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  1. Fried Tyres

    Thunder Dragon info

    Yeah, same here. I had a Thundershot as a kid. I dipped my toe back into this a while back and decided that I'd like to make the set. I started with a Thundershot and have now built all the others. I just need to paint the Fire Dragon and Thunder Dragon and I'm done. I'll post a thread when they're finished. I also started to collect other releases but was starting to run out of room. I got rid of most of them. The only non-Thundershot chassis I have now is a CC01 (Unimog) and a hopped up Astute. I will probably sell the Astute soon. Chris.
  2. Fried Tyres

    Thunder Dragon info

    What the?! You good man! Thank you. For some reason I couldn't find any Tamiya decals when I went into the MCI site, but I have used them before. I feared they'd stopped making them. I didn't know about the 'Manuals' section on the site here either. I guess I don't look around too much past the main few sub-forums I visit. Thanks again mate. Chris.
  3. Fried Tyres

    Thunder Dragon info

    I'm after some info on the old Thunder Dragon. I'm in the process of finishing one off so I have a complete set of all five body styles of the Thundershot chassis. I need to know what the correct paint code is, what details were called for regarding the windows (I've seen it clear, tinted and painted black) and what chassis cover was used (was it the plain cover or was it the one with the driver moulded in?). I'd love to be able to see the appropriate pages in the manual if someone could post them. I'd even be willing to buy a manual is someone had a spare for sale. I'm also struggling to find the decals for this vehicle now Thanks for any help folks! Chris.
  4. Fried Tyres

    My Original Astute Rebuild

    Fantastic! I have an Astute sitting here that I intend to rebuild as well. It has Hi Caps but other than that I'd like to keep it as original as possible. Maybe strengthen it here and there but keep the fundamentals of the Astute alive. I will run mine. Keep up the good work. Chris.
  5. Fried Tyres

    'shot chassis wheels...

    Agreed. There seem to be many available at the moment so you could stock up with a few pairs fairly cheaply. The only official Tamiya hop-up wheels for the Thundershot chassis (besides the gold Thundershot wheel) were the Hot Shot wheels, with the narrow ones on the front. My Fire Dragon box is saying the pin spike tyres are the correct ones if you went for these wheels, but I've also read a list of available parts from Tamiya that included the oval block tyres as an option too. As it happens I have a few sets of these wheels and tyres coming for some of my Thundershot chassis so I'll be interested to see how they go. Chris.
  6. Fried Tyres

    Upper and Lower Mounts Hi-Caps

    Mate all good
  7. Fried Tyres

    Upper and Lower Mounts Hi-Caps

    I need 4 to complete a build, but I'd be willing to buy 8 if someone had that many spare. Chris.
  8. Fried Tyres

    Upper and Lower Mounts Hi-Caps

    Yes they're brass. Maybe I worded my post poorly. Thanks for the heads up on the models they're common with too! I'll try looking around on eBay to find a bag of them. Unless someone here as spares... Chris.
  9. Fried Tyres

    Upper and Lower Mounts Hi-Caps

    Oh, and if anyone has a complete pair of short and complete pair of mini Hi-Caps available I'd consider buying them. Even just 3 or 4 shorts would get me out of trouble now. Chris.
  10. Fried Tyres

    Upper and Lower Mounts Hi-Caps

    Hi, I'm after a set of upper and lower mounts to suit a set of Hi-Caps. The parts I'm after can be seen here in the pic. I need the dark shaded mounts for the top marked "bushing base" and "rubber bushing" and the dark shaded mounts for the bottom marked "damper mount (long)". I need 4 of each part to finish a project, but I'd really like to get 8 so I can start another project. I'm willing to buy any spares people have or I'd appreciate advice on what screw bag these came in so I might be able to locate some on eBay or something. Thanks. Chris.
  11. Fried Tyres

    Lots of Tamiya goodness for sale

    Can I grab those Dyna Tech motors? Will you post outside of the UK? Thanks mate. Chris.
  12. Fried Tyres

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Some stripping, cleaning and reassembly of a hopped up Dash-1 Emperor. It's starting to take shape. Chris.
  13. Fried Tyres

    Dash Emperor

    Thanks Chevelle. I have All the parts except the front mount (which I should be able to solve easily enough) and the lights. But I think I have a solution for the lights too. When I find some time I'll finally get around to building this Dash Emperor. I have a bunch of period correct factory and after market hop-ups for it too Chris.
  14. I always thought it was just the wing. I don't have a DT here to compare to my TS bodies unfortunately. Chris.
  15. Fried Tyres

    Novafox stock build....

    All good And I just bought my 11th vintage model yesterday. I'm really enjoying the builds and re-builds but I'm having trouble finding somewhere decent to run them. Chris.