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  1. I got a body and 2 wings. Body is black, wings white and red.
  2. TamiyaBB

    Wheels FS

    Pitty, I really wanted the Astute wheels and the yellow ones as a bonus for a future project. I'll pass for now.
  3. TamiyaBB

    Wheels FS

    Are you willing to send to The Netherlands? Bart
  4. 1:10 tamiya body Bieden http://link.marktplaats.nl/m1166452050?utm_source=android_social&utm_medium=social&utm_content=app_android&utm_campaign=socialbuttons Maybe you are interested?
  5. It looks so good. Can't wait to see how it runs.
  6. Aw, I've just ordered a new stadium thunder shell for a runner cause I couldn't find a Blitzer body...
  7. The only racing rc cars with realistic looks are the short course trucks....why is T not hitting that market?
  8. I'm loving it. And it's cool to know it's all happening at Eindhoven. Go dutchies! And Pintopower you are a great creator!
  9. Nice!...I've two that need restoration. Good inspiration. What shocks are those?
  10. Very cool. Love to see where this is going!
  11. Looks great! Same shell I suppose? How did you do it? I have a vintage Avante shell that needs treatment.
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