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  1. ok here we go its brand new never been out side every thing is stock and when i say its studdering its not a gear or any thing its eletrical. the esc is stock i mean if i what in rev it stops. so thats why i ask . one more thing i orderd a strok ext kit does it work on the front aswell as the back or do i have to order a second kit ? thanks to everyone
  2. hey thanks for the link . hey my bronco does something strange when i go backwards it studders going forward is fine it is not acting like its going to quit or anything but it studders any ideas ? oh i am using the stock motor and esc.
  3. Hey thanks for the input . You were talking about a reduction unit where can i find one to buy or some info about this thanks
  4. Hey i like what you did there i am going to do this mod when i install all of the new parts. Now about the speed of this thing i really want to slow it down what wouodl be a good pinion for that do you think ? thanks
  5. Hey what would be a good pinion for this. The one that came in the kit is to high of a speed i would really like to cut the speed for torque thakns
  6. Hey i ended up buying a 4300 kv motor when i do run it doing parking lot racing its a lot of high speed. i also picked up a fan cooled heatsink and bought a yeah racing high cfm fan for it. you were talking about pinion gear break down now is that with the stock gear? If so what would you suggest for a replacement ? and with knowing how i drive it a little would it hurt it to run a 3c ? i just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to give me some advice !
  7. hey thats some gret info. i am looking to do some mild crawling and what would be a good pinion for that? hey i am having a real hard time finding a front bumper for the bronco any ideas on that ? Hey all of this advice is great and i would like just to say thanks for taking the time to give it !
  8. Hey thanks for all of the input. Yeah i always go to asiatees for my cc01 and my tt02. the one thing that i have been looking at is the stroke ex for this is it worth buying ? and i have the bronco kit i have not painted it yet so no pics. i have a wireless winch for the body and a alum 6 led light bar and i bought better rims and tires aswell. now would it be worth locking the rear diff ? i forgot to say i have the rear 4link kit. anything else? i am going to be welding up a scale trailer out of alum to haul mt alfa !!
  9. Hey i just boght a new CC01 kit. I bought alum Chubs and alum knuckles alum steering assembly alum ajustable fr upper a arms alum ajustable tie rods bearing kit and a bearing kit lastly a high torque servo any thing i missed thanks
  10. Hey thanks for the advice. I will take your word for it and not run a 3c !! How do the stock plastic gears not including the spur gear hold up. i would like to have metal gears but unless i change the diff housing i cant do it so. any other advice you can give on this car would be great thanks
  11. Hey i have a TT02 and i have a 60a BL ESC. What would be a good fit for some light parking lot racing? i would like to run a 3c lipo. Any ideas on this and anything that i also need to look at for going brushless would be great thanks
  12. hey guys wow hats off to you .!! you guys really know your stuff . Now where would i get the diff housing ? And one other thing that i need help with is choosing the right brushless motor what would you guys pick i am going to run a 45a esc and a 3c lipo what would you guys pick for just some mild parking lot racing any ideas on this would be great thanks a bunch !!!
  13. Hey thank you for clearing that up for me. Hey is there any way of making the bevel gears from the tt01 to fit into the tt02 i am looking for the lowest cost way of getting metal gears in the diffs can you think of any other ways of making this happen ? thank you so much for all of your help
  14. OK thanks hey i was looking and i found some metal bevel gears from the tt01 will they fit i just want to have full metal gearing aside from the spur gear that i dont care i have nitro cars and the plastic spur as long as the clutch is not to tight work great but i would like to see metal in the diffs. thank you to all that have helped me so far !!!!! 1 1
  15. Hey and i forgot to ask you said that the metal diff gears in the DT02 will fit in the diffs of my TT02. Stupid question the gears are the same front to back right so if i buy two sets of the metal DT02 gears i will be set for both diffs. sorry i am just brand new to Tamiya so i need some help thank you so much for your help !!!
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