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  1. I figured lol... just trying to help you sell it
  2. Jason1145

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Fitted my Luxury RC Camera Mount to my TacTic300 radio... now I can film hands free and get some low down shots which weren't really possible with a hat mounted camera.
  3. Stop it buttercup, you'll make me blush
  4. I think you misunderstood me, I mean those guys who nearly got hit.... were not unsuspecting members of the public... if you know this particular member you will know these guys have a speed run club i.e. they are there for that reason... as in... they are NOT unsuspecting members of the public having a picnic being put in danger. I would certainly hope that they do prevent innocent members of the public from going past, or wait for an all clear before running those speed passes as obviously that's dangerous otherwise.. so I'll wait for @stew_macto come comment if he wants to. I wouldn't want my car parked with those things flying by either so again let's see if any answer comes back but I'm not here to criticise another grown up for what he chooses to do with his RC car if done as sensibly as possible and no harm has happened ( but that lovely blue chassis getting ripped... don't get me started!)
  5. The only saving grace is those people are there for the speed runs... not unsuspecting members of the public camped out having a picnic... they know the risks as they are into that thing... I think that's important to note about the video. This is why I'm nervous to do anything RC where I can injure someone else with my car.... or property!
  6. Jason1145

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Ask you "frind", I'm sure he'll help ;p
  7. Jason1145

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Locked out the rear steering on my Bullhead, all tested indoors and it works.... sweet! CPE Rear lock out plate and some additional 3mm x 100mm threaded bar with a couple of lock nuts to secure it.....# Now I have front steering only.... time to take it outside and test it see if it turns like the Titanic on a cold night!
  8. Jason1145

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Modelsport finally got in my JConcepts bodyshell for my Bullhead... and an RPM Blower to mount on the hood.... and from Amazon USA after paying a ransom note... a LUXURY camera mount holder for my TacTic 300 Radio... should make filming a bit easier
  9. Jason1145

    How do the CPE ClodBuster wheel wideners fit?

    Ah BH2 and BH5 are those adapter parts cheers.
  10. Lists updated - The FF03 is killing it great job @Group c, not far off the top spot for FWD now!
  11. Jason1145

    How do the CPE ClodBuster wheel wideners fit?

    Yikes.... So the wheel face is going to be held on by a screw head - instead of the usual wheel nut? ( those 4 little screws shown in the bottom right of CPE photo?) Has anyone tried these before? Is it a Philips head screw? I'll use these on my next Clod if stock Clod tyres fit both the Jconcepts and Proline options. Edit : The Brawlers wheels have a 12mm hex fitting but the Clod has a weird hole/slot design? Are they compatible?
  12. Jason1145

    HPI Jumpshot MT

    Please see the TC Trades / Sales section now if you want to buy / swap something for this Jumpshot
  13. HPI JUMPSHOT MT : This is a very clean fully working little 2WD truck but I fancy a change is all. Please see my thread below for the details - it comes with all the orange Integy parts plus all the plastic/metal bits they have replaced, HPI manual included and is RTR - please Ignore the Louise wheels n tyres as I have removed those and it will come with the stock chrome HPI wheels (like in the beginning of the thread) A Generic brushed ESC is fitted like a HW1060 with jumper tabs to switch between Nimh/Lipo and running modes. Stock HPI motor fitted. Comes with the stock black bodyshell plus the newly painted Proline shell I just fitted which has never been run. Looking to swap it for a 4WD Monster Truck or 4WD Short Course Truck (plus cash either way if needed, what have you got?) Alternatively for sale at £150 including postage via PayPal gift