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  1. But....if you look at a Vintage (Original Manual), the loops are Horizontal in the manual.
  2. By the way, the Mona Lisa, sitting on the shop floor, is awesome, and ironic. LOL
  3. Make one.....a block of wood, a couple nails, some black paint, a pin for antenna.
  4. Do you have a mini Transmitter to sit on the Work Bench along with the Mini Grasshopper? Great Shop, btw.
  5. QC left the building.....for handing......does the stiff sidewall face inside or outside? lol (Or both facing left for Nascar setup?)
  6. Just received a batch of new Spiked Rear Tires. This latest batch (plus the 2 set of tires in my 2019 re-re Hornet and Frog) have unevenly molded rear tires....one sidewall is significantly thicker and stiffer, than the other side. From 2 dozen pairs, most of them show this un-equal molding. (Only A few, seem to be normal).
  7. I'd like a set of the spike rear tires for my Comical Frog.....here are mine and Lady Friend racing in the backyard.....lol
  8. By the way, I enjoyed your article on the RC Memories. With regards to the Frog images, your article shows the CVDs in the Re-Re....that is a mistake. Both my 2005 ReRe Japan, and 2019 ReRe Philippines have Dog Bones (not the CVD....that was offered as an option) So far, I've found that the spacing on the front suspension stays is slightly different compared to the ReRe.....one is slightly narrower. I will measure and post (when I get around to it) Also, I've noticed the rear arm stays, they are cut (stamped) from a different direction on the original, compared to the Re. Again, will update more later.
  9. Sure, please post my findings as needed. There may be some cases where not everything will fit my findings......just in case of One Offs......
  10. One of the front wheel centers are Backwards. FYI
  11. The metal front stays have different dimensions on the openings. The Rear Stays are stamped from different directions. I'll post pics later.
  12. Bought a couple ReRe Frogs in 2005, Japan. Just bought a couple more ReRe Frogs this week 2019, Philippines. My 1985 Frog (original) Japan.
  13. Nice job on the ESC recasing, and rebuilding the battery. Going to hang a dummy resistor on the back?
  14. On another note, I am bashing a New ReRe Lunchbox....going to "lower" it to Original Pajero ride height.....then graph the Lift Kit onto a Grasshopper.....maybe put in a LeMans 240S Brushless........Parts are so much cheaper now, with the ReRes compared to what we had to pay for parts as kids in the 80's.
  15. Those original Pajero chassis used to break all the time back in the 80's when we bashed in the street in front of the house. That front hinge, one hit, bam....broken again. My friend became really good at swapping out the chassis.....kept breaking the nose tab off. On another note, Upside Down oil shocks don't work right.....once a little bit of oil works past the O-rings, air gets in.....
  16. Put some Aluminum wheels from rcloverr or paulhumgf for those displays....everyone will know they are not vintage, yet, look badass. I'll post pictures later.
  17. Front Pressed Metal Stays are different, the measurement in the opening is narrower.
  18. Update, just received another set of Vintage NIP Front tires......they weigh 28.8 grams each.....(similar to the lighter weight of re-re tires), but they are still shorter height, and softer.
  19. Forgot to mention, Original Vintage tire shorter, approx 72mm. But this is my easiest way to check for the difference, pushing on the top of the tire, the Re-Re are stiff, but the Original Vintage are SOFT. Very Soft. Shown here, I am pushing on the two tires with equal pressure....... I noticed this main difference when I squeezed the tire on my 80's Grasshopper, and the tire on my Re-Re Frog.... The best way I can describe it.....the soft tire, comparable to a foam steering wheel grip on a Futaba Transmitter, compared to a Rubber Grip. As far as the Wheels are concerned, people have already described the New wheels as "Bright White". (Too bad I no longer have all my old dinged up wheels). If the set are still new on the trees, the old/vintage wheels say "1/10 RC VW BUGGY", and are off white/vintage white color. If you have the screw package, the 2mm nuts are brass. (ReRe are Silver) I post some finding on the Rear Spiked tires.
  20. Original Tire, "softer" appearance. Has slightly dull look. (Hard to distinguish, unless you have a sample to compare against.)
  21. Re-Re overall diameter, approx 73mm Finish appears more "Black", and shinier......has a smooth "Plastic" feel compared to Vintage.
  22. Color and texture slightly different. Re-Re on LEFT (my left, and Your Left), Original Vintage on Right. (Both tires are new)
  23. Re-Re on the Left, Vintage on the Right. New tire is slightly "Taller" , Original tire slightly fatter.
  24. Vintage Original Tire (or Tyre is you are on the other part of the world) 35.3 grams (Noticeable difference in weight!)
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