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  1. Jason1145

    Sonic Fighter Parts needed

    I think I got one of the yellow nuts and maybe the black switch mount, lemme look tomorrow. Box Art SF?
  2. Will do for sure... it's warming up soon so I expect some more speed runs from you guys too... I'm going to try and get the fastest ClodBuster/Bullhead one day!
  3. Jason1145

    Tamiya Wheelie cars for a 3yr old child?

    I don't think so, will have a check on the specs cheers On to the build.... this isn't worth a proper build in the Builds section so it can go here, starting with making a mess out the box First thing was to replace the yellow wheels with black ones..... and then I had the idea to paint the yellow wheels pink too so that's will be done at the end. The manual starts with having all the electrics talking to eachother which gets the servo centred as it the next step TBLE-02s with silver can and a standard stock servo with a 2.4g radio set... lovely Electrics all installed and body posts mounted.... these are the MP ones but I will need to order the Lunchbox ones, luckily they come on the same parts tree as the chrome front bumper for the Lunchie, result. I won't lie... it took me an hour and a half to get this point haha... I'm not the quickest. NO building tonight as footy is on ;p
  4. Jason1145

    Tamiya Wheelie cars for a 3yr old child?

    The table-02s can manually set to run either Nooooooo no no no! The table-02s only has Nimh battery mode but it can switch between brushed and brushless motors Youcan run a 2s lipo but you must have an LVC to stop it getting drained too much. Thats right I think. Now to wonder why my Nimh battery didn't last!
  5. Jason1145

    Wanted - BMW Z4 Hatsune miku bodyshell

    Yep I got him to reduce that one in Italy down to £150 but it's still a bit out of my budget
  6. Jason1145

    Wanted - BMW Z4 Hatsune miku bodyshell

    Pffft the Buyee estimated shipping costs for this item valued at £60 weighing 1KG to the UK is about 15,000 Yen, that's about £100. MIght have to check with the seller directly on his postage to the UK cheers.
  7. Jason1145

    Tamiya Wheelie cars for a 3yr old child?

    That's cool James glad to hear it, speaking of Nimh batteries is there any way to test them to see if they still hold charge other than physically running them in an RC as intended lol?! I recently ran a 3300Mah Nimh in my Blackfoot which stopped after 5 minutes... looking back now it must be because I had it set in lipo mode and it went into lvc duh! That would explain why the RC suddenly came to a complete stop and not the expected gradual slow down of a Nimh battery, does that sound right?
  8. Why you should've said, I've got a few logs out in my garden and a couple of twigs too, maybe a branch if I'm lucky, I'll strap them on for the next run and see what happens I'll take 89% efficiency all day long as like I said the motor seemed happy on that 89/21 3s set up, it was too fast for general use and during the speed runs if I went from half throttle to immediate full throttle it would spin out so the power was a handful. Ive just basketed a 75t spur and 25t pinion for this car and then added some other little bits for another car and now I'm looking at a £70 basket... this is why I'm cash poor! (I know it would be easier to just swap out this 3300kv motor with one of my spare 4000, 4370 or even the 6900kv motor.... but that's just cheating!) Carry on folks.
  9. Cheers I might opt for a 75t spur once I find the right part number and mate it with a bigger pinion too. Edit : found the spur gear TEAM ASSOCIATED RC10B4/T4/B44/B5/B5M T5M/SC5M/B6/B6D 75T 48DP SPUR GEAR Part Number: AS9650 Noted for the lipo battery thank you, but I'm not battery buying anytime soon
  10. The motor sounds good when running it sure sounds like it's going full tilt and it's not hot after a few runs and 5 minutes horsing around in the dirt. I was expecting about a 7-10MPH increase going from 18t to 21t pinion.. just my gut feeling. I only have two of these same 3s 3300Mah 30C lipo's.
  11. Thanks for the shopping,list pal... what's the difference between 5d and 5Y?? (what kv motors and can sizes are these?) That's interesting about the pinion... I am tempted to buy a 19t and 20t just to try it out
  12. That would be appreciated thank you, coming from the Top spot guy I would be honoured Here's the gearing info.... mine is the bottom one (Reedy 3300Kv moto) My battery was a Gena Ace 3s 3300MAH 30C lipo Info on the esc - it doesn't even say if it's 60a or 80a or 100a etc etc or anything???? https://www.teamassociated.com/pdf/cars_and_trucks/shared/Reedy_ESC_SC600BL_Manual.pdf
  13. Tanks pal, it's been a fun thread and I'm sure it has has earnt Mr Tamiya a few hundred extra £'s being spent on broken parts, I should put in for a claim ;p
  14. Jason1145

    Tamiya Wheelie cars for a 3yr old child?

    Cheers guys.... I'm going to try and get this Truck made in super quick time... talk about project queue jumping lol, this wasn't even on the radar this time last week... it's been in storage for 8-10 months!