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  1. Hi thanks for all the reply's I will probably wait until I can get the MFU before I start the build in the meantime I can pickup the bearing kit and a better motor Thanks Keith
  2. Hi thanks that is what I had read about the stock motor being too fast, would I be right in saying the 80t would run slower than the 55T? Thanks Keith
  3. Hi thanks for the reply's welcomes and web links, I will not be fitting an MFU to start with due to funds but will add cheaper extras such as bearings a better motor? and perhaps lights? any help on the latter would be appreciated , also the Wonderland site states the Radio is compatible with the MFU but I would be visiting the shop in person so would check with them. Thanks Keith
  4. Hi I am about to embark on my first RC build The Ford Aeromax which I already have, what I need to get next is the extras and have been looking at the deal from Wonderland models, Acoms Tamiya R/C Truck Deal along with a set of bearings, Is this a good combination or can anyone suggest a better setup. Thanks Keith
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