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  1. was think'n of you and hadn't seen any activity from you as of late. anyways just wanted to say hello and wishing you the very best in this  new decade.

    sincerely from ems.


  2. Hi guys sorry I've been away. It other things taking over as you've all guessed. Im still around but honestly I'll be on this site rarely so how can I pass over control of this thread for someone to update and manage? If it came to it I can just give my log in details to someone and they can log in as me and update as required? (I'd delete all personal info and previous messages about sales trades etc so it's be safe) Ideas? Moderators?
  3. Another run on this thing and still to break something... loving this reliabilty out of the box
  4. Good job Wooders, glad my raindance has worked too lol, dad dancing is not cool but sometimes necessary! Would be interesting to see what these Fireballs do to the top speed anyway so good luck with the weather soon. Today I got down the park with these two little rigs.... y big Trophy Rat SCT on 2s lipo, and my daughters Lunchbox for it's maiden run on 6cell Nimh (think I had the tble-02s set to lipo but not sure if it affected the running... it did cut power after 20 minutes when I gunned the throttle, it went dead until the throttle was released and then the same thing when gunned again... repeat 5 times... leave it sitting for a minute then it worked fine when gunned.... odd!) Anyhow... this is how they started out And this is where they usually ended up as my 3yr old daughter thought it was hilarious to have them stuck in the grass ;p
  5. Cheers fellas both good ideas and most importantly, cheap n easy to do
  6. Aaaaaaaaand done, ready for a test outing this weekend if the weather doesn't spoil it ;p I hate the front wheels at this angle.. any fixes? Doesn't look too bad from this angle... so I just need to keep behind it!
  7. No worries pal I'm in two minds about how much I want it now lol, thanks for the consideration though
  8. It's cheap compared to the mainstream Traxxas Slash and Kyosho Ultime SC... but driving them and to the casual user like myself there's not too much difference driving them around ... big and floaty just like a SCT should be. I didn't enjoy the build it was hard work with poorly threaded plastics and poor instructions that just suffice but you need to triple check and squint a lot to make sure it's going right. The alloy shocks leaked and a couple did unscrew themselves so maybe that a lack of quality there, I can't figure how to mount the rear shocks properly but that might be my error as no one else reported a problem. Dirt cheap parts can't complain overall apart from the above. Once you jazz up the shell and wheels it can look awesome
  9. Jason1145


    lol it's coming along brilliantly.... My BuggyRa needs a racing companion!
  10. Still on the 3100kv motor running fine on 2s
  11. Yikes so he does! Ive no idea mate as it's news to me about these different sizes and I can't measure my own shaft as that's just a double entendre waiting to..... darn it! I can't even find the link on the Pargu Store website now for the hubs but they were sold as Fox parts https://www.ebay.ie/str/pmg828?_pgn=4
  12. Any car paint rattle can should work ok as you intend to run it anyway... a nice white or grey car bumper primer paint spray can would be good enough. Ive just got a nice can of automotive candy red waiting for my next Striker build when I get a chassis! You can stick with Nimh batteries they can make the Striker brisk enough with a silver can or a Super stick motor if you want to treat it a bit but other faster brushed motors are readily available. A good easy to use ESC is a Hobbywing 1060 which runs brushed motors like the silver can etc and Nimh batteries as well as lipo if you choose in the future... its waterproof and comes all presolderd with a Tamiya plug and motor bullets ready to go. Ive put a 21t ( or was it 23t) brushed motor in my Orange Striker and indoor testing makes it wheelie from standstill So come on... what colour is yours going to be?!?!?!?
  13. You mean the alloy ones from Pargu Store? I've no idea what the diameter of the shaft is but they fit perfect for the Striker if you buy the same ones, what others are you seeing?
  14. All fixed please check the offside lol Just saw this as a target - using twin 4600 motors and 4s with stock gearing... not sure how to top that! 19 - Smirk-Racing - ClodBuster - 42.3 MPH / 69 KPH (Video on p73)
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