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  1. Running 15t version both 0 and -20 timing on 2s , no problem at all. (MST MTX-1 4WD) Changed pinion 24 to 32, gonna run it soon. If something happens ill warn you
  2. Just a little update Part numbers SCX2-6063-6BK (Stock hex adaptors fall off easly, and pins!) 106032P (Looking for more power in budget) Without modification on gear cover it is the biggest pinion you could use. I havent found Hot Racing 20mm wheel hub extensions on a website which ships here.
  3. Sorry about delayed reply. Maybe, you have already read what you're gonna read below... Called "Sturmkind" handmade, app controlled RC drift cars from Germany. Some options: RWD-FWD-AWD, DRY-WET-DIRTY-SNOW which changes driving characteristic. Actually it looks like drifting, 360 degree turnable tires on the middle of car. Today checked their website again, saw much development. There are different spec of cars, for new customers discount coupon available, please check their website To me, they are little pricey. Havent tried but love them a lot.
  4. So do I, they look much better, 2 on per wheel 3 on per with supersoft spring might work
  5. Truck rarely jumped during run. I'll take another video footage for you Not everywhere. West side of Turkiye is warmer than east.
  6. Today 2°C , punch and top speed was better at first, temperature effect on battery I guess. I have never seen wheel threads on other cars, very interesting. Hope you enjoy the footage 💨
  7. @GeeWings 👏👏 @Nikko85 Unfortunately, you may see ownerless dogs and cats in my country. I live in capital people building shelters for dog herds. Uncontrolled birth of cats, havent seen them around in europe as far as what I seen on TV. Salvador- intern, we saw him about 6 years ago in a box a girl carrying. He has broken rear leg dont remember left/right, had surgery, healed.
  8. End of sponsor plate. I like to share sticker sheet photoshop file, not sure its allowed to share on forum, or possible. 3 spacers behind top screws***
  9. Smaler, no air bubbles. Try a lot but its too hard to do without bent. Added one more spacer behind top screws. Working on stickers... Setted -20 timing that gives more punch torque, much better but still just a little wheelie on carpet.
  10. Custom sponsor plate build Used acetate sheet, middle and bottom screws are longer m3x25mm with plastic spacer, from kit leftovers. Mat black vinyl wrap. Im not sure about cutting half and using middle, bottom screws to hold. Work in progress.
  11. @whahooo They are 110mm. Working on truck for custom sponsor plate, after rebuild i can contact you for sag and travel. The sag quite similar on rear like yours, on front almost no sag. After first ride, i felt in love M/Ts . So am I. They are not. I have measure for 100mm shocks, there are no place for full travel, might hit on esc/receiver plate. Attached belove. Im gonna try to lift that part. Draw that on paint for better explanation. You know 3d designer on forum? Finding sweet spot
  12. I have MST MTX-1 after glueing tires it wheelies a little indoor, no wheelies on snow Just thinking about some upgrades shocks, alu pivot balls, wheel/tire set (w/foam insert), wb extension... After reading replies decided to start from tires. -How to measure/set/decide link and shaft lenght? (stock wb about 11in, 12.5in or less/more for better landings?) -I like 2.6 wheels look, but not sure car can handles or not. -Stock shock travels very limited(110m length). 100mm should be better, internal shocks ?? May I get your ideas please? Barış
  13. Tire glueing day with my intern, Salvador. I was using plastic tip for glue bottle, Gravity RC metal tip glue bottle, i can recommend. 👍
  14. Front and rear same increasement, also for each links upper lower? There are aluminum, steel and brass pivot balls on amainhobbies, only +1 usd for brass. On 15t brushed, stock setup no wheelie. Replacing 24t to 17t pinion maybe helps. (MST MTX-1) Good luck, Barış
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