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  1. Yeah. I am in love with their accents and their women
  2. No, it's 2WD. Looks 4WD with those big knobbly front tires, though! Haha. Nice! I saw one like that too but I wanted to wait until I found the exact car I had... which I did
  3. This one is actually the Turbo Aero but it's exactly the same as the Venus I had, stickers and all. It runs, too! Unfortunately the wheels spin inside the tires, but nothing a bit of glue won't fix
  4. So stoked to find this on eBay. The Venus was my very first RC car as a kid. This one is in pretty good condition, too! Certainly much better than my original one was by the time I'd finished with it!
  5. Funny, unlike other here I have broken body mounts WITH my Parma polycarbonate body. lol. I'm thinking of getting the metal ones but if it hit hard, they'd likely just cut through the body instead of breaking, right?
  6. Love that game Unfortunately I've decided to put the "modern" game dev on hold while I learn assembly programming for the good old C64. I just don't think I can face another flop of a game, so I might as well just make them for fun. I prefer the old systems for my fun
  7. Nikko Venus was the worst because it was a slow piece of crap but it was also the best because it was my first ever RC. I loved it!
  8. I was hoping that would be the case! Cheers
  9. You haven't played Final Freeway 2R, have you? Haha. I actually agree with you, which is why I'm thinking more Buggy Boy style. Bumps n jumps, loads of obstacles and I'll also have car upgrades etc to keep it interesting. As for RC Pro Am style, there are already loads of top-down/isometric racers available, I've even made one myself (shameless plug : Get Gravel) and I really want to do a 2.5D, or "pseudo 3D" title. Cheers!
  10. Sorry for the late response, but yup! Either Outrun style, Buggy Boy style or Lotus Turbo Challenge style. Not totally sure yet... Leaning towards Buggy Boy as it'd be fun jumping over obstacles, avoiding stuff, weaving through gates etc. Clearly I don't want to just rip that game off though! Haha. Buggy Boy on Commodore 64 is one of my all time fave racers. If you haven't played it you should check it out on an emulator. It's the best version IMHO.
  11. Oddly, most RC car games follow the car... even the top down ones still have a camera following along (RC Grand Prix, RC Pro Am etc), rather than the camera just tilting and panning from the driver's perspective. It's gonna be RC cars for no other reason than they're cool looking buggies and I can have massive roadside objects to demonstrate the scale, just for something a bit different. Giant human legs on the side of the road, instead of trees! Haha. Oh and I like the upgrade aspects - batteries, motors etc etc. Again, it's a retro arcade racer, not a sim Awesome, a sale! Haha.
  12. Hey guys and gals, I'm designing a retro RC game initially for Wii U. Before you get too excited, it's not an uber-realistic sim, it's a retro style game along the lines of Buggy Boy. My inspiration (other than Buggy Boy itself) comes from Tamiya vintage models. The game will have loads of cars, tracks and upgrades and I'm after people with a lot more tech know-how than myself to advise on balancing upgrades etc. I have ideas on how I want certain things to work but I'd like some professional input. I can't pay... heck, I don't get paid myself! But you'll get a credit and I can provide PC or Mac builds for testing. Cheers! EDIT: Here's a 2.5D engine I wrote a while back. Think this kind of thing but not as rudimentary.
  13. Funny, local hobby store here in NZ sold me the sensor-less motor to go with this ESC. After reading the box of the motor I decided not to even try and install it and took it back, so I'm using the ESC in brushed mode with the stock silver can 540. It's soooooo much louder than the 105 and makes some odd noises. Is this normal? Seems to run fine...
  14. The Venus was my first ever RC car and I'd love to get hold of one for nostalgia's sake, if anyone has one they want to offload! Cheers Never mind, found one on eBay! No box but looks to be in good nick. Cheers
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