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  1. I sent you a quick reply. Do you know any other web site or Facebook group where I can put this out to try and generate interest?
  2. I'm down in Fayetteville, but grew up in Clayton. There is another guy here with a lunchbox who is ready to run.
  3. Got one reply. If you know of any other way to get the word out so I can gauge interest please let me know.
  4. I have always been jealous of the people in the UK and their vintage meet ups. A gentleman I know has opened a small rc area just down the road from me close to Fayetteville NC. It has a nice outdoor off road track with a surface kind of like a baseball infield. It is good for 1/10 scale buggys, trucks. Short course can get a little tight but can be run. Indoor 1/18 scale on road, and a oval with the same surface as the off road track, and a crawler course. Would there be any interest in a vintage Tamiya get together in the fall of this year? If there are enough people who are up for it I will talk with the owner about setting up a date and start getting a rough plan together. If this is something y'all would be willing to attend please post here so I can get a rough number of possible people.
  5. This isn't a Tamiya, and I didn't do it today, but over the last several months. I still need to get a winch installed but it is done for the most part. Started as a TRX Defender, Changed all links to bring it 12.3 wheelbase, installed a full set of front Samix brass, inner fenders from bronco kit, Aluminum bumpers and side rails, Savox 1230sg servo, Hobby Wing 1080, DX6R pro transmitter programmed for independent front and rear diff lockers, proline SR5 body, weathered dirty and flat cleared on the outside (PS55) My Trick RC light kit with light bar, Pit Bull Rock Beast XOR tires, 3s 2200 LIPO strapped to the front. I made the wood box on the back out of balsa and bass wood strips and stained with red oak stain. The sand boards are form RC4WD, and I made the rack out of styrene. I stole the jack and cans off the Defender body, added a little detail paint and flat cleared it so it didn't look so plastic. This is my first attempt at weathering, dirty paint, let me know what you think, good and bad, what I can do better. Thanks
  6. In 2wd I really like the Team Losi Racing 22SCT line. They seem to me to be a little more durable than the Associated line, but the Associated line does seem to be a little faster. IMHO, the most important thing is local part support, whatever your local shop stocks. The slash would need several hop ups to get semi competive unless it is in a slash only class.
  7. What I have done to fix a miss-drill like this is take a piece of scrap lexan, trim to cover the oversize hole with good overhang, paint as close to match as possible, drill hole for body post then shoegoo the "patch" in place after cleaning all jagged edges around the oversize holes. It doesn't look brand new, but it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb anymore.
  8. Yep, I work at a place in Fayetteville NC, Hayes Hobby House. It's a family owned shop that has been in the same location for 50 years. Everyone is welcome to stop in and say hi anytime.
  9. I work at a hobby shop. I posted a while back, but it probably got lost in the number of pages. The price increase came from Tamiya Japan. Wholesale prices have NOT changed as far as what I have seen. Kits CAN be sold for less than MAP, (minimum advertised price) we do quite a bit. Hobbyco being bought out by Horizon had nothing to do with MAP policy Small brick and mortar chops could not compete with Tower's price policy. After all Tower's discounts were applied, their sales price was usually within 10%-15% of wholesale cost. This at least puts everyone on the same starting level, allowing us to compete. If you want a kit, visit your LHS and talk to them, they have the option to sell lower. They may not stock, but many will order for you. Almost every RC company has a MAP policy, Traxxas, Losi, Team Associated, Arrma, and Axial. The RC industry overall is not doing well across all brands, including aircraft and support equipment. (except Traxxas who has a huge marketing budget and social media presence) If anyone has any questions, just PM me, but I will not release wholesale prices to anyone.
  10. Not looking too good for me to get back to racing, so i decided to list my 102 for sale. It's in good shape, ran on carpet. Only damage is the rear wing broke when my pit bag fell over. Has 4 bezerk rear pods, a couple Tamiya rear pods too. Has exotek front arms and spur gear, and custom full length top plate to stiffen chassis for carpet, also has factory top plate as well. Will include pictured body and an ok set of glued rubber tires. Asking $175.00 shipped in the US, if you are over seas, please ask about shipping. If you want, I can leave the LRP ESC, Novak 25.5 motor and Futaba 9551 servo in for a little extra.
  11. There is a gentleman who is looking at doing a little parking lot racing this fall. He has approached me in helping try to get it going a little. He is looking to run a stock tt01 and stock M05 class, only upgrade allowed is bearings. So, how about it, anyone here interested, Speedy, Frogjumper maybe?
  12. Just picked this up today from a customer. I'm going to fix his vintage Blackfoot and give him a little cash. It came with the manual and all original unused decals and a Futaba Attack-4 TX and RX. He said he never really ran it, just one on the floor to make sure it shifted correctly. Of course the tires are completely shot and I think there is something going on with the front axle, the tire isn't sitting exactly vertical. Just out of curiosity, what are these going for now the re-release has been out for a while?
  13. Like title says, I am looking for a 06 Mini Cooper S decal set of clear body with decals, preferably in the US. Someone out here has to have one of the m chassis 06 aaMini Cooper S body's or a decal set. If you have one, let me know, even if you are in Europe. Thanks
  14. I have a dual gas and charcoal grill, but I only used the charcoal side yesterday. I cooked beef shot ribs with a tomato based sauce, and pork spare ribs, since I am from eastern north Carolina an apple vinegar sauce and a dry rub. Didn't have time to smoke them like I usually do, so it was fairly high heat. After those were done I threw on hamburgers, hot dogs and bratwurst. It all turned out pretty good. My 20 year old son baked and iced his first cake yesterday. It was just a box of cake mix, but came out pretty good. Had a good time and we ate well, but I am still doing dishes....
  15. I cooked some cow and pig on an open fire, burned my finger tips picking up a rib bone, and ate way too much. Then the the family and I set off fireworks to celebrate the birth of our nation. Now, I'm on the second load of dirty dishes, with 2 more to go....
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