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    '90s Tamiya cars. 1/10th off road and 1/8th off road racing. helicopters. Motorbikes, riding and race watching. Engineering.

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  1. I second that @Saito2. I remember when I was a nipper and picked up an issue of RC Car Action in my local newsagent. So much stuff for trucks in the ads, compared to our buggy centric magazines, and I remember seeing a Thorp ad over a whole page, with the above hubs, stuff for other cars, the driveshafts you mention, and their apparently famous nut drivers. Have you seen how much used Thorp Big Brute Diffs and drive ups etc go for on ebay? Utterly ridiculous.
  2. I'd like to show you also, the hubs I made last year, as 2 of mine were broken when I got the truck. I have 4 of these fitted. I don't think I'll have a problem ever again. lol
  3. OK, so this just arrived for my Big Brute. Hoping to get it installed and running. Looking forward to having a bit more go. Never heard of this company before, but I've read good things from other people.
  4. @Ferruz, I read your article. A good read, and quite indicative I imagine, of how some folks fall out of RC then rediscover it again later on. Regarding your charger, I had a similar situation. I had a 12v charger too, but mine had a wind up timer on it, which went up to 15 minutes. It had a cigarette lighter plug on the end as it intended to be used in a car. So I unscrewed the plug, and used my dads car battery charger to supply it with 12v via the mains and my dads chargers crocodile clips. A bit dodgy, but it worked. I had one lousy 1200mah nicad at the time too. P.S, your photos on your post aren't visible.
  5. I like it. I see you have the side steps and rear "bumper" still intact. I had only one side step for mine, and the rear bumper is missing a prong, so I've not attached them. I am in the middle of CAD-ing up a replica rear bumper. Based on the OE item, so I can print it and bolt one on. Unfortunately, I went to print something last night, and my printer went a bit Pete, so I have to get to the bottom of that first. The Tamiya looks cool too. Has that intended air of retro about it. What are those wheels and tyres off? A Stampede?
  6. I've not encountered the stripped drivecups or bent stub axles......yet. The ball joints on my current Big Brute are a little sloppy mind. 2 Wheel adaptors were broken when I got my truck, so I slyly milled up an ali set in work time, with work materials, all in the spirit of "perks of the job". The battery tray/chassis stiffener also had a bit broken off so I machined a nice ali one of those too, making it possible to fit 26mm thick lipos without washers or owt like that, and still keeping eh stock plastic end stops. As for Driveshafts. Mine were pretty work out. so I taught myself a different CAD package, then designed my own, and a few goes on the printer later later, I have steel reinforced plastic dogbones. About 11 months old now and still going strong. Was thinking of seeing if anyone wanted to buy a pair or two, if so, PM me. I'm using an RW racing pinion in my transmission. I also ballraced the whole thing, even the tiny bushings that were an odd size have been replaced with bearings.
  7. A brief history of how my current Big Brute came in to being. I was 12. and got the rc bug by seeing a car "up the garages" being driven around. So fancied one, bought a Taiyo something from my local Beatties with my birthday money, then saw the kit boxes in the flesh instead of my mums catalogue, so wanted one. Bought a Tamiya catalogue and felll in love with the Lunchbox. Saved up all my money for about a year, and when it came to buy one, the local model shop (Fratton Bargain Shop, RIP) had sold out, bu they had a Big Brute, slightly faded box, clearly been there a while and hadn't sold. I ended up buying it. Years went by, I got into buggies and racing, bigger buggies and more racing. Then I discovered this site when I was still living at home, but an adult (crap paying job, could afford owt else)/ Vintage thing happened, did an Iconic Revival meet back in '15 with a parts bin Top Force. Fancied something as a resto but not prepared or able to spend ridiculous money, saw a Big Brute on Ebay, bit of a nail really, and thought why not, was the first kit car I ever owned. Here we are.
  8. Thought I'd post up a pic of my Big Brute in flight. Apologies for the slightly grainy image, it's a still from the video I made.
  9. I ordered a motor by the way. I opted to play safe but still have fun and went for the Holmes 21t motor. I also ordered a HW 1060 esc, as my Brute is currently housing a Tamiya TB something something, which doesn't like anything hotter than 27t.
  10. I think I might get away with it either way. I noticed when running my Big Brute, that under acceleration and rear suspension compression, the rear wheels give toe out, due to the steering link lockout and the way the hub is orientated. I have overcome this by swapping things around, in a tidy manner of course. Now, under acceleration and compression, the rear gives a little toe in , which makes it handle a gnats chuff better. Also, which I hadn't thought of until you mentioned it above, gives more clearance in the event of 550 can usage.
  11. Thanks @bRIBEGuy, pretty much confirming my original thoughts there.
  12. I do have a question though. I'm after putting a quicker motor in it. Nothing mental, but just something with more zest than the mabuchi it currently yields. Staying brushed too to retain its retro charm. Was looking at the Holmes motors, but am stuck for what wind to go for. Had thought of just getting the 15t and turning the power down if its silly, or, getting the modest 20t, as it's gonna be quicker but not enough to mash up my gearbox hopefully. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  13. Versus now it's "finished": OK, not a good shot for showing it off, but nice and arty.
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