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  1. My missing piece is still the srb Ford Ranger. Still hoping it will be re released.
  2. Paint blue where you want your pinstripe, use thin vinyl tape the thicknes6od stripe you want, mask off top or bottom, spray next color, damask and mask other color but leaving vinyl tape for pinstripe, paint the last color. It is more work and will take more time waiting for each color paint to dry, but it will give you a straight line. The trick is finding tape the thickness you want your pinstripe.
  3. Are you painting a hard body or lexan?
  4. Browns just need a coach to instill some discipline in that locker room and I think they could be a pretty good team. I was a Ron Rivera fan and I think he would be a great fit there.
  5. I think mine is pretty simple, I am from North Carolina, (nc) I am a NFL Panthers fan, (unfortunately) and i was born in 1971.
  6. I am over spending this Christmas, unfortunately it isn't on rc. Taking my wife's 06 mini cooper s in to have the trans rebuilt. She loves the car and hates the new minis, so fixing hers, for the low low price of $5000.00........
  7. Mine list is simple, finish the 4 crawlers I have in work then finish the 5 or 6 partial restorations I have sitting on the shelf. After that I want to take a close look at what's on the shelves and let go of the cars that just do not get me excited anymore.
  8. Definitely has that "lived in" look. It usually is no where's near that bad.
  9. When using bullet battery connectors and in a rush to get your mini ready for your heat, do not plug the - wire into the + hole on your battery. The magic smoke will be released from your 2 run old Tekin RS Spec.
  10. Finally got it to post. If a mod wants to delete the other 2 I would appreciate it. Please excuse the mess on my work table, I have been doing some scratch stuff on one of my crawlers.
  11. Posted wrong video. Tried to edit but didn't let me. Here is the correct one. received_626367257818677.mp4
  12. Here is what I did in my workshop. Picked up wire shelves from Lowe's, wasn't cheap, but am able to store all sizes. received_626367257818677.mp4
  13. I sent you a quick reply. Do you know any other web site or Facebook group where I can put this out to try and generate interest?
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