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  1. Normally you can add drop of oil on the copper bushing at the end of the motor bell. Before doing this, you can also spray some break cleaner or contact cleaner inside of the motor without taking it of
  2. Laying arround this old NI-CD battery Have been clean and hardly compound/wax and the old Tamiya plug have been re-add to it since the picture. It should work but wire is loose negative lead seem disconnect from the inside. I will add picture from the back but both stickers are clean and gold Looking great! If you any want one of these this is your chance. Looking to trade for old frame + body or something. Item is located in Quebec, Canada. Ill paid for shipping
  3. Old battery from 3-speed bruiser actually on ebay but I would love to trade it for a Tam buggy or rally frame or something Both gold sticker are nice, a compound/wax will bring it back in the past! Wire have been cut but negative wire seem to be disconnect inside it may still work after resolder it and a high-Amp charge. I will endup Bid at any good offer from Tamiyaclub Item is in french canada http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=271874625707 Im really sorry for my english
  4. These are very god quality kit with come with a lot, two skilled flyer even fly those inside the gym but 250 size are like 1/18 size, its too fast/scary inside and outside it very small and fast in secondif you out of vision, if you carry bigger you will fly bigger. Blade 300 or 450 are visible. And I had to says that They are twitchy to fly (twice with 3gx) and carbon version wont survive in crash, at this size you need plastic part becauseit touch ground lot much:p Same problem with Trex150, too heavy, and big motor to lift it up that made explose cocktail. In that case you are better with stock version Trex 250Plus with yellow gyro and some plastic parts. But your is just soo cute! Nice buy!
  5. Up!! Want new stuff
  6. Yup I forgot that! But it go little further than where the frame start. Turn more than MST ms01 rtr. In curvesInside wheel are stop by the frame soo that induce drift more easily and goes overpenny and my rear diff is lock but It cant moove a little from left to right for me it help a lot in transition You can get more steer from lot of things thought not only steer angle
  7. Maybe burn it and compound after?
  8. Yes I done couple of days without gyro and can barely drift on 1 or 2 curves. On carpet I found impossible to have fun without gyro or hard to follow anyone. Cant even imagine on slippy surface!. I found that RWD is not really more difficult than a high CS setup since it slow down the machine and curve are more predictable and you got a gyro assist. And setup/mechanic begin little bit more easier since I work on the car to make it grip! Second drifter is my new TA06PRO with upgrade kit, its actually 4x4 with a little CS love it I drove all my helicopter, car planes and drone with my stick radio walkera Devo8S that is crack for every protocol such as spektrum dsm2/X, JR, Flysky etc I never put faster servo than .15sec I choose the stronger/slower version OR I low rate the servo speed on my transmitter. It was 150% now 100%, at 50% it was a cow! That help me a lot. At the begining Never found drift interresting had done offroad and onroad race but drifting is relax, no schedule no timer. The fun things is do whatever you can but slide some guys run theyr Flux 4400Kv me I run 20t TamiyA motor that I just found beautiful. Some took off all the damper fluid and some other put 100 grade silicone in them and we are in the same track!
  9. Happy to heard that you anderstand my broke english!. I put back front diff only remove the front drive-shaft and cup. Keeping the front assembly seem to smooth the drivetrain a little and less noisy or maybe it look nice!? Redcat 20$ gyro give god result on curvy track but did not allow me to sideways strait curve since he bring me back on strait line like "AVS"Spektrum Just bought this one, god it drift well and I didnt even start a drift setup still got stock hard spring I use to
  10. LRP, Redline, Novak, Reedy, Tekin, some people love Hobbywing for the lowest price. And personnaly I doesn't go with low turn motor on nylon plastic Tam gear. But i would ratter on god brushed Tamiya motor, some of them are really powerful since the new brushless kit are cheap TZ, RZ, LightyTuned motor work well and you can keep up with 17,5t brushless guys
  11. I had convert my TT01-R into a nice rear wheel drive drifter, they are tutchy to setup but run overly well on small track and made some people jealous! Tamiya TT-01R Type-E with Tamiya LightlyTuned motor Redcat gyro Redcat metal servo All Tam's upgrades and 3racing knuckle Spektrum 6ch plane receiver Soft MST rear tire and medium front Putting stuff together and greatly suprise, shaft-props feel reactive and bathtub plastic frame are really stiff like graphite. I also got really slow servo that I found really smooth Those are my funny canadian winter body to go on! Link of the car in action :
  12. I got a very nice already build M1025 Hummer, like brand new shinny look. All boxes, manuel not yellowish. Even got a small cute brown Tamiya Humvee box that Go with it! Pair of spair mirror, many diff gear, an mechanic esc still sealed. Brand new Futaba servo and Mabuchi motor. Couple of decal are still on decal sheet. ABS body have been paint, only 2 thin coat on it, Body never receive putty or filer, have been built and run 5min on asphalt, no dirt, water only little tire wearing. No sing of glue or old electronic tape. Open to trade and offer Truck is located in Montreal, and canadian $ is low! Thanks everybody
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