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  1. Looks Awesome! I'm just trying to sort out my old mud blaster but having trouble sorting out the drive. Suspected the long/short gearbox joint as pin in middle was not the correct/original however the joint I've received fits the gearbox well but doesn't take the hex drive shafts. Any advice/recommendations for parts would be much appreciated to help me get this classic back on the road
  2. Hi Percymon, visually the gearbox, bushings and side plates look in good condition. I have tried complete new interlinked drive shafts from gearbox to wheels with no improvement so i'm guessing the issue is within the gearbox or potentially still a combination of the two. Rich1978, there is definately a few things to look at on that link and I will concentrate on working my through it to see if this sorts it all out. I've come across a few suggestions for modifications along the way but that list looks very useful. I had to buy a new battery for it after all these years of no use so am determined to get it running again properly. Thank you both for your feedback, it's much appreciated
  3. Hi all I am looking to sort a drive issue out i^m having with my old (20 years +) Mud Blaster. I have tried new drive shafts but it seems that the issue is coming from the differential gear box. I am aware that this particular model did suffer with drive issues and one option I would be keen on if possible would be to change the drive to direct thus also eliminating any future re-occurence of the problem. Would anybody on here have an idea whether this is actually possible to acheive and if so what parts/part numbers would i need to acheive this? I would be extremely grateful for any help as would love to get it back up and running again for my son to enjoy the use of Thanks in advance
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