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  1. Jeffyboy403

    Re-release predictions, post BigWig

    A 30th anniversary clod would be a delight! I have little interest in a red coloured super clod disguised as a re-released version of the original tho. The Nissan King Cab and Terra scorcher are my favourite picks for a re re
  2. Jeffyboy403

    Blackfoot re-release #58633

    "2016 TAMIYA MADE IN JAPAN" is printed on the box
  3. Jeffyboy403

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Replaced the standard plastic/metal bushings in the Unimog with ball bearings.
  4. Jeffyboy403


  5. Jeffyboy403

    Blackfoot re-release #58633

    I agree about the Vise crawler in big bold letters. Yes I understand that BFGoodrich is brand of tire and Vise crawler is type of Rock crawling tire from Tamiya. "Blimpie Sandwiches" would have looked better then Vise crawler TBH.
  6. Jeffyboy403

    Blackfoot re-release #58633

    I only noticed the three holes for mounting the body
  7. Jeffyboy403

    Blackfoot re-release #58633

    just got mine from my LHS, surprised to see it on sale already
  8. Jeffyboy403

    Blackfoot re-release #58633

    I recently purchased this off a local buy and sell to keep me busy until I can get my hands on a 2016 Blackfoot
  9. I just bought my first CC-01 and I have to say it performs much better then I could have imagined. As a person who has ran big wheeled trucks and the odd buggy here and there I am very pleased with my CC-01. I have an expert built Unimog 425 I took It out for the first time this afternoon on a 1500 Nicad pack to get a feel for it. I'll be replacing the plastic bushings with ball bearings right away. For its intended use I also plan to replace the stock silver can with a CR tuned 35T motor
  10. Jeffyboy403

    Blackfoot re-release #58633

    I noticed the 2016 Blackfoot listed on tamiya USA website the other day and now it's gone. What the heck?
  11. Jeffyboy403

    Who are people buying and building?

    I started on my Brat #58384 back in late 2011. I always start my builds with the most tedious part...the body work. Well I made the mistake of slapping on several coats of TS-8 Italian red. However I didn't spray on a proper base/primer beforehand. It didn't turn out to well needless to say, live and learn. I have a Chrome Clod I want to sticker up with the original Clod #58065 decals and install some yellow C.V.A dampers #50304, still looking for those atm. There's also a Re re MB and an Agrios in the build queue...I really need to finish that Brat first though.
  12. Jeffyboy403

    Re-release idea: Clodbuster Black Edition

    That's a great idea, and I feel some racing flames would make it look pretty sharp as well. Just a thought
  13. Jeffyboy403

    Blackfoot re-release #58633

    I had a Mud Blaster as well around the same time (1989, my first tamiya). I can honestly say I never had any gearbox problems with it. Just the very well known hex shaft issue. With money saved up from my paper route earnings, I installed a Trinity Monster Mash and Thorp universals with the telescopic type shafts. Original Gears/pinion and metal side plates held up fine with little signs of wear except for the pinion I remember had very sharp edges but no broken teeth. I'm actually surprised by all the gear box issues folks are experiencing with the MB re re. I have a re re MB and vintage BF for the shelf and I will be getting the re re BF as a runner to relive those experiences. Thanks for letting me share and reminiscing here
  14. Jeffyboy403

    Blackfoot re-release #58633

    Wishful thinking. Tamiya had the Ford decals for the re-release of #58495 Ford F-150. I don't fully understand how the licensing with brand names works tbh
  15. Jeffyboy403

    Re-release idea: Clodbuster Black Edition

    I think General Motors should provide the funds to Tamiya for a 'licensed' re release of the original kit in as many variations to celebrate its 30th anniversary of the ClodBuster in 2017 . GM can pay for KC license also. Long live the Clod.