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  1. As per the title, if anyone has a 58248 box for sale please contact me, or anything else related to this 58248 model please (UK) Cheers.
  2. Bashed about with a brushed 2wd Stampede at a mates overgrown garden, was still good fun! (I was going to take my Wild Dagger but I didn’t want to scratch it!)
  3. I’m going to hoof in with my new to me FF02, admittedly I only got it as the shell was the main draw but I used to have an FF01 bitd and have / still want an FF03 with its front lay down shocks which look so cool. My FF02 came bone stock and barely used but I did find bushings in the axles ( now replaced with metal bearings) so I suspect it is not riddled inside with the same. Plans for it are to just get it running and see where it’s at so I’ll probably keep it brushed on 2s lipo. The only other job I’ve done apart from hub bearings and a general wipe down ( very dusty) is to remove the blue shocks it came with as they were too long (63mm) causing ugly front toe in, it’s now fitted with some Tamiya Low Friction pink shocks which sit perfectly at 55mm long. @Wystan Withers I’ve just ordered the carbon front and rear shock tower braces from RCRacer thank you 👍
  4. Thought that was a Smurf it’s so blue, thanks for the tip 👍
  5. Purchase number 4 of 4 has arrived and that’s me done for a while now, a mad spending spree over 4-5 days has this week seen me acquire… in no particular order… 1) FF02 Celica Gen7 2) TB01 Ferrari Enzo 3) TL01 Subaru Impreza WRC 4) just arrived - TL01 (Ra?) Stadium Raider (love the blue - non box art, must’ve been my long lost sibling painted this) I’m now off to the divorce courts where I’ll argue my case!
  6. Off topic, which MB01 did you buy? Back on topic, will it be a runner? 🥳
  7. I haven’t built oil shocks for a few years now, I only had 1 e-clip escape on me as it pa-chinged off 3 walls I think, and was lost forever. Luckily these Low Friction shocks give you 2 x extra in each pack, still got 3 x left - score! Fitted them to my new FF02 chassis which will be adorned by the Celica Gen7 shell once I strip the blue paint off and re-do it in silver.
  8. Yeah my £217 example being hit with 20% VAT and a £12 Parcelforce fee brings it to £272, saving £50 across two kits. Well it’s something to consider if buying more than 1 kit for sure 👍
  9. Good point! I priced up that NovaFox and a BT01 Supra with delivery was £217…. The equivalent in UK is £320 🚶
  10. Tamico.de in Germany have much cheaper prices than the UK, for example they have the special offer of the week is currently a NovaFox for only 112Euros which is only £99, the same buggy is around £160 from UK stores. So do you get stung with VAT shipping into the UK, what’s your experience?
  11. Yes I am very fortunate thank you! I was going through the build manual and checking off the parts trees and bags very tentatively half expecting some items to be missing but no, quite remarkable really, the bodyshell mold has 2002 stamped! It looks like it was bought and stored without ever attempting a build, god bless these people losing treasures for us to find.
  12. I’ve got about 8 that I could throw a battery in and use immediately, they all have their own radio sets as I like it that way. 1 is a Kyosho Fazer Mk2, there’s 2 x Traxxas 2WD Stampedes plus an Associated RatRod 2WD Short Course truck which is the most fun runner I have. I do lose track of what I have sometimes! The ones I run carefully are my Clod Buster, Wild Dagger and Bear Hawk, and then the ones I’ll never run are my Strikers and Sonic Fighters. The abused ones are the M05, M06 , TT01E and my daughters Lunchbox! Ive got about 5-6 more that need electrics to be bought -and installed but I do aim to get them all able to run. Further to that I’ve two new kits to be built, a Kyosho Scorpion Turbo plus the gorgeous TB01 Ferrari Enzo that’s just arrived, they’ll be runners too one day. Next on the list will be either the MB01 Citroen DS if it ever comes in to stock, or that BT01 Supra 😍 (Or I buy Toyolien’s 2 x TT02 from the Sales section here!)
  13. And the 3rd out of 4 cars has now arrived and this looks to be a real find, an unbuilt complete Ferrari Enzo on TB01 chassis! All the parts are there, unopened for the most part ( only parts tree D is not in a sealed bag), shell and decals with masks, CVA’s and bearings, the build manual has never been opened, and a NIP MSC. The box has seen better days and it’s arrived with crumpled, tatty and lots of dust and dirt fell out, but I’ve spruced and strengthened it back up and I’ll sit gawping at this beauty for the next few hours now 😍
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