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  1. So I have a confession to make, this little build never got any further than the initial post on the forum. Not long after posting this I had to move from my RC car workshop, the parts and pieces go packaged up and transported to a new location where they sat, got packaged up when I moved house and sat, got put into storage, got transported to Brisbane where I am currently living, unpacked and put in a cupboard and life went on. Until last week..... I unpacked some stuff and found the beaters I was building for the kids, and figured I should finally give them to them (2 years late) I unpacked some more RC car boxes to find the parts for the beaters and cam across the parts for this one also... so here I am. Back to find out where I was at with the builds and the forum. I'm pretty keen to breathe some life into this project and bring it to life Paul
  2. I have been really slack with my RC cars lately. But I have finished the beetle resto, and am nearly finished the kids buggies, so not far away from getting this project off the ground. I have been lovingly poring through the parts tonight taking stock of where I am at with this and where it is going Pics soon Cheers Paul
  3. You can have mine for the cost of postage, it's a little nasty but. The screw holes are full of glue. If you have a dremel and. Bit of patience it will work
  4. There are mouldings there, but I don't think they have been drilled There is no marks at all on the outside I believe it is a MB body, has the original decals, no mirror holes, correct patina and wear. Not sure about this hole, I bought it on a Bush devil chassis, maybe it was fitted to something else at some stage. My re-re scorcher body I use this hole and the brat mount, extended up to suit Cheers for all your help, I think I will just drill the original hole back out Paul
  5. Spot on Twinset, not sure how I missed it
  6. This is how it sits at the moment
  7. Yes it original, I will post up the chassis pics shortly. Been a bit busy fur the last 2 days, sorry
  8. I'm having trouble getting the body to sit correctly on the monster beetle I built from parts. The front body pat is about 10mm too far rearward, I have checked I have the correct body posts and that they are installed correctly. Anyone have any ideas? I am going to space the mount forward for the interim but I would like to fix the issue if possible Cheers Paul
  9. I put MSC in all my restored cars, I have had them take off, but it's always been my own fault. (not turning transmitter on). It's something I have gotten used to, and have had my ESC runners do it too. I think it has more to do with 27mhz receivers than anything else. As long as I turn my transmitter on first all is good with all my rigs. But each to there own, that's all we had in to 80s. I believe the people who said ESC were around back then, but I never saw them, if I did I probably thought they were sorcery coz u couldn't afford them anyway. I'm just glad that everyone has found a way to enjoy our hobby, if you love your ESC - awesome, if you love the nostalgia of the MSC (pick me) - awesome. If you love both and just happy your car runs, that's awesome too Cheers Paul
  10. The super blackfoot and (I assume) bush devil didn't run the under tray, as the have a redesigned H part that is stronger. As Danny says, you could fit a re re frog one if you wish
  11. These are the frog / blackfoot drive hubs for the blackfoot wheels. They require the longer drive cups pictured earlier, (just the centre 2) and will increase the rear track of a "Super Blackfoot" This is how I had mine set up till I got the hex drive wheels for mine. Paul
  12. Yep long dive cup with hub, short with hex.
  13. Last nights effort Still got the shocks and radio gear to do
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