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  1. So what’s the difference between a 380 and 370 motor?
  2. Super, thanks I might try this one as it comes with motor wires Pre installed 👨‍🔧 Any idea on the jump in speed, either motor RPM over stock etc?
  3. Yes it’s a 370 sized motor... I’d guess I would just pull the pinion off and push it back on a new motor shaft again???
  4. Lol stickers and Sport have me sold, marketers dream me!. Right, need to go check the manual if it’s a 370 or 380 motor now haha, knew this was going toooooooo easy 😂 I remember the pinion is weird on this, it’s a push on type and has no grub screw holding it on... so shaft size is unknown at present etc.... yeah... push on?!?!? Weird. I think I want a brushed motor to work with the 1060 ESC to keep costs down
  5. Ok I’ve just built and run my stock T3-01 Dual Rider ( Trike thingy) and it’s great fun but a tad too slow...... what faster motor can I try? Im using a Hobbywing 1060 ESC so it needs to be a brushed motor and be faster than the stock (silver can?) 380 it came with... I’m new to 380 motors and thought someone here could help a lazy time poor guy out lol. Note - using a small 1700mah 2s lipo already UK availability would be a plus.
  6. Yeah good idea thanks chaps... but I’d prefer not to have to build it 😂🤦‍♂️
  7. Must make a video with this backing track... cheers bud 👍
  8. Yep, now I’m a smurf just like the dancing rider 😆
  9. Do not ask your 3 year old what colour you should paint the face.... as when she says blue you can’t back track... and I tried! Ps - I’ve lost the knack of perfect painting somewhere along the line, if you find it please forward it on
  10. Another Trike... thanks Jadlam Watching @J@mes for painting progress!
  11. Started the Dual Rider build, going pretty easy for my first build in over a year... can’t wait to get it running, not looking forward to finding good painting weather though!
  12. Me too, free delivery only took 3- 4 days.. seemed a shame to add postage to the bargain price
  13. Me too, free delivery only took 3- 4 days.. seemed a shame to add postage to the bargain price
  14. A Dual Rider and bearings kit, thanks JadlamRacing for a bargain
  15. Why the badword not, great idea!
  16. That’s what I thought.... looked a bargain right? Wrong.... check this out... this is my bargain and it should push @Wooders28 and @Busdriver right over the edge... it’s where I bought mine from. £64.95 and free delivery.... GO! https://www.jadlamracingmodels.com/tamiya-rc-rc-trike-dual-rider-t3-01-57407-1-8-assembly-kit/
  17. One photo and one line descriptions per item should do it 😜
  18. https://www.thercracer.com/2018/04/57405-tamiya-dancing-rider-t3-01-build.html?m=0
  19. And this weekend Ebay have a Max £1 selling fee offer so time to unload your unwanted stuff! I will pay attention how I lost anything in future thanks for the heads up.
  20. @J@mes thanks for the suggestion, that 3200MAH gives 1.5 hours run time on the stock motor... I can’t do anything for 1.5 hours except watch a footy match and sleep👍 Good luck with your build, i definitely prefer the look of the Dual Rider shell over the Dancing Rider.. it should arrive next week then I’ll start building ASAP. Are there any other shells to fit? ps - I just bought LEDs to fit aswell.
  21. Bought a Carson 2s 1700Mah lipo, I saw it in a Matteo video of his build and it should give 30mins fun time.
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