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  1. Jason1145

    Tamiya Wheelie cars for a 3yr old child?

    Thanks pal, so the WR02G might even have a slightly wider track than the WR02... might do one less roll over per battery pack Does that mean the smaller front wheels lower the ground clearance.. if so does it pose an issue for getting hung up stuck anymore than a WR02 would ( I think I'm being an over analysing dufus at this point in worrying about this 'performance' aspect on a Wheelie RC lol) Sweet I'd forgotten you can go slower than a silver can And another good point... too slow and it stops the only point if owning one for me... maybe a 30t motor might give wheelies. Yes I agree... I just ruled out the HPI offering
  2. Jason1145

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Stick guides....😉😉😉 see you need guiding... consider the Comical Hornet the destination... good call
  3. Jason1145

    Tamiya Wheelie cars for a 3yr old child?

    Super. Ouch, just seen there's a HPI WheeliKing 4x4 that looks like it holds wheelies longer than anything Tamiya make!
  4. Jason1145

    Tamiya Wheelie cars for a 3yr old child?

    I do like that Farm King! Have I got this correct CW01 (Lunchbox and Pumpkin) - 2WD WR02 - 2WD with 4 big same size tyres WR02G - 2WD with small front tyres and larger rears ( rears same size as WR02?) GF01 is 4WD with 4 big same tyres. If I get the above right I can start looking in earnest ( if he doesn't object lol)
  5. Jason1145

    Tamiya Wheelie cars for a 3yr old child?

    Which will hold a wheelie the longest all stock?
  6. Lists updated - @Wooders28 I put your WT01 in the RWD is that correct?
  7. (I really regret selling my XB Wild Willy 2 a couple years ago now!) I've just enjoyed a gorgeous Easter break with sunny weather meaning me and the wife have had the chance to take our 3yr old daughter down the park and she just loved watching ( and wanting a go) my SCT pull wheelies on the grass... never seen her laugh so much, even the wife was laughing at her - but the SCT is way too fast for her and so not to miss an opportunity I am looking into a slower wheelie vehicle for her (any excuse to buy another Tamiya) My XB WW2 would have been perfect, that was a WR02 chassis I think...but what else can I consider getting her? The requirements are it just needs to be slow ( so it can't get too far away before I can grab the controls back off her) but still pull wheelies on the grass ( high ground clearance) because that's what makes her laugh. (No to the Honda City Turbo's as it's too low - another I've previously owned and sold) So is it just WR02 (2WD) and GF01 (4WD?) One last thing, a lexan shell would be nice as I can paint it pink for her too ( no, she's not having my ClodBuster before anyone suggests it) Thanks in advance.
  8. Jason1145

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Great looking footage seeing the FAV menacing the War Rig... nice open empty road there too! Those days make the ones when it all comes home in one piece extra worthwhile... good luck with the repairs... some look quite nice, battle scars prahaps?
  9. Jason1145

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Dusted off my camera and video editor tools and made my first proper RC video in a couple of years... starring my current favourite 2WD Short Course Truck This drives like a dream and I'm yet to break anything.. Im also yet to jump it properly so that might explain it.. but it's survived high speed roll overs and kerb kisses at full pelt.
  10. Speed run entry Non Tamiya Car Section Team Associated Trophy Rat 3s lipo, 3300kv motor with stock 87t spur and increased 21t pinion ( stock is 18t) Top Speed - a disappointing 66 KPH / 44 MPH Guys... last time out on a 18t pinion this did 64KPH, now with a 21t pinion it only did 66KPH. What is holding back the top speed?
  11. I got this out today on 3s lipo again it's a whole lotta fun! I ran it for 10 minutes and the motor was hot but I could still do the 7-10 seconds finger on the motor test so it's not overheating here. I GPS'd the top speed with the extra 3 teeth now on the pinion ( from 18t up to 21t) but it only gained 2KPH whereby I thought it would've gain more ... I need to know why guys? 3s - 18t pinion = 64KPH 3s - 21t pinion = 66KPH
  12. Jason1145

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Drove the Turnigy SCT and after 10 minutes lost a dog bone when a screw came loose holding the rear camberlink letting the rear wheel angle out... too much of this caused it.. good fun though
  13. Jason1145

    Backing Colour

    And please post up the finished results sat atop your Bullhead, sounds like a nice hat
  14. Jason1145

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Fitted tyre decals to the BuggyRa Fat Fox.... these suit the taller sidewalls very well Then mounted the freshly painted Clod wheels into their tyres... that's a workout for sure!
  15. Jason1145

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    A couple bits over the last week or so, some new radio's, new tyre decals and some spare Clod wheels The wheels needed a quick coat of white primer just to freshen up, pity one wheel has some damaged knobs on the hub but it might hold up