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  1. I'm in Essex, so anywhere near Red Lodge or to the south would be best for me, as it's quite a trek; slightly to the south would be good for the Kent Bashers who occasionally make it to the EB too..
  2. Ah well, I'll have to see if I can do some local bashing in Essex, it stopped raining here in the afternoon, now it's just freezing! I'll keep my eye open for the date of the next KB after next week, and hopefully the weather will be kinder and I'll be able to make it.
  3. Hi Chris, I might still be able to come out for a quick bash at Penenden tomorrow if anyone else is going. Otherwise I'm afraid I can't make any weekends until early June, got a shedload of family stuff going on over the next few weeks and then I've got to go to Italy for work (not as nice as it sounds, spending 4 days looking at tractors and talking about tractors). I've not got many cars to run, but will be able to bring out the E-Firestorm and the Lunchbox if nothing else..
  4. Monday looks more promising weather-wise - if it looks grim on Sunday I probably won't make it, as it's a long trek for me to take on the offchance of a dry hour, but I should be okay for Monday if the weather forecast looks more promising.. SteelRat, thanks for the link to the quarry. Are you still going to be at the Quarry on Monday? If so, I'll try to get down there for then. Are nitro's okay, or is it electric only?
  5. I should still be okay for Sunday the 2nd - where's the quarry? The only venue I know is Penenden Heath. Is the quarry the one nearer Ashford? Penenden is best for me, as it's closest to the Dartford Tunnel, but I'll go wherever the action is .
  6. Hehe, here I am! Nice to see you're back Buzz. Now, the good news is that I will be coming to an Eastern Bash soon - the bad news is I can't make the 23rd . Pre-planned family stuff I can't get out of. But I'll keep an eye out for the next one and hopefully will be able to be there - hopefully there will be plenty more EB's during the season for me to come and break things at (talking of which, I must get some spares for the Ezilla, it's still broken from big-air last year at the Summer Snetterton meet!). I've still got most of my old line-up on the shelf, and they are all dying to get out for a bash soon, and I've got some more flashy lighty things planned for this year - the Monster Beetle hasn't got nearly enough lights IMO, so I'm going to add a few (?) more . Hope you have a good 'un, look forward to seeing the photos, and I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the next date! J
  7. Sunday 2nd would probably be good for me - as usual for me I can't be 100% sure until the day cos it's quite a long trek, and I often find I've been roped into other family things, but I'll do my best to be there if it's on .
  8. Belllysgonnagetcha previously mentioned the 11th April - Chris, are you still up for it on that date? May Bank Hol sounds good too, but it's a long way away! I'm hoping to dust the cobwebs off my cars soon; it's been a long time since I've been out for a bash day.
  9. I can't make this one unfortunately - family things tomorrow . Hope you all have a great day, and I hope to make it for the next one soon!
  10. 'fraid I'm not going to be able to make this one - been struck down with the flu . Hope you all have a good, relatively dry time! Right, I'm going back to bed now......
  11. Welcome back Chris, hope the wedding went okay and you both had a good honeymoon . Sunday 22nd sounds good to me, hopefully my broken rib will have healed enough by then to alllow me to run some cars . Haven't had any cars out since the end of Summer, so it would be nice to come out to play! I'll be interested in a couple of the Lipo race packs and one or two stick packs if you have any by then too.
  12. Andy, would you like info on van hire in your area; I reckon you're gonna need at least a Transit Luton to haul that lot .
  13. Only a week and a bit to go, can't wait! I hope to be camping overnight, and will be bringing my little tent with me, so hopefully there will be enough space trackside for it. I'm going to try to get as many cars in running order as possibly over the next week or so, definitely will sort out the WWII and the Lunchbox at the least.
  14. I will be bringing: Pumpkin Lunchbox Super Astute Monster Beetle with Mad Lights Wild Willy II Baja Champ Twin Detonator Gravel Hound Ezilla Mini-T with Stupid Fast Brushless Power (probably will last about 10 seconds before the spur gets stripped) Cen Mini Madness Leo Truck (1/18th) Anything else I find buried amongst the heaps of stuff in my workshop Not sure how many of these will be running, and some will be up for cheap trade, as I need to clear a bit of space in my workshop. I will definitely make sure the Willy and Lunchbox are runnable at least! I've not been able to make it to any bash days this season, so I'm really looking forward to this one.
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