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  1. I went for designs base on Moto GP riders. 1st one is Kenny Roberts JR, 2nd one is Kevin Schwantz. I think they came out really well.
  2. Surely there must be another RERE round the corner after the Cougar Laydown stock and Cat L1 EVO release. Any Schumacher insider information???
  3. I’m a big fan of re-release kits, for me it’s being able to get kits I always wanted as a kid but couldn’t afford. Over the last few years Schumacher have entered the market with the Cat XLS & the Topcat. Anyone have an information on the next Schumacher Classic release? Personally i’d like to see the Storm truck, cougar 2, Bosscat or Cat 2000, but there’s a few other kits in the timeline if Schumacher is working in chronological order. Procat or Cougar could be next although to me they are quite similar to the 2 already released. The Shotgun might not be a bad option? I just hope Schumacher continue do the Re-release path so we can get to the kits I mentioned eventually.
  4. Did you make any more progress with this at all?
  5. Hi Muvro, I think this is s great idea. I'm a massive fan on the Manta Ray / Top Force and this is one of the main area that could really improve the car. I agree its probably better to go for a full new drop in gear box that looks the same or very close to the original unit. A new unit also gives you an option to tackle some of the other issues with the rear gear box including the lifting problem and drive cups etc. Maybe even a new motor plate giving a larger range of spur and pinion gears. Do you have any more photos to look at? I'm keen to see the other side of the gearbox with the spring setup bevel gears and how the prop-shaft all sits together. I would definitely be interested in a few of these units if they became available.
  6. The part numbers you need are Avante parts numbers: 19335053 - Plastic Gear Bag (BG) 19405431 - Differential Gear Bag (PD) you also need the diff screws which are M2 2mm x 6mm countersunk screws. You need 4 of them. You can either get the screw bag which is 19465812 - Screw Bag C (BC) alternativly I used Kay’s Fasteners on eBay. M2 (2mmØ) POZI COUNTERSUNK MACHINE SCREWS A2 STAINLESS POZIDRIVE CSK BOLTS,KAY'S https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F160933135998 Also used anti wear grease inside the diff. Hope this helps
  7. The gear pitch is the same however the astute gear has 31 teeth and the avante has 30 so it is slightly smaller. Seems to mesh and run fine so far. I suppose only time will tell but so far it is working really well.
  8. Pretty much finished. Just Waiting for a custom shell then i can add the final photos.
  9. So after finally getting hold of a pretty good condition Kind Cab I started to read how delicate the gear box was. Sure enough when I rebuild the truck I found that the diff was slipping and half of the internals were missing, including the thrust balls. I managed to get most of the parts I needed from RC bearings but it still seemed a little delicate. I read there where a number of ways to sort the problem all of which were either rare or expensive. Super Astute gear box, RC10 stealth upgrade and Lethal weapon belt system or even the very rare Thorpe Dirt Burners gears. I then saw a mention that the Avante differential was the same size gear pitch and teeth as the King Cab, it was also a gear differential. Having looked at the manual I figured that if i could get hold of the Avante diff parts i could try to make it fit the King Cab. Finally managed to get hold of them at the right price and proceeded to put the diff together.The Avante diff is offset so one of the output is longer that the other. I attached the short side of the diff to my electric drill in an attempt to make a makeshift lathe, using a sharp chisel I skimmed the excess plastic off until the bearing fit up close to the diff. I then cut off the access plastic to the same length as the short side. This replicating the Astute/King diff. It took a while and would certainly have been easier using a lathe but it fits really well. Put the rear end of the truck back together and planning to give a test run this aft when the batteries are charged. Hopefully the upgrade should make the transmission a bit more robust.
  10. I’d like to see the following. Top Force Evolution Dyna Blaster Nissan king Cab / Toyota Hilux 502 Dyna Storm Avante 2001
  11. This is the part where I realise that the CAT XLS inner transmission housing doesn’t fit the Bosscat chassis. The holes in the chassis and belt spacer are set slightly further apart. So at this point I ended up going back to the original plastic item. 😂
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