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  1. Thanks I will try and find that. To be honest I don't really get what servo savers do!
  2. Hi, I am looking to upgrade the servo saver on my DT03 - Neo Fighter Buggy. I have found two Tamiya ones - 51000 in black and 50473 in white. Please can some advise on which is correct and best? Also I think I have read that Kimborough make good servo savers but I am totally unsure which one would fit - they seem to make loads. If anyone could advise on that, thanks!
  3. Just ordered on off eBay from StellaModels - approx £3 & £3 delivery. Thanks for the help.
  4. This is good news. I do you have any Tamiya part numbers? Now I know Tamiya make them I can start looking.
  5. Hi, I am going to build a new dt-03 and use a 13.5t brushless motor. I would like to tune this buggy to the max! I read a few great threads on it but am a little confused by pinion gears. Ideally I would like to use a Robinson Racing pinion gear, as I have used them before on my Sand Scorcher and they worked really well. But how do I know how many teeth to choose? I am thinking about a 17t one for my motor but only because it was something I picked up in a random thread. I would like to know how you actually choose? I will be using the car for amateur racing with my kids and bashing around in fields. Once I know how many teeth what are the correct specs of the gears in the DT03? After reading these two threads I am really confused: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=74105 http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=73604 Thanks!!!
  6. Thanks! I thought that the steering bar ought to be as level as possible.
  7. In the manual on page 15 - step 33 - it says to use a couple of spacers if your servo is 27-30mm. I find this odd as this means the steering rod is at more of angle than it needs to be and ultimately the body shell does fit as well as it would if the servo was lower - without the spacers. So why make the steering rod at an angle? Does it work better? I would like to remove the spacers so the body shell sits better...
  8. Thanks, I think my Wild One dampers are the same as the Hornet ones? They are ok and better than the original SS ones but those TRF Special dampers I have on the rear are so nice I was looking for something similar. So far I have found these: Tamiya 42102 TRF Special Hard black Damper 61mm Tamiya 42273 TRF Short Type Dampers 57mm Tamiya 54000 M Chassis Aluminium Damper 55mm Tamiya 53155 Low Friction Aluminium damper set 55mm or 62mm Tamiya 54028 TRF Buggy Aeration damper 75mm front - 90mm rear (16mm diameter springs) Tamiya 54504 Buggy Big Bore Damper Front - Aeration Type Tamiya 54505 Buggy Big Bore Damper Rear - Aeration Type Tamiya 54341 RM-01 Aluminum Pitch Damper Set Tamiya 53901 TRF Special Damper F103GT - 55mm (?) (16mm diameter) The following are all spring shocks no damper (i believe): There appear to be loads of GPM Racing dampers - here is what I have found from GPM at 70mm - I have no idea what the differences are! GPM DT3070F/PBT Tamiya DT-03 Aluminum Front Adjustable Plastic Ball Top 70mm Damper GPM M8373R GPM MB370 GPM Tamiya VW TOUAREG CC-01 NYLON FRONT BALL TOP DAMPER (70MM) WITH WASHERS & SCREWS - 1PR SET - GPM CC070F GPM DT3070F GPM TT2B070F ARB Nitrocharger Sport Shock 'Old Man EMU' 70mm (55.5mm compressed) 10mm diameter RC4WD Ultimate Scale Shock 70mm (55.5mm compressed) 9mm diameter King Off-Road Scale Dual Spring Shocks 70mm (58mm compressed) 14.5mm diameter ** If there is no measurement it is because I can't find it. **
  9. For anyone looking... The Tamiya TRF 54028 Buggy Aeration Dampers are 75mm and 90mm front & rear. They are 16mm diameter - which might make them too big for a SS - anyone tried? Cant seem to find them in pairs - only the full set..
  10. After hours of looking I am not sure if there are any 70mm aluminium Tamiya dampers. What would be the deal with using a slightly shorter damper?
  11. I am looking for a new set of front dampers for my Sand Scorcher. I have a pair of Tamiya TRF Special Dampers F103GT on the rear and they are amazing. I'd like to get a pair of Tamiya's for the front. I am not interested in a stock look as I use this car all the time and just want some great dampers. I thought the Tamiya Low Friction Aluminium damper 53155 would be good but they appear to be too short - 62mm. I believe 70mm is correct for the front of a SS? There are so many Tamiya dampers out there... Any advice would be great! Thanks.
  12. I worked out how to post pictures. You need to choose the 'More Reply Options' button its at the bottom right of the 'Reply to this topic' box next to the 'Post' button. Once you click on that you get the option to attach pics. Kind of hard to explain but hopefully you can see it now..
  13. Here is a pic of the body post made by Tamiya club forum member kev_the_rev:
  14. That's it! I just checked mine and the hole is 5.9mm. How can I (we) get one off you?
  15. Looks great!!! Hard to tell the dimensions from the pics - the hole in my servo saver is just under 5mm and about 27mm long. Same as yours?
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