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  1. So what’s the difference between a 380 and 370 motor?
  2. Super, thanks I might try this one as it comes with motor wires Pre installed 👨‍🔧 Any idea on the jump in speed, either motor RPM over stock etc?
  3. Yes it’s a 370 sized motor... I’d guess I would just pull the pinion off and push it back on a new motor shaft again???
  4. Lol stickers and Sport have me sold, marketers dream me!. Right, need to go check the manual if it’s a 370 or 380 motor now haha, knew this was going toooooooo easy 😂 I remember the pinion is weird on this, it’s a push on type and has no grub screw holding it on... so shaft size is unknown at present etc.... yeah... push on?!?!? Weird. I think I want a brushed motor to work with the 1060 ESC to keep costs down
  5. Ok I’ve just built and run my stock T3-01 Dual Rider ( Trike thingy) and it’s great fun but a tad too slow...... what faster motor can I try? Im using a Hobbywing 1060 ESC so it needs to be a brushed motor and be faster than the stock (silver can?) 380 it came with... I’m new to 380 motors and thought someone here could help a lazy time poor guy out lol. Note - using a small 1700mah 2s lipo already UK availability would be a plus.
  6. Yeah good idea thanks chaps... but I’d prefer not to have to build it 😂🤦‍♂️
  7. Must make a video with this backing track... cheers bud 👍
  8. Yep, now I’m a smurf just like the dancing rider 😆
  9. Do not ask your 3 year old what colour you should paint the face.... as when she says blue you can’t back track... and I tried! Ps - I’ve lost the knack of perfect painting somewhere along the line, if you find it please forward it on
  10. Another Trike... thanks Jadlam Watching @J@mes for painting progress!
  11. Started the Dual Rider build, going pretty easy for my first build in over a year... can’t wait to get it running, not looking forward to finding good painting weather though!
  12. Me too, free delivery only took 3- 4 days.. seemed a shame to add postage to the bargain price
  13. Me too, free delivery only took 3- 4 days.. seemed a shame to add postage to the bargain price
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