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  1. I do not think so. I have one set of big bores, and several 54000. I have not noticed a difference. The shock towers are called out as a necessity to install the shocks, but I have managed to install with out. They do help with handling quite a bit.
  2. Moving this back up. Open to 9offers and possible trades.
  3. I go with a different philosophy. As I have gotten older I learned to spend a little more up front to save in the long run. 3 areas i find it better to buy quality name brand products with actual customer support is radios, servos and chargers. For a radio I would recommend a Spektrum DX5C or DX5 Rugged. They are very good, reliable radios and if there is a problem you can send in to be repaired. I still have a 10 year old DX3R I use with my bashers and vintage cars I do not drive much. The roller wheel went a little funky on it this year, I called Spektrum and they sent me a new switch assembly to replace it at no charge. If I sent it to them for repair they estimated cost at 25.00 plus shipping. Standard 2 channel receivers are around 30.00 each, fairly small and I have not had any issues with them. I have a fly sky, and did not like it at all. It did not "feel" good in my hand, response was slow, and it was not as easy to program. For servos I tend to use Savox with my faster and my crawlers. Nothing is more frustrating than to pop a servo and have to pack up early. Savox also has a cheaper line, they run 30-40 for a metal geared servo. I do not use plastic geared servos any more, would rather pay a little more up front than having to deal with replacing servo gears. Hitec also make a good updated line of servos with a 25 tooth spline, same as Futaba. I have tried some of the cheap servos and they did not meet their advertised specs, do not center well, and I have a couple that are loud and get a little bit warm. For chargers, I still think the best beginner charger is the Hitec RDX1. Costs around 70.00. It will charge pretty much any battery being used in the rc world now. They have excellent customer service and have the capability to repair their products. Sorry this is so long, I like to share a different perspective.
  4. The 2.2 3.0 are short course wheels like the slash. Outside diameter is 2.2, inside is 3.0. It gives you a lower profile tire, but still has the scale look of a high profile real tire.
  5. I did lose the screw, more than one. That is a new pack I keep for spares. It isn't bad, drives better than a hornet and reasonably quick with a little hotter motor. I think I put the dynamite 15 turn in, and made sure the slipper was loose.
  6. It is the king pin screw, any longer and it hits the bearing for the front wheel. I tried to use a m05 screw, but it was too long and bound up the front wheels.
  7. Kit, and I helped her put it together. It is a pretty durable little car, has a couple minor issues just like any other rc. Steering is not precise, servo saver is soft to protect the gears, the screw I mentioned, and plastic trans gears. When she is ready for something faster, i wouldn't hop it up, but replace with a better kit. It is perfect for what it is, a first rc to be bounced around and run into everything in the yard.
  8. What makes it a perfect first car is the plastic is soft and flexible. Only thing is that is not too good to hold screws tight. Threads get pulled through very easy. You know it has plastic gears and any real power will strip them. It is the most common problem.
  9. Yes. The step screw only has about 3 or 4 mm of threads that go into the plastic.
  10. I picked up one of those for my daughter. You are going to need the aluminum caster blocks up front. The king pin screws are very short and fall out of plastic part consistently. Use the aluminum and loc tight is the only way I found to fix the problem.
  11. Not a Tamiya, but I spent the afternoon working on my Axial F100 body. I am pretty happy with how it came out, still need to do black trim around the windows. In Tamiya related, I did get a shark mouth fav delivered today. Was one I had to have because I worked on 23rd Fighter Group A-10s while stationed at Pope AFB.
  12. The ps, or polycarbonate line is lacquer based, need to use lacquer thinner. The x xf line for hard bodies is a solvent based acrylic. I have used a little alcohol to thin, but if considerably too thick I used the Tamiya thinner for that line. The real question is if saving a few dollars or pounds is worth the possibility of ruining a paint job and have to spend the time, effort, and even more to correct a problem that could have been easily avoided by using the correct product. I painted full size aircraft, the first thing we were taught is to never mix different brands and types of thinners. Always use paint manufacturers suggested products to prevent application and curing issues. I have personally seen paint peeling off in sheets because painter did not follow manufacturers instructions.
  13. It is solvent based, use the thinner. If it has thickened considerably, it might be too far gone. Thin then do a test on a clear drying bottle or a scrap piece of lexan.
  14. Ordered a couple round case lipos to so I can run a couple Tamiya. Got tired of sitting inside and took my brushless rustler out for a pack in the yard and road in front of the house. A rear wheel nut came loose and stripped a wheel hex. I have rpm wide arms on the front, so swapped a front to rear, crisis averted. Drained a 2a 6500.
  15. I have more than tripled 14. I think the last plastic model i built was when i was 14. My close vision isn't what it used to be, and my hands are no longer steady. It is such a nice looking model, I just want to do it justice.
  16. I have this on my work bench. I have been hesitant to start due to the cost and I am not real confident in my ability to build it well.
  17. I think Facebook messenger can be set ups a group chat and can be used to make video chats.
  18. Hitec no longer produces radios, servos and chargers only.
  19. Yellow everywhere. My black truck was almost yellow until I drove it yesterday. I have left the house 3 times in the last 3 weeks, allergic and this covid crap at the same time.
  20. Items still available, may be willing to do trades. Offers accepted.
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