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  1. Thanks all. Chassis has full bb upgrade, alum prop shaft and 55t motor on 17t pinion. Shocks adjusted for more travel. Front sus arms and driveshafts swapped for shorter version to bring wheels under arches and 4mm hexes fitted and backs of wheels ground out also. Weights added to wheels and chassis to counter heavy stowage. Rear diff locked. Front left stock for now. Front bumper replaced. Metal motor mount. ESC. Driver. Relay switch for lights on third channel. Springs plastic coated. All painted. Most of the effort was on the shell though!
  2. Most is home made. Some of the stowage bags and the cans are 1:10. Wheel is a SDI scale Dr. Gun is a repainted McFarlane M2 from the Coast Guard model.
  3. My brother and I used to fantasise about owning a Tamiya car when we were little, but the pocket money never stretched. This year I got a fantastic birthday present: a well looked after second hand Humvee; the model I had always wanted. At thirty one with an income and the internet to learn lots of new tricks and skills I have spent a lot of time (and money) making many modifications. I am extremely pleased with the result (see photos). Inspiration from Crispy and the Rocketman: http://www.crispyandtherocketman.com/id33.html and Dirt-540: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=123302&id=23103. Headlight rig from Tugay Alpat (www.rclight.8m.net). Will try to get some field and night pictures soon; she is built to be driven.
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