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    '90s Tamiya cars. 1/10th off road and 1/8th off road racing. helicopters. Motorbikes, riding and race watching. Engineering.

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  1. I forgot the posts attach to the beam, it was a week ago I did that, lol. I'll sort that then. Cheers. Doesn't bother me as such, Just threw me off and wondered if I was missing a trick. Thought to myself: bloomin eck, if I've got 35kilos and struggling to get it to steer, how the badword did they manage with some acoms thing that came in a Techniplus bundle? Cheers for pointing out the posts. To be fair, it was probably late, or I was full of youthful exuberance at the time, hahaha.
  2. RW steel pinions and ballraces fitted by the way.
  3. OK guys. So I've started it. I have a couple of questions. Firstly, I put the body posts on, longer at the front, shorter at the rear, as per manual. However, when it comes to mounting the body, the aerial tube mount is in the front body mount piece, not the rear. What on earth is going on here? It's rare for the big T to make a manual balls up. It's a 35Kg servo I have, don't know why I thought it was a 40Kg item, anyway, steering is poo, lol. When going forward, the front barely turns, but the rear does ok, and when going backwards, the front turns but the rear doesn't. Seems like the leading end won't have any of it but the trailing end is fine. I followed the manual.
  4. I have a 40Kg servo to plon in it, also, paint and RW pinions are on their way. Really not a fan of ali pinions, so thought I would just bite the bullet and order them now, that way, I don't have to mess about fitting them later and having all that grey grease crud everywhere. Going to start the build at the weekend. Looking forward to it.
  5. Cheers. I have seen the UK Monsters stuff, wallet busting, lol, but tasty. I will be building it standard first, with the inclusion of ballraces though, of course.
  6. The tyres on my Brute are still good. No signs of perishing at all. Might smear some rubber treatment on them also, just to give them a chance now they're being used. Are you looking for some then? I rather fancy they're nigh on impossible to find.
  7. Cheers chaps. Just picked it up today from my Sisters, who it delivered to while I was a away. I shall heed advice and purchase some bearings and paint before I even start. I will put RW pinions in asap though as I run them in all my 1/10th cars (support local firms). I look forward to it. I'm sure you've all seen a build many times over though so I might post pics, might not. Depends if you want them. Or, I might do build vids for my channel. What say you guys?
  8. kind of fancied one since I was a kid, and only now, after getting the MT bug back after finishing my big brute, have I ordered one. What can I expect? I have heard the general opinion of the steering is that its poo and would seriously benefit from a servo on axle mod. I am looking to simply building it for now. Upgrades may come later. Does anyone have any other mods/advice that I may make a mental not of?
  9. My Big Brute gets some tasties in the form of budget shock upgrade. Build and tips in the following.
  10. Thanks Room335. The v/o lone took quite a while to get right. only had a rough script to start with, no footage. good fun though.
  11. long winded title there, but having just finished a Big Brute as my 1st resto, Mainly because I used to have one, I thought it would be fun to do a promo vid similar to the old Tamiya ones from back in the day we all enjoyed as kids. Please let me know what you think. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. https://youtu.be/LDsBNmfuyTg
  12. An update on my kyosho Big Brute:
  13. Crazy L

    Big Brute pinion

    Thanks again for the info
  14. Crazy L

    Big Brute pinion

    Thank you very much, I see the odd debate between 32dp and 0.8mod, but I never get a proper answer. You have been more helpful than other vintage groups. Many thanks
  15. Crazy L

    Big Brute pinion

    Hi guys Upon taking the plunge and buying a Big Brute, I find the ali pinion is well past its best. So I am after a new one, possibly steel. Maybe RW Racing can make them, but I don't know the pitch. Does anyone here know? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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