon
  7. Hello, can anybody suggest a driver which may fit in a Big Bear. Thanks.
  8. ESC arrived safe and sound with very fast shipping. Thanks.
  9. I like it, are you keeping a 380 motor or upgrading?
  10. This a great project, love the plough
  11. I will take the esc for £10 posted Not done a transaction on here before, I assume you PM me your paypal address and we take it from there.
  12. Very enjoyable read. I totally DID'NT see that Fiat body shell coming
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